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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-05-18

Hi Everyone,

I always love it when a subscriber emails to let me know that an article we've pointed to addressed a problem they're dealing with. This week it was my turn! Scottie Claiborne, publisher of the excellent Successful Sites Newsletter wrote an article that we posted yesterday called "Pursuing Copyright Infringers". Well, this morning I had an email message from a friend pointing out a site that had stolen copy from one of our pages.

This is an article you may want to bookmark (and the accompanying forum thread) for future reference. Unfortunately, this is a problem that happens all too often.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Pursuing Copyright Infringers
by Scottie Claiborne - Search Engine Guide - As a website owner, if you find your copy on multiple sites without the proper credit, it makes YOU look like a possible copyright violator as well.

"Help Keywords" Expand Your Customer Relationships
by Tansy OBryant and Mark Schurtman - Search Engine Guide - We advise many of our clients to create situations where a sense of community can form, channels such as forums, q&a articles, and blogs that allow and encourage reader comments.

Google Opens Up Beta of AdSense for Feeds
By Pamela Parker - ClickZ - After testing AdSense contextual ad distribution in a handful of RSS feeds over the past few weeks, Google is opening up the beta program to all of its publisher partners. The company made the announcement at the Syndicate conference in Manhattan Tuesday.

Search Engines and King Content
By Tony Wright - SearchDay - Thousands of articles, books and forum entries detail how to make your site search engine friendly, but ultimately, one rule stands above the rest: Content is king.

Where Do We Go from Here?
By Kevin M. Ryan - iMedia Connection - Which factor do you think have the biggest impact on the future of search? How will new technologies change the way we think about connecting with audiences with keywords?

Keyword Effectiveness - Observing Big Differences In Little Keywords
By John Alexander - Search Engine Guide - Some of the most ideal phrases are those that relate to a product or service but are being fairly often used by a specific audience of searchers, but at the same time have low competition.

Cool Tools
By Robin Nobles - I thought it would be a great idea to share these tools with you, just like they were shared with me.

Proposition from an Indian ad-clicker - India has spawned an innovative business called ad clicking fraud in which thousands of Indians are paid to click on a website's Google ads in order to increase the website owner's revenue from Google for each click. And the Indian ad clickers get a percentage of the take. Here's an email exchange I had earlier this week with a representative of an Indian ad clicking syndicate. (hat tip JenSense)

SEM Agencies: Prepare to Play Musical Clients
By Gary Stein - ClickZ - Consistently bring new ideas to your client. Be viewed as proactive. MSN's upcoming search products will offer a whole new set of optimization levers. This is a huge gift to agencies. Look for opportunities like this. Read every headline and ask how the news could benefit your client.

Pay-for-Performance SEO
By Jill Whalen - Search Engine Guide - This potential client doesn't trust the SEO company enough to pay them their normal fee, and/or they don't trust the whole SEO process.

When to Spend More on PPC
By Kevin Lee - ClickZ - Take a good look at your campaign. You'll probably find you don't spend enough on search. Customers are looking for you. When they search, do they find your competitors? Make sure you're there, too.

SES Toronto 2005 Follow-Up - Serious Search Marketing
By Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - As things stand today, the search marketing industry is on the cusp of tremendous growth with several sub-streams of search marketing evolving and interacting with each other.

The Number One Rule of Organic Search Marketing
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - Ask these folks what the number one rule of organic search marketing is, and you're probably going to hear about how you need to add content, or how links are essential.

How Your Keyword Market Segment Can Enhance Customer Relationships
By Tansy OBryant and Mark Schurtman - Search Engine Guide - Customers are out there searching and you can strengthen your relationship with them by optimizing for their search. Communicate clearly what you offer, and they will find you again and again.

Beginner's Guide to Pay Per Click Search Engines (Part 1)
By Kalena Jordan - Search Engine Guide - If you’ve been thinking about trying out PPC engines but are confused about the different models available and the costs involved, this article will shed some light.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Yahoo! Adds Trends to Concept Analysis
Cre8asite Forums - "Can understanding trends help to 'personalize' search results? I'm not sure."

Search Engine Optimization and Gresham's Law
Cre8asite Forums - "This states, 'Bad money drives good money out of circulation.' It clearly seems to have been in operation in the Search Engine Optimization field over the past year or two. The success of so-called 'black hat' SEO's devalued the whole field. There you are - Gresham's law in full operation. do you clean up a Gresham's law type of mess.

SEM Industry Biggest Growing Pains
Search Engine Watch - "Members report problems that arise in the initiation or enlargement of our Search Engine Marketing industry. Feel welcome to point out what you think are the biggest growing pains and if you think there are solutions to them."

Adsense Scraper Framing Websites
Webmaster World - "I've come across a scraper site framing legitimate web sites from the links. Is this allowable under Adsense policy? I wouldn't think so. I thought I had seen everything. Who would I report this to? I certainly don't appreciate what this site is doing."

Google Content Starting Opt Out
Search Engine Watch Forums - "As of Tuesday 5/17 any advertiser will be able to pick which places it wants to run in content... actually the way it works is you get to pick where you don't want to run... dropping advertisers as you want."

Google Buys Dodgeball
Webmaster World - "There's a fortune to be made in the handheld market and this gets Google into your mobile phone. The potential for location based services is tremendous. If Google knows where people are, then it can do crazy stuff like serving location-sensitive ads direct to the phone."

Yahoo-FindWhat Patent Lawsuit Ends In Mistrial
Search Engine Watch Forums - "The patent lawsuit between FindWhat and Yahoo over paid listings ends in a mistrial. What happens now?"

It's the SEO that Counts, Not User Centered Design
Cre8asite Forums - "Why is user centered design vs SEO a bone of contention at all? What would a high SERP be without a decent destination? What would a fabulous destination be without visability? Jeez.... What a lot of argumentative whining goes on over SEO!"

Evolution of Latin American Search Engine Industry
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Looking for some insight into the 'globalization' and 'structural' make up of the search engine industry in Latin America? This thread covers many topics about strategies and challenges that major U.S. search engines will encounter."

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Which accounting software do you prefer?
"I am looking for advice in regards to system and software selection. I am very competent using computers for personal use and in a 'worker bee' capacity, but I've never owned a business and need a little direction..."

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