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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-06-22

Hi Everyone,

I really wish Yahoo! would hurry up and roll out their contextual advertising program to counter Google's AdSense. As a website owner, that tops my wish list for the year. I know they want to take the time to test it and do it right, which is good, but I'm willing to be a guinea pig while they work out the bugs. :-)

Don't get me wrong, I've had a great experience with AdSense which just keeps getting better and better. I'm just looking forward to the competition and the ability to test each program on a page by page basis.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Search Plays Key Role in B2B Sales – Part 1 of 2
By Paul Bruemmer - Search Engine Guide - The fastest way to research and compare products and pricing is on the web. However, it's important to note that B2B transactions differ from consumer transactions when planning your marketing strategy.

Analyzing User Intent for SEM Campaigns
By Steve Malone - Search Engine Guide - The buzz phrase of the moment seems to be ‘User Intent’ – the quite simple idea of actually finding out what a searcher wants when they type in a search phrase and giving it to them.

Click Fraud On the Rise
By Kevin M. Ryan - iMedia - One possible out for search providers lies in the idea preventing bad sources of traffic. Once those sources of baloney traffic are identified, some providers will allow you to simply remove them.

Seasonal Search Shifts and SEO
By P.J. Fusco - ClickZ - Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to make their results more effective. Seasonal reviews to ensure your site is up to date with the latest algorithmic shifts are the best way to guarantee sunny days ahead.

Webmaster World New Orleans Pubcon - John Battelle Keynote
Aaron Wall - SEO - Where search is different than most web publishing is that audience places intent before content with search, instead of buying a proxy of intent with normal ad purchases.

Lucrative Keywords Series: Targeting the Best Keyword Phrases
By Tinu Abayomi-Paul - Search Engine Guide - Why should you be optimizing your site - and especially your blog - to get more results from the smallest group of people searching at your site?

Search Engine Spammers...Unite?
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - Roger Wehbe had a dream. He wanted to organize a group of ethical SEM professionals that could band together as the Association of Search Engine Professionals.

Search’s Multiplier Effect: The Hidden Value of SEM
By Gord Hotchkiss - Search Engine Guide - I believe one of the reasons we don’t give search full value is that we’re not always measuring the right things. How do you measure the value of a split second glance at a brand name in a search listing? How do you assign a value to the cumulative impact of seeing the same site appear in 4 or 5 different searches? I know these things have value, but I’m not sure how to measure it.

More Ways Not to Work With an SEO/SEM Firm
By Shari Thurow - ClickZ - We don't control the crawl cycle, algorithm, or policies of any search engine. Continually demanding we justify our recommendations only lengthens the process.

Search Engine Spammers Unite
By Zachary Rodgers - ClickZ - Frustrated by the rampant use of white-on-white text, keyword stuffing and other shady practices in SEO, Robert Wehbe of Yooter InterActive Marketing decided to take up arms. Wehbe did what any self respecting search professional would do. He set up a satirical site to draw attention to the worst of these tactics, and to attempt to shame the people who use them into changing their ways.

Do You Need the Google Sitemaps System?
By Bill Hartzer - Search Engine Guide - Website owners need to be cautious about making a commitment to the Google Sitemaps program. If you begin creating sitemap files for the Google Sitemaps program, then continue updating those files on a regular basis. If a website is already being crawled on a regular basis and the pages are being updated in the Google index, there might not be any need to participate in the program.

What Makes the Perfect SEO Firm?
by Stoney deGeyter - Search Engine Guide - SEO companies come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the size of an SEO, the following specialists should be a part of their team. vs. trouble!
By Dan Thies - sitepoint - Most web servers (therefore most web sites) are configured to show the same content whether visitors request a page with or without the www in the address. So h t t p : / / is likely to give you the same content as h t t p : / / If your website does this, that's not good...

BlowSearch Tackles Click Fraud
By Adam L. Penenberg - Wired - It guarantees advertisers the traffic they receive will be legitimate or their money back. Although tiny BlowSearch is a mere David among Google-iaths (comScore Media Metrix ranks it 24th in terms of popularity among search engines) it stands out for its aggressive anti-click-fraud stance.

AdWords Site Targeting Option Launches
By Kevin Newcomb - ClickZ - After months of testing with a select group of advertisers, Google has officially unveiled a new AdWords feature that allows the targeting of ads by site.

Use PPC to Capture the Search Curve Tail
By Kevin Lee - ClickZ - Millions of searchers use millions of almost unique search phrases to find what they want. Capitalize on their needs and behaviors as they create the tail of the search distribution, or your competition will beat you to it.

Paid Search and Your Next Media Buy
By Erik Matlick - iMedia Connection - As contextual marketing weighs more heavily in the fight for consumer attention, marketers are looking to paid search as their weapon of choice.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

AdWords Algorithmic Changes
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Sometime in mid to late April (from the 18th - 26th), it appears that Google made some changes to the AdWords algorithms. Now, it appears that Google utilizes the CTR for an ad copy group as opposed to leveraging the CTR for a specific keyword."

Benefits Of A Totally CSS Driven Site
High Rankings Forum - "Unless you are just bound and determined to have the cool factor of an all-CSS layout, I find a combination of tables and CSS gives the most consistent display while removing a lot of the redundant code."

MSN Debuts Local Search
Webmaster World - "Microsoft's MSN has entered the local search war, debuting a beta product that incorporates city- and region-specific White and Yellow Pages business listings. The site also maps businesses and incorporates some locally targeted paid listings."

Yahoo! Launching New Search Index Tonight
Search Engine Watch Forums - "It's been blogged, therefore it's real news - Tim Mayer announced that Yahoo will be rolling out an updated and larger search index tonight."

Google Plans Payment Service To Rival PayPal
Search Engine Watch Forums - " the case of Google, if they do it, it will catch on because it will be standard enough that a lot of people will have accounts. It shouldn't be that much extra hassle to sign up, and probably this would also be used in future to pay for ecommerce purchases or Google services, similar to Yahoo Wallet. The interesting question then is how will Yahoo respond to this trend?"

Google AdWords vs. Yahoo Search
Small Business Ideas Forum - "Is it typical to see such dramatic differences in the two PPC services? Why? Suggestions as to what we could or should do?"

Newbie Needs Help With Use Of Bold Type
High Rankings Forum - "There is possibly a benefit from an SEO stance to not make everything bold, but rather just the things that you want to emphasize. And, if someone is using a screen reader, and you are using < strong > to bold the words on your page, the screen reader may place more emphasis on the words on the page than maybe it should. With bold, I like to follow the simple rule that when you emphasize everything, you are really emphasizing nothing."

What Are Hitbots?
Search Engine Watch Forum - "Current ones run automatically on a lot of different computers, sometimes owned by the clickbot owner in question, but more often by virus style 'malware' that turns the computer in question into a zombie. In short, they take over your computer and use it for their own purposes. Since this creates thousands of different computers with different IPs that have no obvious connection to the scumbag in question, they are much harder to detect."

Google, IP Diversity, & eBay
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Buying text links on eBay seems like a great way to diversify where my links are coming from. Prices are relatively inexpensive compared to brokers. In your opinion (yes, you!), is this a practice that should be avoided or should I be bid happy and buy strong, diversified links like a madman?"

How Will SEM Evolve to Other File Types and Devices?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "How do you see search engine marketing and SEO evolving to the file types (ie. video, music, print, etc...) and devices such as a mobile phone or other (tv maybe)?"

Yahoo Subscription Search Service Opens
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Yahoo's new program brings premium content from behind database and password protected areas into web search. What do you think? Will it help searchers and publishers alike?"

List of what falls into the Search Engine Marketing category
High Rankings Forum - "I am creating a list of what is encompassed under the Search Engine Marketing umbrella. Here is my list, I am looking for feedback as to if I missed something or if something should not be in the list."

Google AdWords Site Target enters Beta
Webmaster World - "The process is very easy. The first test I did went very smoothly. A few general topics, and Google picked very appropriate sites."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Niche Marketing : The Power Of Articles
"Articles present a win-win situation. It is like offering free consulting to get an opportunity to present your sales pitch. It has benefits of advertising and automatic reference since authoring an article reflects an authority on the subject matter."

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