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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-07-06

Hi Everyone,

Our Editor and chief whip-cracker, Jennifer Laycock, has a special announcement for you this week. Take it away Jennifer...

--Begin Jennifer's Message---

Can We Pimp Your Site?

Ever wonder what would happen if some of the best search marketers in the business had a chance to overhaul your site with a complete SEM makeover? Well, here's your chance to find out. The folks behind the Search Engine Strategies conferences have added a new session to the mix called "Pimp My Site." The idea is simple...two teams of search marketers will tackle web sites in the weeks leading up to the San Jose Search Engine Strategies conference. They'll overhaul the navigation, the content, the links, basically, they'll give the site a complete organic search makeover. Then, during the conference, they'll outline the changes they made for the audience.

Here's where you come in. If you've got a great web site that you just know could pack some punch with the right search marketing work, but you're lacking in the funds or the knowledge to make it happen, let us help you. As part of the Pimp My Site team, I'll be accepting submissions from site owners looking for an overhaul. The owner of the selected site must be able to attend the August Search Engine Strategies event and will be given a complimentary conference pass (though travel and accommodations will be the owners' responsibility).

So drop me an email at . Let me know where I can find your site, what, if any, search marketing has been done to it, and why you think we should pimp your site. I'll notify the selected site owner by early next week.

--End Jennifer's Message---

Thanks Jennifer!

Finally, be sure and check out this week's advertiser. This is by far, my favorite ebook of all time. I purchased it at the end of February and started implementing and tracking the changes in March. Over the next 4 months we tripled our Google AdSense revenue. In case you don't know, Google has a program called AdSense where you run ads on your site and Google pays you. Regardless of what type of site you own, there is a ton to be made with AdSense by implementing the suggestions in this ebook. The only thing I didn't like about the ebook was the end where the author touches on SEO. So just ignore that section and focus on the Google AdSense tips. Without a doubt, this is the best ebook purchase I've ever made.

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

The Continual Evolution of Search Engine Marketing
By David Wallace - Search Engine Guide - Search engines will continue to evolve and improve. People will continue to change as well. The ability to flow with this will help ensure your success in online marketing.

Redefining Search Optimization
By Gord Hotchkiss - Search Engine Guide - By turning a blind eye to the site side experience, we could be denying our clients of a strategy that could provide the biggest lift of all.

The Opportunity for Pay per Call
By Greg Sterling - Search Engine Guide - The ascendancy of pay-per-click advertising—now responsible for at least 40 percent of online ad revenues—made it inevitable that someone would try to create a medium for the millions of U.S. businesses that rely on the phone to generate leads and close sales.

Professional SEO: Hand Off to Bob or Outsource the Job?
By Scott Buresh - Search Engine Guide - If your company is considering doing SEO in-house, there are some critical questions that you should address before you proceed.

Search Engine Algorithm Quandaries
By Daria Goetsch - Search Engine Guide - Making rash decisions when you are hearing one thing then another from forum postings and articles is not the best choice to make. Much of the talk about fluctuations in the search engine rankings is just that--talk.

Search Engine Sales vs. Search Engine Marketing
By Kevin Lee - Search engine sales campaigns ignore the buying cycle. They ignore the fact some search keywords, listings, and search engines may influence sales at a later date, perhaps after another search.

Google's Patent Implications
By Jill Whalen - Search Engine Guide - I wasn't surprised about the stuff in Google's new patent that corresponded with Google's aging delay and its "sandbox" as I had already seen a lot of discussion on this.

Christmas Time for Search Marketing
By Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - Christmas sales have increased every year for the past five years as have searches for holiday related keywords. Will your web site be ready?

Miva Plans Pay-Per-Call for U.K.
By Kevin Newcomb - ClickZ - The service has been available in the United States since September. It allows companies without an online presence -- often, small businesses -- to take advantage of its performance-based search offering by bidding for leads delivered via phone calls, instead of clicks to a Web site.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Google's First Click Free
Search Engine Watch Forums - "New details of Google's plan to include 'premium' content locked behind free and paid registration walls as part of regular search results are emerging."

Ian Found - Safe and Sound
Webmaster World - "Ian Turner has been found - alive and healthy. He has lost his passport and he is in Atlanta."

UK SEM Ian Turner Missing
Webmaster World - "Ian Turner has been missing for more than 48hrs now. Apparently he missed a connecting flight in Atlanta. Information is sketchy at this point, but authorities in the UK and in the US have been contacted and inqueries are being made. If you recently talked with him as late as saturday or sunday or have any information on where he might be, please contact me and we will connect you with the right people."

Google Sued For Click Fraud
WebProWorld - "Of course, one should always consider the plaintiff in any suit presented. The publicity gained through this type of action is worth its weight in gold--especially to a click fraud business whose bread and butter is identifying click fraud and getting money back for its clients."

SEW Live in Atlanta
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Moderator Chris Boggs provides a great LIVE update report on the Search Engine Watch Forums LIVE! Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Join in and see what's happening!"

New Yahoo MyWeb 2.0 & MyRank
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Yahoo evolves its MyWeb search personalization service to allow for tagging of results and sharing information among friends, creating a 'trusted' web that's sorted according to a new MyRank system."

Google Getting New Personalized Search
Search Engine Watch Forums - "The results you see on Google may soon be much different than what others see, thanks to today's rolling out of a new version of Google Personalized Search."

Why Don't You Rank on Search Engines?
Cre8asite Forums - "Lack of good search engine ranking can't be justified in a vacuum. Often, poorly ranking sites aren't necessarily bad or flawed . . . they're just not as good as ten or twenty or thirty other sites. Sometimes, they're not as good by a nose. I'd even go so far as to say sometimes they ARE just as good, but perhaps have unaddressed technical barriers or are still in their infancy. "

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
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Plant the Seeds Now for Growth Later
"Plant the seeds now for growth later. Ok, I am one that expects immediate results. Thats a bad thing (I think). Your online venture will not have a mass rush once your open for business. But things you do today, will generate traffic in the future (sometimes weeks later, but it does pay off)."

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