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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-07-21

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Robert Clough

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Joel's AdSense manual is a practical "how-to" guide filled with easy to implement advice, screen-shots of actual web pages, and case studies showing real-life examples of how others are succeeding with AdSense.

"Joel saved my business with a fraction of the insight found in this eBook. Like many site operators, I had AdSense running on my site. It was doing 'okay.' Joel kicked it into high gear, and I will forever be in his debt."

- Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome)


Search Engine Marketing News

Getting Started With SEO
by Jill Whalen - Search Engine Guide - It's true that SEO is not rocket science, and I firmly contend that it's very much a common-sense type of work. That doesn't mean that anyone can or should read a few SEO articles and then decide they can start charging people for their services.

Stats, Facts and Organic SEO
by Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - SEOs and SEMs take great interest in a number of lists and statistics beyond the Top10 search rankings.

Optimizing for Google AdWords' New Quality Score System
by Greg Ives - Search Engine Guide - In the coming weeks, Google will release a new method for deciding when your ads show up. Because there are more exposed aspects of the algorithm, you have more control over where your ads appear in the ranking.

How to Drive Your SEO Insane in Six Easy Steps
by Diane Aull - Search Engine Guide - So you've hired a search engine optimizer (SEO) to help your site's rankings in the search engine results. If you're in a sadistic mood, here are a few things you can do to drive your SEO professional over the edge.

Much Ado About Searching
by Kevin M. Ryan - iMedia Connection - If you had chosen to brave deep-dish-pizza town last week to bone up on search, then you would have been treated to a few smart sessions on search engine marketing. Some of the search-focused conference rooms were slightly less than packed, which allowed for some fantastic one-on-one discussions. Launches Comparison Shopping
by Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - A late-comer to an already cluttered field of comparison shopping search engines, Become.comís founders are hoping that past experience will help them pave the way toward future innovations.

Pay Per Click Bid Management Strategies
by Richard Ball - Search Engine Guide - Before embarking on a PPC advertising campaign, determine the maximum CPC you're willing to pay for a given keyword phrase.

Lucrative Keyword Series: Research Step One
by Tinu Abayomi-Paul - Search Engine Guide - This week, I'll be exploring the first of four steps in using those tools to come up with your list. But first, here's an overview of the three steps to putting together a lucrative keyword list.

Interview of NFFC
by Aaron Wall - Search Marketing Info - This is what I think, SEO is all about emotions, all about human interaction. People, search engineers even, try and force it into a numbers box. Numbers, math and formulas are for people not smart enough to think in concepts.

Saving Your Business from an Algorithm Shift - Part 2: Paid Search Advertising
by Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - Even among the companies that are already using paid search, there are often many things that can be done to improve performance.

Penny for Your Clicks? The Google AdWords Change
by Reprise Media - SearchViews - Although the old system will be discontinued, Google will continue to hold advertisers (and their keywords) to certain minimum standards of performance.

Blink, Thin Slicing and the Art of Search Marketing
by Gord Hotchkiss - Search Engine Guide - As long as weíre on our favorite search engine, we canít commit to anything that canít be corrected with a couple of clicks on the back button.

Answers to your AdWords keyword state questions
Inside AdWords - It's only been a couple days, but you've let us know you're excited (and a bit scared) about the new keyword states. We share your excitement, and we're here to erase your fears. So with that, your questions...

Can You Lose Weight on Spam?
by Scottie Claiborne - Search Engine Guide - The key to great search rankings is just as simple. Create a great, usable website with useful content, and obtain more relevant incoming links.

Why You Shouldn't Worry About the PR Update
by Bill Hartzer - Search Engine Guide - The bottom line is that the PageRank number we see in the Google Toolbar isnít something that you necessarily would want to put any faith in.

Search Personalization and PPC Search Marketing
by Kevin Lee - ClickZ - As marketplaces get better at pairing advertiser listings with searcher intent, smaller marketers may be unable to deal with the additional complexity of thousands of keyword ads (search and contextual) that can also be targeted by geography, gender, age, and perhaps even behavioral factors.

Yahoo! Expands Behavioral Targeting
by Zachary Rodgers - ClickZ - Yahoo! recently expanded a program that targets display ads based on visitors' recent search activity. The change widens the time window during which advertisers can drop behaviorally targeted banners after a search term is entered from one hour to two days.

Compare SEO & PPC Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research Tools
by Aaron Wall - SEO - There are getting to be a ton of keyword tools on the market, so I decided to test most any keyword tool I have heard of.

Google Simplifies & Loosens Requirements for AdWords
by Chris Sherman - SearchDay - Google is making changes to its AdWords program intended to provide advertisers with more control over campaigns while potentially improving relevance for users.

Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Firm
by Chris Sherman - SearchDay - Marketing Sherpa has released the 4th edition of its Buyer's Guide to Search Engine Optimization Firms, a comprehensive look at the players in the industry.

Paid Search Branding and Tools - ad:tech
by Lee Odden - Online Marketing Blog - Vendors develop tools to help automate the labor intensive task of managing large paid search campaigns, but Dana Todd, CEO of Sitelab says, "Automation has not met up with reality."

Saving Your Business from an Algorithm Shift - Part 1: Press Releases
by Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - In this series of articles I'll focus on giving you a few ideas that you can try to implement immediately in order to keep your business afloat after losing rankings in a sudden algorithm shift.

SEO Sales and Services - Consulting Cuts Complexity
by Jim Hedger - Search Engine Guide - While there has never been more business for good SEOs with strong reputations, the amount of work needed to be done to provide a strong campaign has never been greater.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Google Going For The Kill..Bye Bye Yahoo, Msn AOL ISPs
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Google has offered all these wonderful web services that require seperate log ins, G-mail, Adwords, Adsense, Sitemaps, Groups, Answers ... By investing in Current Google can in the future using its grid based environment offer free internet access to anyone near a power line in the United States and build a Super Community that the others could not touch. Is this the killer Google move that leaves the others behind??"

Quality-Based Minimum Bids For AdWords
Search Engine Watch Forums - "I don't believe this is a radical change. For my day-to-day approach to helping clients get more out of their campaigns, I think it will make the job easier because we won't wonder just how many times should we try to reawaken frequently-disabled keywords. Relevancy remains a primary criterion for ranking well in the ad list, but now, you can avoid some of the hassles of campaign management by using a little cash."

July 2005 Yahoo Update & Algo Change
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Though it's obviously more than just one thing, based on purely a narrow, limited quick observation, I've got a suspicion that the value of inbound links may carry a bit more weight relative to on-page factors than what it's been in the past."

Redirecting Thousands of Dynamic URLs
High Rankings Forums - "Other than individually adding several thousand 301 redirects to my .htaccess file, can anyone suggest a better way forward?"

Hiring An SEO
High Rankings Forum - "My fear is that if i tell an SEO company about my new projects they may try to go into the market with their own sites and compete with me. Does this sort of stuff happen or do most seo's just stay in their field. What are your points of views on a situation like this? As a note, these site will be for affiliate programs."

Deciding what to put "below the fold"
Cre8asite Forums - "In this day of varying screen and monitor sizes, from smart phones to large laser plasma displays, and everywhere inbetween, it's hard to tell what is 'above the fold' and what is 'below the fold.' The metaphor comes from Newspaper publishing, where the 'fold' is easy to identify. With more people used to the idea that the information on their screen will scroll, is it as important to have everything 'above the fold?'"

Do Search Engines like my-widget or my_widget.html best?
Cre8asite Forums - "I've seen some suggestions from people that an underscore is captured by search engines, unlike most other punctuation marks, and causes the words it separates to be melded together into one extra large term that doesn't rank well for the individual phrases. Supposedly, a hyphen doesn't have that effect."

Myths - Never mind the top ten tips...
High Rankings Forum - "I thought I'd invite people to display some of their favourite misconceptions, falsehoods and myths about SEO..."

Keyword Discovery Industry Directory
High Rankings Forum - "... lists the actual keywords that drive traffic to sites based on their DMOZ site category classification."

iWon Search
Cre8asite Forums - "I know that there are some folks out there who use iwon as a search engine, but I will say that the interface over there doesn't do a whole lot for me. Maybe it appeals more to the Bingo crowd?"

Google to Change AdWords Keyword Status Algo
Webmaster World - "In the coming weeks, your keywords will no longer be evaluated as normal, in trial, on hold, or disabled. Instead, your keywords will either be active or inactive, depending on their quality and maximum CPC."

New Domain for New Product Line
High Rankings Forum - "Cross linking is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you're not duplicating content and not having two sites simply to trick the engines into ranking both well for the same search terms."

Urchin 6, How do you like it?
High Rankings Forum - "...the part I love the most is where you can see which search engines and which search terms are bringing you revenue. That one little thing has helped me to better target some terms that I would have never thought of, and they're search terms that convert very, very well."

The Ones That Don't Come Back
High Rankings Forum - "I just can't take on a client that doesn't know what they are doing or has a terrible model. I want them to succeed and if I can't see a way to help them succeed, I just can't throw my time and their money away."

AdSense Updates Their Terms & Policies
Webmaster World - "AdSense updated their terms as well as their policies today. And here is your complete update and rundown of all the changes, and what they mean to you."

Site Targeted CPM Ads Negative Impact
Webmaster World - "Basically our algorithm looks at your page and the overall eCPM it's generating. If there's a CPM advertiser who has targeted your site and is bidding more than your current eCPM, then we display their ads. So, you should only see an increase in earnings because of CPM ads."

How Should Search Engines Protect Privacy?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "...what worries you on privacy? What are you afraid of? What would you like to see implemented?"

What Degrees Or Professional Backgrounds Do SEO/SEMers Have?
Search Engine Watch Forums - ""There's still no BA in search marketing. With the industry so young, most have come into it from other backgrounds. What were you in your old life, and does any of that help you now?

Internet Archive Sued
Webmaster World - "The legal implications of a site's robots.txt file are at the core of the case, but copyright issues related to caching are likely to come into play as well."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Website Search Add-ons?
"I have been ripping my hair out trying to find a search program for my ecommerce site. I'm talking about the kind of add on that allows customers to search products on your website by keywords."

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NEW Expanded 2nd Edition!

In the second edition of Joel Comm's book, he shows step by step how he went from making $30 a day to over $500 a day with Google's AdSense program.

Joel's AdSense manual is a practical "how-to" guide filled with easy to implement advice, screen-shots of actual web pages, and case studies showing real-life examples of how others are succeeding with AdSense.

"Joel saved my business with a fraction of the insight found in this eBook. Like many site operators, I had AdSense running on my site. It was doing 'okay.' Joel kicked it into high gear, and I will forever be in his debt."

- Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome)



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