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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-06-15

Hi Everyone,

Over at our forum, we are considering adding a Small Business Services Index that would allow members to post ratings and reviews of services they've used. Topics such as web hosting, graphic design, search engine marketing, etc. would be listed. Something along the lines of's five star review system and comments would be implemented.

But, before launching it, we would like to get some feedback on whether this is worth pursuing. Would this be a useful service to you? Please let us know.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

How Image Links Can Help Build a Better User and Search Experience
By Scottie Claiborne - Search Engine Guide - Text and image links both serve a function and you can build a site using exclusively one or the other, and it will be fine. However, when you consider the terms that you want to rank well with and the need to balance simplicity with specific words, image links offer an alternative to wordy text links that don't integrate into your navigation very well.

RSS Can Feed Your SEO Efforts
By Todd Mintz - Search Engine Guide - RSS is one of the hottest phenomenons in the webmaster community today. RSS that benefits SEO is a topic that’s been very much overlooked.

Lucrative Keywords Series: All Traffic is Not Created Equal
B Tinu Abayomi-Paul - Search Engine Guide - In your search for traffic, by now you’ve probably learned that all site traffic is not created equal. (The first in a multi-part series that covers finding and using lucrative keywords.)

What Your Web Designer Isn't Telling You
By Kalena Jordan - Search Engine Guide - Has your web designer optimized YOUR site? Have they submitted it to the top ten search engines and directories? More than likely, you don't know because they haven't told you. Ask them TODAY!

Advertising, Meet User Need
By Kevin M. Ryan - iMedia - One of the larger dilemmas facing search engines is developing an understanding of what users want. At first glance, it would appear the task of understanding user intent is easy. Each time search queries occur, the searchers tell the search site exactly what they want. Or do they?

Can Search help the Customer be Heard?
By Gord Hotchkiss - Search Engine Guide - How about search engines? Can they provide customers with a podium to be heard from? They’re already the most popular sites online, so critical mass and traffic certainly won’t be a problem.

How New is Local Search Marketing, and is it Here to Stay?
By Paul Jahn - Search Engine Guide - Ever since Google debuted their local targeting pay-per-click advertising program in October 2003, Internet marketers have been contemplating if "local search" is an overdue reality or a fad that will blow away. The concept is simple enough.

Using Query-to-Conversion Data to Optimize Your Search Marketing Campaign
By Tansy OBryant and Mark Schurtman - Search Engine Guide - As search engine rankings increase, conversion data helps you develop a mature site design that better serves your customer.

Paid Search a Footnote in Push
By Zachary Rodgers - ClickZ - America Online will engage in a large search marketing effort that will include natural optimization and keyword buys on Google and Yahoo! this summer. However, the company's paid search campaign will be small in comparison with its offline media buy and its natural search efforts, according to a spokesperson.

Hidden Links on The Financial Times Website (
Ken McGaffin - - Using 'hidden links' is one of the oldest methods of search engine spam so you wouldn't expect to see them on a respected news site like the Financial times online, ( describes itself as "the world's leading audited business website, with more than 3.7 million unique users". But I've found hidden links on the site.

Cosmetic Changes at Google Precede Larger Overhaul
By Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - From the SEO/SEM perspective, it is a good thing Google is in the midst of this update. Web workers have been demanding a greater degree of transparency from Google for some time now and perhaps these updates are the beginning of a new commitment to communication from the Googleplex.

Content and Search Engine Marketing
By Jill Whalen - Search Engine Guide - Good content is not content that is just there to target specific keyword phrases. Pages generated solely for the search engines do *not* constitute good content.

The Local Search Mardi Gras
By Justin Sanger - ClickZ - It's a mistake to discuss local search without distinguishing innovation from adoption. The innovation that fuels local search hype operates far beyond the realities of small business adoption.

Blogger Doesn't *Get* Search Marketing
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - I read a post at a blog site earlier today by someone that was contacted by a company about search marketing. He asked a few questions, did a few searches and decided that he didn't need search marketing. Here's why he's wrong.

Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Make Love, Not War
By Scott Buresh - Search Engine Guide - When it comes to search engine optimization strategy, there are basically two camps – those who view search engines as adversaries to be conquered at any cost and those who regard search engines as partners in their online marketing efforts.

Staying Ahead of Competitors
By Scottie Claiborne - Search Engine Guide - No doubt, it is critical to know who your competitors are, and what they are doing. But don't follow their every move, or duplicate everything they try.

New SEO Lingo
DazzlinDonna - SEO Scoop - ...a few new SEO words that we should have in our vocabulary. And we should have these in our vocabulary because Google has them in their vocabulary! These are terms that Google uses "behind the scenes", so to speak. From now on, we SEOs can use them as well, so that we are all on the same page when discussing optimization.

AdSense for RSS changes formats
Jenstar - JenSense - LonghornBlogs, the first AdSense for RSS beta tester has changed the design and backend of their AdSense RSS ads. AdSense has changed the look, size, as well as how the ads are controlled - from a table format to an image map format (similar to how AdSense in newsletters works).

Search Marketing in a Box
By Chris Sherman - SearchDay - Looking for a comprehensive guide to search marketing that's filled with tons of practical, no-nonsense tips and techniques? The Search Engine Marketing Kit may be just the ticket.

Local Search Players Enhance Offerings
By Kevin Newcomb - ClickZ - Two local advertising players have enhanced their offerings this week. scored a distribution deal with AOL Yellow Pages, and ReachLocal added Efficient Frontier's algorithmic bid management product to its local search packages.

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Search Engine Books & Services (Classifieds)

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Suggestions for the ideal SEM/SEO RFP Guide
Search Engine Watch Forums - "When seeking a potential client it's important to know as much as possible about them before actually forming a business relationship. This thread's focus is for members to share suggestions for the ideal Request for Proposal guide."

The Future Business Model Of PPC
High Rankings Forum - "...several other business models that started with a pay-per-use pricing model eventually changed to umbrella pricing to maximize revenue. ...How might search engine advertising evolve in the future?"

The Most Exciting Year for Search Engines?
Cre8asite Forums - "Sorting through the patent applications that came out of the US Patent Office this week, I found the following applications with Apostolos Gerasoulis listed as one of the inventors..."

Google Certified Adwords Professional
Cre8asite Forums - "Does anyone know about how many SEM's out their have been successful in attaining this certification. Also, I guess displaying this would be beneficial to your business if you manage ads for clients. Any comments?"

New AdSense Horizontal Ad Links
Search Engine Watch Forums - "I believe this is a particularly significant new feature, and will prove to be a step forward for, either product-oriented affiliate or ecommerce sites."

MyWeb Hits the SERPS
Webmaster World - "Was doing some searching on Yahoo this morning and noticed myweb has been added to the serps - each website in the serps has a "save" and "block" next to it for people to log in and start using MyWeb. Wonder if they'll be using this information to determine quality within the serps, etc as well."

Accent Marks in Other Languages
Search Engine Watch Forums - "The fact is that if you search in google for a word with an accent mark and without it, you will get similar but different results. What if the word you want to optimize for has an accent mark but people never type it in when searching?"

Seo - Easy To Sell - But Can You Deliver?
High Rankings Forum - "Many who read articles and forums can easily sell SEO to nearly anyone if they want to. They know all the right things to say, and know exactly which buttons to push to get a client to sign on the dotted line. But what happens after you make that sale? Can you deliver on your promises? Do too many SEO companies sell stuff that they really shouldn't be selling?"

How to Find Thousands of Quality Backlinks
Webmaster World - "I have used this list a lot to find quality sites for backlinks. For nine months I have systematically used these search-terms and contacted all top 200 siteowners by personal email or using their forms. Now I have more than 3000 links to my site."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Choosing Screen Resolution
"Could someone tell me how to find out what is the most popular screen resolution size please. My average customer is middle aged. What resolution does the average middle aged person prefer? I might have my site optimized for the wrong resolution but I don't want to change anything without researching first. Any ideas please?"

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