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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-04-20

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful day. We're having fun because our Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Laycock, is having a birthday today. Today she hits the ripe old age of...

Ha ha, I'm not dumb enough to announce a woman's age to the world. Although, from where I'm sitting age-wise I don't know why she'd mind if I did. :-)

If you have a spare moment, please drop by our forum and wish her a happy birthday in the thread we've set up for her. Just a quick "happy birthday" would be great. Jennifer is the driving force behind Search Engine Guide and anyone that has benefited from the site or newsletters has her to thank.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

What is Content? Part II
Search Engine Guide - Both search engines and customers love fresh, updated information. Some people groan at the thought of having to work so hard at adding new content, but it's not as complicated as you think!

Local Firms Can Expand Market Share With Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Guide - Local and regional businesses like restaurants and golf courses can expand market share and strengthen their brand by investing in organic search engine optimization.

Comparing Search Engine Results - My Experiment
Search Engine Guide - I created a spreadsheet comparing the search results of the top search engines for a generic shopping related term "furniture" but when I saw what the data looked like I decided to dig a bit deeper and limited the scope of the engines I compared but broadened the scope of the terms I used in my comparison.

Daddy, Whatís a Tagvert?
iMedia Connection - The folksonomy dream for an ad platform relies on using user-designated, keyword-based content as a means to reach targeted audiences based on their own definitions or keywords. Hold on a second: havenít we tried this before?

Search Advertising that Makes the Phone Ring
SearchDay - There's a new kid in town in the search advertising arena. No, it's not another search ad vendor, nor a new conversion tracking tool. This innovative pay-for-performance marketing technique brings together both the internet and the phone. Say hello to pay-per-call advertising.

LSI and Link Popularity
Search Engine Guide - With many Web sites no longer ranking for even their official company name, it is important to understand how sites get penalized for having unnatural backlink anchor text. SEO consultant Andy Hagans explains how to make link popularity and LSI work for you--without getting your site penalized.

Closed-Loop Internet Marketing
Search Engine Guide - So many Internet Marketing campaigns are often one-directional activities. This is not by design, but it seems to be the result in far too many cases.

How Affiliate Programs Can Affect Search Rankings
ClickZ - Your affiliates link to you in ways search engines can follow. Their links influence your ranking, for better or worse.

Latest Proposal Kit Ideal for SEOs - Product Review
Search Engine Guide - Amongst the 28 new contract templates available in the new version of Proposal Kit Pro and Contract Kit Pro is a Search Engine Optimization Services Contract, designed for SEOs just like me.

Yahoo! Offers Free Local Business Web Sites
Search Engine Guide - Small businesses can now quickly and easily establish an online presenceówithout knowing anything about the technical aspects of building an online presence.

Paid Search's Disclosure Issues
ClickZ - Could better disclosure build trust more quickly between a search engine and its users? It wouldn't hurt. But nothing builds trust better than a great user experience.

The Web We Weave, Linking for Google
Search Engine Guide - As anyone who has followed search engine optimization techniques knows, Google puts a lot of stock in the value of links between documents. But now, Google appears to be actively cleaning its listings by targeting sites using suspicious link-building techniques.

Search Marketing FAQ - Graphics, Hosts and Redesigns
Search Engine Guide - Jill tackles yet another round of frequently asked search marketing questions including ones about graphics, hosts and site redesigns.

Adsense Developing Fully Customizable Ads Blocks?
ProBlogger - Google Adsense are testing new ad formats that allow publishers to have greater control over how many ads are shown and what the overall size of the ad block is.

Search Engine Algorithms & Research
SearchDay - As a searcher or search engine optimization specialist, do you really need to understand the algorithms and technologies that power search engines? Absolutely, said a panel of experts at a recent Search Engine Strategies conference.

An Exit Strategy With an Open Door Policy
ClickZ - Search engine marketers are in high demand. Before you leave one company for another, prepare accordingly for your departure.

Click Fraud Is Starting to Scare Marketers
eMarketer - Pay-for-click is a key driver behind the growth of online advertising, but now marketers are asking how many of those clicks are bogus.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Cookie Deletion Study Exaggerated
High Rankings Forum - "MarketingVox has an extensive study that found multiple problems with Jupiter's data, and found three main areas of inaccuracies: 1. First party cookies v. third party cookies, 2. Spyware programs that delete old cookies, 3. Users reported different behavior other than what they actually DID. (no!)"

Google wants all the "oogles"?
Webmaster World - "Google recently lost an ICANN decision over the domain name Now they're going after the same target in US District Court, but with a broader brush."

Are Google SERPs some times human edited?
Webmaster World - "When you consider that the top 100 kw sectors (probably 1-2k unique kw's) receive 90-95% of the search traffic in google a month, it is a sure bet those 100 sectors are hand checked each and every major update (multiple times). I've heard the top 50 searches get checked - probably daily."

Possible for Someone to Hack Into My Stat Page Using Google?
Cre8asite Forums - "....grab a string of text from your stats page that may be unique to that page. Maybe up to a dozen words that appear in a row. Put quotation marks around them, and search for that phrase. If it appears in that search, then you know that it could be found by someone who might be looking."

Usability Versus Online Marketing
Cre8asite Forums - "...we want a clean clear design on the Home page with minimum text, but the marketing dept want lots of text for the Search Engines. What's the solution - compromise?"

How to get MY ads shown on specific Content Network pages
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Does anyone know how do go about doing this? Is there a tool somewhere that you can type in a URL, like, say,, and it will spit out what keyword(s) to bid on to get on that page?" - anybody tried 'em?
Webmaster World - " It has been my experience that webmasters want something for nothing. In other words, a lot of webmasters run for profit commercial sites, but are too short sited or cheap to realize that you need to spend money to make money. I am always getting these request exhange link emails(I don't exchange links by the way) and it is unreal the amount of time people must spend on this. If they added up their time and effort, they could have purchased Directory listings and IBLs and focused on their content."

How Many Impressions Does AdWords Keyword Get Before It's Disabled?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Click to conversion %'s in the 15-20% (or more) range, yet keywords continue to get put on hold or disabled. How is it possible that these keywords are irrelevant when they're converting at that kind of rate?"

Coke vs. Pepsi Challenge for Search Engines
Search Engine Watch Forums - "How about white labeling search results from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask Jeeves and asking a group of individuals which results are better. They will not know which results are from which engines. All they will know are the results. Wonder which search engine will be deemed as most relevant?"

US Vs Rest Of The World Spelling
High Rankings Forum - "...all other things being equal, to what degree do the various search engines understand the different spellings of common words - and how does it affect search results and ranking? For example 'colour' is the English and International way of spelling what Americans spell as 'color'."

Bid Management Software
Cre8asite Forums - "I really need to use some kind of software as the day to day bid checking is taking up far too much of my staff's time."

Opinions on PPC for Hispanic Market?
Search Engine Watch Forum - "Quepasa told me over the phone that many of the users to their site are 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanic Americans that are largely more educated about the internet. Most all speak both Spanish and English, and over 45% of the estimated 14 million Hispanic users make a purchase online last year as opposed to lower numbers for different groups. Golden demographic or a bunch of backwash nonsense?"

Does Yahoo/MSN Like High Pagerank Links?
High Rankings Forum - "All search engines give a preference to sites that are popular. That's all that PR tells you, so yes, they all like them. Of course, none of them (including Google) dislike low PR sites."

The Question Is the Answer
Cre8asite Forums - "What other questions should one try to answer before/after designing a web page to make sure the page achieves its goal?"

Market share?
Cre8asite Forums - "What counts to a particular website owner is the search engine share for the group he or she is interested in. This may be very different from the overall average."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Happy Birthday Jennifer!
Drop by to wish our editor a happy birthday.

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