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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-04-27

Hi Everyone,

First, I want to say thank you to all that sent Jennifer birthday wishes last week. That was very cool! Second, I want to thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. It's fun knowing that something I enjoy doing each week is helpful to so many.

OK, I'll quit being sappy and get on with the newsletter. :-)

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

How to Create a Favicon for Your Web Site
By Kalena Jordan - Search Engine Guide - Ever see those little custom icons next to a web site listing in your favorites folder or on your browser address bar? Have you ever wondered how to create one for your own site? Well I'm going to teach you in this article.

What's the Score? Basic Web Analytic Terminology
By Scottie Claiborne - Search Engine Guide - Web stats. Site statistics. Don't run away... you need to read this! The very thought of deciphering site statistic programs sends many site owners running to do all kinds of tasks that are less painful and tedious, like going to the dentist or cleaning the tile grout with a toothbrush.

Corporate Websites: ROI or DOA?
By Todd Mintz - Search Engine Guide - The evidence is overwhelming: If a business website isn't ranked as one of the top natural search results in the prospect's search, the company won’t likely be part of the buying decision.

How to Hire a Professional SEM - Part 2
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - It's important to take a look at exactly what services are being offered to you by a professional SEO before you give serious consideration to hiring them.

Yellow Pages Association: IYP Users Likely To Become Buyers (Reg. Required)
By Wendy Davis - MediaPost - More consumers searching for local services or merchants turn to search engines than Internet Yellow Pages, but those who use an online Yellow Pages are more likely to convert to buyers, at least in five categories--the automotive industry, financial services, drugstores, home and garden, and restaurants--according to a report by the Yellow Pages Association and comScore.

Bloggers are buzzing about AdSense beta testing in RSS feeds
JenSense - It will go a long way towards the ability of bloggers to monetize their blogs, especially with the high usage of RSS feeds by their readers. And these AdSense ads are definitely not as intrusive looking or as blatant as some of the previous ways bloggers have attempted to monetize RSS feeds.

Search is Over, Content is King
By Kevin M. Ryan - iMedia Connection - There’s a battle being waged on the interactive targeting front. ...In this mini-war there are two opposing forces, standing on opposite sides of the audience-targeting battlefield: the behavioral targeting freedom fighters and the contextual armada.

Identifying SEO Experts, Part 1: Beginners
By Shari Thurow - ClickZ - SEO professionals have a wide variety of skills. What constitutes a true search expert? First in a three-part series.

Google Extends AdWords Program
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - Google announced earlier today that they would begin beta testing a radical change in services to their popular auction-style keyword-based advertising program.

Q & A With A9 CEO Udi Manber
By Jason Dowdell - Search Engine Guide - Jason Dowdell reports on a Q&A session with Udi Manber, CEO of Amazon's A9 search engine.

7 Tips for Generating Effective Web Content
By John Alexander - Search Engine Guide - One of the things people always want to know about is how to build useful content that their buying audience is really searching for. How do you know what type of content is really going to attract the right searchers?

How to Hire a Professional SEM Part 1
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - As with most other major purchases or contracts, a basic understanding of what SEO entails can provide you with a solid stepping stone to build a great relationship with a professional search engine marketing specialist.

Black vs White: SEM Soul Searching
By Gord Hotchkiss - Search Engine Guide - When you attack the search engines, the casualties are numbered amongst the users of that engine. And those users are your target consumer.

Building and Managing an SEM Campaign, Portfolio Style
By Kevin Lee - ClickZ - ...make sure your campaign is managed the way you want it to be at both the micro and macro levels. Running a customized, profit-maximizing portfolio is far superior to running a boilerplate portfolio, just like investing in the stock market. Have your team do the customized math regularly and tune your keyword portfolio for maximum profit.

How to Submit Your Site to Search Engines Part 1
By Kalena Jordan - Search Engine Guide - There is such a huge amount of misinformation on the Web about search engine submission, I thought it was high time I wrote a basic tutorial to help webmasters sort fact from fiction.

Blink Then Click - How Visitors Explore Websites
By Barry Welford - Search Engine Guide - It is tough to get web surfers to your website. So when they arrive, it is important not to lose them. You must ensure that they and you achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

Dealing with Times of Great Change
By Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - The search engines are changing friends. There is nothing the SEO/SEM community can do about these changes except to study, experiment and learn as quickly as humans with electronic assistants can.

Consumer Reports' WebWatch Conference on Search Advertising
By Dan Thies - SitePoint - What I do plan to bring to the conference is a bit of perspective from advertisers. As much as searchers may be misled, deceived, or simply confused by what's shown on the SERPs, what PPC providers don't disclose to advertisers is just as disturbing in many cases.

Study: PPC Ads Mostly Waste of Money
fantomNews - This one’s a real beaut: Crystal Semantics conducted a survey revealing that 80% of Web users find that most search ad links seem to be “bizarrely unrelated to the search”, therefore ignoring them.

A Closer Look at Pay-per-Call Search Marketing
By Chris Sherman - SearchDay - Last week, AOL became the largest online service to offer the comparatively new pay-per-call format to search advertisers. Pay-per-call is rapidly gaining traction among search marketers, especially those targeting a local audience, and if you're not familiar with the format, it's worth a look.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

The Future: Stuff I've Seen (SIS)
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Discussion on MSN's Susan Dumais presentation in which the future of search and indexing is unveiled as 'SIS'. Imagine a technology that can index what you seen while browsing the Web, opening an email or chatting. You don't want miss this topic!"

Identifying Seo Experts
High Rankings Forum - "What SEOs should be, imo [in my opinion], is partnered with experts in their respective SEO niches, i.e., they should have on staff or on contract, seo copywriters, link builders, programmers, designers, etc. A true SEO expert knows that they don't know everything, but they also know who to call as necessary!"

AdWords Allows Site Specific Targeting in Their Content Network
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Clients have been yammering for this since the whole 'content network' started. Looks like they're going to have to pay for it though. Come discuss all about Site-Targeted Ads."

Fake PageRank Scam
Virtual Promote - "My PageRank 10 domain is..."

Yahoo! Superunits: of Signatures and Co-occurrence
Cre8asite Forums - "A Yahoo! patent application was published on April 14th which describes a "concept index," created from associations about the web in a somewhat new manner. ...The motivation behind this new method appears to be to create an index that attempts to provide answers to queries based upon the way that people search."

Quick Keyword Suggestion Tool
High Rankings Forum - "Check out's new search interface. Pretty cool- it shows you related searches and search counts as you type."

What Is the Strategy for Groupings In AdWords?
High Rankings Forum - "I find Overture very intuitive and, for the most part, user friendly. AdWords is fairly basic as well, however, the I haven't quite figured out the best strategy for 'groupings' (lumping keywords together with one max CPC and a max daily budget)."

New "Link Police" in Google Algo?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Has Google finally said 'enough is enough' with link spam? By making reference to an article that triggers this discussion, members exchange ideas on link building at a more strategic level so that their efforts may be acceptable to the algorithm."

Image of Owners on Website?
Virtual Promote Forums - "I have noticed that some websites have images of the owners. What is the general feeling around this? Does putting up a photo of the owner of an online business on the website have a positive, negative or neutral effect with potential customers?"

Is the Negativity Towards Google, Becoming a Bit Much in SEM/SEO Circles?
High Rankings Forum - "Is Google really ready to crash and burn or are frustrated SEOs just mad cuz their tricks don't work as well any more and they're sick of explaining it to their clients?"

Penalty For Dead Links?
High Rankings Forum - "I've read that your site may be penalized for having dead outbound links on it (I guess b/c the search engine would assume that your site is not maintained regularly?). Is there any hard evidence on how much of a penalty you receive?"

Google Enhances Personalized Search
Search Engine Watch - "Now you can save and track your searches on Google, similar to features already on A9, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo. What do you think of Google's implementation and how might having it jump in the search history pond change things?"

Do Engines Count RSS Feeds?
High Rankings Forum - "I had a thought while checking some indexed pages for a site... the rss feed appears in Google's index. While it changes frequently, it does seem that the engines are crawling the RSS feeds and indexing them. They are like a perfect little site map to your new content- a link, a title, a description, and typically a snippet."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

When to fire a client...
"She has been a constant complainer, I guess I should have protected myself better. From day 1 on October, she was complaining about how much they were paying me (which was a reduced price already!!) and how I wasn't doing enough - even though I followed the contract! She would send me hate-email and then write back to say how sorry she was and how 'stressed out' she was..."

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