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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-06-01

Busy, busy, busy so let's get to the good stuff.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Yet MORE Cool Tools that are also Free!
By Robin Nobles - Search Engine Guide - Here's Part 2 of our Cool Tools that are also Free. We all enjoy discovering free resources that genuinely merit some value, don't we?

Easy Tips for Adding some Zest to your Click Through Ratios
By John Alexander - Search Engine Guide - Of all of the other choices a potential visitor may have to choose from, within the top search results, you want to make yours just a little more unique, a little more compelling than the next guy who may just throw their Title tag together with very little thought.

Broadband Consumers Make Local Search a Reality
By Greg Sterling - Search Engine Guide - People want to know whether local search will materialize or whether itís a bunch of hype. Iíve been tracking this phenomenon since its inception several years ago and the short answer is: it was at one time but it isnít any more.

Beginner's Guide to Pay Per Click Search Engines (Part 2)
By Kalena Jordan - Search Engine Guide - In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the various pay for performance advertising models offered by Yahoo! Search Marketing. In this article, we will look at the remaining pay for performance search engine models on our list, starting with Google AdWords.

Search Engine Advice Column Hopes To Shatter SEO/SEM Myths
By Kimberly Krause Berg - Cre8pc Blog - Kalena Jordan, owner and founder of Search Engine College is launching a new blog called Dear Kalena. For those that feel that Google "hates" them, or their marketing efforts are hopelessly useless, Kalena hopes to offer her "agony aunt" shoulder to lean on.

Hot Talk from the Summit
By Kevin M. Ryan - iMedia - Search Editor Kevin Ryan reviews the big search discussion topics from last week's iMedia Agency Summit in Amelia Island.

Lost Clicks
By Bill Hartzer - Search Engine Guide - Dallas, Texas attorneys Joel Fineberg, Dean Gresham and Stephen Malouf have recently launched a website called Lost Clicks in order to find potential click fraud victims.

Women Lead Surge in Online Shopping
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - Small businesses that are looking for new areas to expand into, or entrepreuners looking for a niche to fill may be able to find some ideas from a new study released by and Forrester Research Inc.

SEO Client Expectations
by Jill Whalen - Search Engine Guide - Many clients never think about the level of involvement they'll need to have in an SEM campaign until it has kicked off and the SEM start nagging them for things they'll need to get started.

Trouble at the ODP
By Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - At one time, a listing at the Open Directory was mandatory in order to guarantee strong listings at Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Today, while still helpful, the strength of a Open Directory listing has been diluted by the search engines themselves.

Test or Die
By Kevin Lee - ClickZ - We can all learn from direct marketers. They've dealt with ROI-based marketing for years.

New Search Marketing Journal to Launch
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - The publishing house responsible for LinuxWorld Magazine and .NET Developer's Journal has announced plans to introduce a search marketing journal later this year.

Threads of the Web - Linking for Success
By Scottie Claiborne - Search Engine Guide - Links are like roads to your site. With every new link, more people can find your site. Just as more drive-by traffic helps a physical business, the more links there are to your site, the more traffic you are likely to get.

Prospect of Search Ads on P2P Site Rattle SEMs
By Kevin Newcomb - ClickZ - Revelations that controversial file-sharing software developer BitTorrent will begin to host ads from Ask Jeeves alongside its upcoming search engine have drawn mixed results from SEMs.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Jeeves Showing AdWords Ads on BitTorrent
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Ask Jeeves is serving as a middleman to put Google ads on the new controversial BitTorrent search site, which allows people to easily find pirated movies. Should Ask be backing this? Is Google facing issues, in letting ads be resold this way?"

Framesets - The Kiss of Death
Webmaster World - "Want to kill your online business? Move into a framed environment and then force popups on your users. On top of that, tell your client that their users will now have to upgrade to the latest version of IE to view the site properly."

Color scheme advice for a muscle car website
Cre8asite Forums - "Remember that many of the original drivers of these cars are 50-60 years old by now and will appreciate fonts that are easy to read. The need for straightforward useability may be heightened because they are of a generation that did not grow up with computers and Internet. AND, lol, this is a good time for muscle car sites with appeal to that demographic because the kids are about out of college and the house is paid for..."

Q&A Session with Jim Lanzone, VP of Ask Jeeves
Cre8asite Forums - "...a live question and answer session with Jim Lanzone, Senior Vice President, Search Properties at Ask Jeeves."

Links, Load of BS?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "In many cases any question on Google ranking elicits the knee-jerk answer of 'more links/anchor text' with no suggestion that on-page factors may be woefully inadequate."

Association of American University Presses' Position On Google
Search Engine Watch Forums - "What I dislike is the suggestion that somehow copyright is different for scholarly works, libraries or just print material. You don't become a second class citizen just because you publish on the web. This is the second time I've heard someone in that community try to make out they are somehow different."

Spidering Empty Cells ?
High Rankings Forum - "...a search engine really doesn't care whether it sees a space or nothing at all. It's still nothing. However, if you leave empty table cells empty (assuming you're using the table for layout purposes), rather than placing a non-breaking space in them, you may find that some browsers treat those cells in one way, and some browsers treat them differently."

Site Being Hijacked?
Virtual Promote Forums - "I just checked my weblogs and found a referrer with a url like this: My entire site is set up there. Is this a 302 hijack? I went to their actual site and it's all in chinese. What do I do?"

Need A "NoScript" Example Please
Virtual Promote Forums - " it as simple as saying 'Noscript' at the beginning of the Javascript, or is there a small piece of actual code to place in there?"

AdSense Changes/Tests
Small Business Ideas Forum - "I'm seeing something new today with AdSense. What it looks like is a combination of standard text ads and their adlinks ads. Here is a screenshot. Notice what appears to be adlinks in the first position followed by the standard text ads in a 300x250..."

What Happened to Google Overnight!?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "You can't base your livelihood on getting free listings in Google. It's time to put together a real marketing plan if sales through your website are that important to your life."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Speed Networking Services
"Typically at networking events, most people go home only meeting around 5 people. At a Speed Networking event, the event is structured to match people together for a few minutes at a time and at the end of the event everyone has met 12 - 30 potential business contacts."

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