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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-06-08

Hi Everyone,

Linda Buquet, one of our forum members, wrote a blog post that had some great advice that caught my eye and I wanted to share with you...

"...affiliates, SEO's and many work at home affiliate managers face isolation, even frustration at times and realize how hard it can be to stay self-motivated and on-track. If you want to stay on top of your game, associate with positive, like minded people - even on the forums. Hang out in upbeat forums with people who are focused on solutions - not problems. Forum negativity can really drag you down."

Great advice! You can follow this link for the rest of the post and to find the motivational resources Linda references at the end.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Yahoo SM vs. Google AdWords
By Shawn Campbell - Search Engine Guide - How does Yahoo SM compare with Google's AdWords? Both programs have advantages and disadvantages.

Copywriting Makeover: Search Engine-Friendly Can Also Mean Visitor-Friendly
By Karon Thackston - Search Engine Guide - Due to space constraints, page layout requirements or other issues, some site owners hesitate to include SEO copy thinking it will detract from the visitor's experience.

New Study Shows Lack of SEO for Manufacturers
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - A new study released by Fathom SEO finds that the majority of manufacturer web sites miss the boat when it comes to even the most basic search optimization techniques.

Where's Your Head At?
By P.J. Fusco - ClickZ - Yahoo! Mindset is a far more interesting development for the search engine marketing (SEM) industry than anything Google has done recently. If Yahoo! can develop the technology to slide paid search results as well as it does organic results, countless different ads could be delivered.

How To Target Your Online Niche Markets
By Kalena Jordan - Search Engine Guide - Now that you have narrowed down your target market/s, try to get inside their heads. If you were a customer, what would YOU type in to the search engines to find the goods and services offered on your own site?

The 70/30 Rule of Search
By Gord Hotchkiss - Search Engine Guide - Every day, new research is coming out which points to there being a vast, untapped potential in search. We’ve picked the low hanging fruit, but there’s a whole tree full of rich marketing results that we have to reach a little further for.

How Not to Work With an SEO/SEM Firm
By Shari Thurow - ClickZ - Recently, I informally surveyed SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) firms about their most common client and prospect complaints. Today, I offer the results.

Getting From Point A to Point X : Effective Site Navigation
By Scottie Claiborne - Search Engine Guide - Good site architecture is the foundation of your site-- take some time to think it through and test it with real users to make sure your foundation is stable and strong.

Search Engine Usage on the Rise in Europe
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - European use of search engines has grown 11% over the past year - up to 88 million users as opposed to the 79 million users in 2004.

Brand Engagement Via Search Marketing
By Kevin Lee - ClickZ - The key is the search ad isn't the complete ad message. It's only the beginning of the ad experience, even if the ad isn't clicked. When the ad is clicked, the experience continues at the marketer's site. If you're a brand or integrated marketer building media models that measure the true value of advertising and even predict the success of ads used in conjunction, consider measures of brand engagement. Audiences and consumers often regard advertising as content, your content.

Google Unveils Sitemaps Tool
By Kevin Newcomb - ClickZ - The process involves a site owner creating and posting an XML file on the site's server describing which pages on the site should be indexed, when those pages were last updated, how often they're updated, and how important each page is relative to others on the site. Google created an open-source tool, Sitemap Generator, to assist in the process.

Search Dominates New Advertising Spending
By Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - Advertisers are paying too much for the returns gained in traditional advertising while paying less for better returns from paid-search advertising.

Monitor and Increase Your Search Engine Visibility with the DIY SEO Tools
By Tinu Abayomi-Paul - Search Engine Guide - There are many tools that any webmaster can use to monitor their site's search engine position, and use to increase the visibility of your site in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Quixtar Caught in Search Engine PR Battle
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - The idea of manipulating search results is nothing new, but there is a recent trend toward using search engine results as part of online public relations campaigns designed to both promote and criticize businesses.

Search Engines Know More Than You Think
By Dan Thies - sitepoint - The search engines today have a pretty good idea what the topic of a web page is, how that relates to other topics, and even the type of information resource the page/site represents.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

AdWords Untargeted Ads Disappearing?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Yesterday I could search google for 'trash' and it would bring me the usual eBay + whatever-ads ("New or used trash? check ebay" ). Now it doesn't any more. Are the untargeted ads (or what are they called?) ..."

Significant Changes In Google Results: May 2005
Search Engine Watch Forums - "It's official. Changes spotted in late May are part of a major Google update. Comments and observations about changes are covered in this thread."

Out Of Link Building Ideas
High Rankings Forum - "Here's what I've tried so far, can any one offer some suggestions?"

Shopzilla is Sold for $525 Million
Webmaster World - "Scripps said it would pay $525 million in cash for 100 percent of Shopzilla, a comparison shopping search engine."

GoogleGuy's Bourbon
Webmaster World - "I've been aching for a long time to mention somewhere official that sites shouldn't use '&id=' as a parameter if they want maximal Googlebot crawlage ... Plenty of legit sites use iframes, so it wouldn't make sense to penalize for it. ... I recommend absolute links instead of relative links, because there's less chance for a spider (not just Google, but any spider) to get confused."

Google Sitemaps Now Accepting Web Page Feeds
Search Engine Watch Forums - The new Google Sitemaps program allow site owners to feed pages for inclusion in Google's web index for free. Discuss how it works and pose questions to the Sitemaps team in this thread.

Rant About ODP Bashing
Search Engine Watch Forums - "I am sick and tired of all the ODP bashing I've seen going on in SEO forums for years. I have had it with what's become a fun 'sport' of throwing daggers at a group of people just because they have *editor* attached to their name."

What Should Google Do About PR In The Toolbar?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Well, it would be nice if it were an accurate measure of anything but since its not, burn it. Even if it was accurate I say burn it, but I think its just too good of a way to keep people Google-centric."

SEO in 10 Easy Steps
Cre8asite Forums - "Understand the business objectives of the site owner. This includes getting a grasp of what they want their web site to accomplish - sales of products, leads generated, and so on. It also includes getting a good sense of whom they believe their targeted audience is, what their unique selling proposition is, what type of impression they are trying to make upon their audience, and so on."

Secrets of revealed?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "I can already see this story light up all search industry media like a Christmas tree."

Positioning With CSS For Rankings
High Rankings Forum - "CSS won't affect rankings. It's purpose is presentation, not content, and Search Engines look at content."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
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Affiliate Marketing -- Huh?
"Too many people marketing affiliate programs don't understand they still have to market to get results. They are marketing a product just like the rest of us (although someone else's). Market! Market! Market!"

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