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Weekly Newsletter - 2005-08-04

Hi Everyone,

Wow, what a week it's been! The beta for the Yahoo! Publisher Network was announced. This is the program that will compete with Google's AdSense program. Ask Jeeves announced their coming pay per click program. And next week, in addition to loads of other news I'm sure will come out of the Search Engine Strategies conference, MSN will be announcing their new pay per click program.

Also, Jill Whalen has announced that the next High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar will be held in Philadelphia, PA on November 3rd and 4th, 2005. Full details are not yet available but I'll let you know when I find out more.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Search Engine Penalties at Yahoo & MSN
by Marcela De Vivo - SearchDay - In the second of a two-part article, we look at search engine penalties applied by Yahoo and MSN, and how webmasters can avoid them, or get them removed once sites are in the penalty box.

Bridging the Google Ad Gap
by Adam L. Penenberg - Wired - "If someone searches for car insurance, he should see car insurance ads when he accesses the weather and sports, or visits InfoWorld or checks web-based e-mail," Shkedi said.

Microsoft Enters Search Advertising Mix With MSN Keywords
by Loren Baker - Search Engine Journal - MSN Keywords will be launching via invitation only next week to 500 MSN advertisers.

Gooooooogle to increase ad copy...
by Caroline - Search Engine War - Google are planning to increase their ad copy length up to 200 characters. Basically, titles and display urls will remain the same, but advertisers will now have the capacity to write a description which is 200 characters long.

Yahoo Publisher Network: A One-Way Street?
by Andrew Goodman - Traffick - Short term, it means a revenue boost for Yahoo, and probably a leveling off of Google's AdSense revenue. But if either company is thinking about their long-term health, they will begin to hack off the diseased parts of the "long ad tail." Advertisers are watching and not necessarily liking what they see.

McDonalds is The Root of All Evil
by Scottie Claiborne - In Search of Stuff - The sad fact is that many people want to spam. Yep, I said it. Those innocent newbies often want to spam. A long, slow climb to the top is boring and takes time and work, and they want the fast track.

How SEMs Can Help Protect Brands Online
by P.J. Fusco - ClickZ - As an in-house SEM specialist, you can help protect your company's trademarks on the Web by working to develop processes and procedures to protect your company's brands. The more automated the process, the better. There are plenty of tools to help streamline efforts toward efficiently managing the volume of information that needs to be processed.

Mobile Marketing and SEM
by Kevin M. Ryan - iMedia Connection - Mobile appears as a small blip on the online marketing radar screen, and search is one of those cute little tools that might just help this misunderstood, unde-rutilized and not ready for prime time arena of potential simple pleasure to take off.

Coping with Search Engine Penalties
by Marcela De Vivo - SearchDay - Search engine penalties are present and pervasive, and are a primary method used by search engines to control webmasters. Unless webmasters understand what they are and what to do about them, their websites could easily trigger a penalty, losing traffic and revenue.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Part 1
by Stoney deGeyter - Search Engine Guide - In a previous article I wrote about the making of a perfect SEO firm, highlighting all the different jobs that an SEO firm must perform for the optimization process. That article outlined only the overall human resources needed but didn't go into the specific job functions that are required in the SEO process. Here is where I let that particular cat out of the bag.

Putting an End to Click Fraud
by Ron Belanger - iMedia Connection - Carat's Ron Belanger exhorts the second tier search engines to embrace CPA -- and shows us how everyone would benefit if they do so.

Yahoo to launch ad network
By Stefanie Olsen - - Yahoo's self-serve product will display text ads deemed relevant to the content of specific Web pages. Advertisers pay only when a reader clicks on their ads. Yahoo and publishers will split the fees.

Mastering Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising - Part 1
by Richard Ball - Search Engine Guide - The target audience for search ads and content ads (contextual ads) can be quite different. Let's call them searchers (active) and browsers (passive), respectively. Searchers are actively typing the keywords you are bidding on. Browsers, who see your ad triggered by a contextual advertising system, are more passive in the sense that they didn't type specific keywords into a search box.

Interview of Jim Boykin, Founder of WeBuildPages
by Aaron Wall - Search Marketing Info - We often find great resource sites which are happy to give a tiny ad for little $. Stop sending them your crappy link request, contact real sites and pay for your ad.

New Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings Program Lets More Advertisers Buy Direct
by Danny Sullivan - SearchDay - After weeks of rumors, Ask Jeeves unveiled a new automated paid listings service today -- Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings -- that will allow anyone to purchase ads directly on the Ask Jeeves network rather than having to buy placement via Google or work through an Ask Jeeves account rep.

Q and A With New Shopping Search Engine, Part 1
by Shari Thurow - ClickZ - As far as showing up highly in the results, the key is having good product information. A commerce site that incorporates guides and reviews will always outperform one that simply offers the ability to transact.

PPC Contextual Ad Tuning: Avoid Creative Burnout
by Kevin Lee - ClickZ - Rotating creative is a win-win. Constantly test for the best creative and avoid burnout. Search and contextual marketing are clearly converging in the engines. That doesn't mean your creative and marketing strategy should be identical. Think about what differentiates a searcher from a surfer, and plan accordingly.

The Two Types of Mobile Searchers
by By Sean Michael Kerner - ClickZ - Mobile search behavior is "strikingly different" from traditional desktop search, according to a report from search engine marketing firm Oneupweb. Marketers must adjust both SEM and paid search campaigns, as well as redesign Web sites for mobile users -- or risk missing out.

Google Adds Spanish-language Inventory with Univision
by Kevin Newcomb - ClickZ - Google has struck a multi-year deal with Univision Online that will provide AdWords advertisers with more Spanish-language ad inventory on both search and content pages of the Web site.

Keyword Stuffing = Parking in Handicapped Spaces
by Matt Bailey - Search Engine Guide - Are you the kind of person that parks in the handicapped space? Hopefully not. However, many websites that I've seen are doing the equivalent of parking in handicapped spaces and very few people are saying anything about it. It's about time we start taking care of the user, ALL users, rather than just the ones who are able see the site how you see it.

The Importance of Clickthrough Rate (CTR): Has it Changed?
by Andrew Goodman - Traffick - In spite of the appearance of dramatic change, the new approach might be just another way of arriving at the same answer using a different set of calculations. Leave it to mathematically-inclined Googlers to figure out ways of expressing essentially the same formula in different ways.

I Disagree...With Mike Grehan & Jakob Nielson
by Aaron Wall - - ...most successful web based businesses can not compete with the largest ones on all aspects, and thus must look for market inefficiencies to help market their sites until they tap viral marketing and their business models mutate to become more competitive with the industry leaders.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

Has Googlebot Become Lethargic?
Webmaster World - "Based on just a cursory observation of a few rather unimportant pages on a couple of sites that are poorly linked internally, I'm starting to wonder how much usage data is having an influence."

Its Official: Jeeves PPC
Search Engine Watch Forums - "I am actually excited to see how they roll this out. AJ is far from a copycat company, IMO [in my opinion]. So lets see what unique ideas they bring to the PPC [pay per click] game."

Yahoo YPN Launches
Webmaster World - "They are accepting applications to become a possible beta tester (by invitation only). There is info about the beta test itself as well as applying for it here. It is US only though."

I'm Stuck With A Bad Seo Company, What To Do Now?
High Rankings Forum - "If you really feel like they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing, you should document it all in a long email to them and tell them that you are firing them. Then don't pay any longer, and move on. It's possible that they might sue you, but if you have good evidence documented, they probably won't bother."

Linking Your Site To Just A Few PR9 Related Sites?
High Rankings Forum - "We have a site (medical site). Would it benefit us to have a resource page and link to only 3-4 sites that are related to our field and are PR8+ like Medicare site and so on?"

How Best to Manage Visitors With Ad Blocking Turned On
Webmaster World - "Web sites that depend on advertising for revenue, like AdSense, seem to be at odds with freeloading surfers that use all the latest technology that blocks AdSense, affiliates and other ad technologies. ...The technology isn't that complicated to stop visitors with ad blockers from viewing the site..."

Search Engines Really Are Different
Cre8asite Forums - "What stuck out for me was the point about the Google habit. By using it, and only it, for search results, the searcher is limiting their search. This study could return us to the days where we used many engines and compared results or maybe help promote the other search engines - even Yahoo! - as being viable options once more."

Jupitermedia Sells Search Engine Watch & SES Shows
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Jupiter is moving to focus on its images business, hence our sale. It's a plus for us, the SEW team, because we move to a company that wants to grow this side of the business. I, Chris, Gary and most of all to everyone here -- Elisabeth -- are moving over as part of this. I fully expect we'll be operating just as before and hopefully just be getting better."

Indexing Summit 2: Give Your Feedback On Handling Redirects
Search Engine Watch Forums - "The goal is to get to an overall standard for all the major search engines to use. Your feedback for the summit is really helpful. How would you like to see things work? What unusual situations might come up that require special handling?"

Is Dogpile Attracting More Users?
Webmaster World - "I noticed a higher number of referals from dogpile than previously. Nothing has changed our end or in the results as far as we know but currently we are seeing an increase in traffic. Are more users switching over?"

How To Get Out Of Bid Wars A Winner?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "I am currently running a PPC campaign with a smaller vendor who has historically produced very good results for us, i.e. giving up is not an option and the more traffic we can get from them the better. Unfortunately I am stuck in a bid war for first position..."

Getting from Point A to B with Search
Cre8asite Forums - "Small business people don't need to feel powerless. A lot of life is how to look at angles, and how much work, learning, vulnerability and patience, etc., one is willing to put into success."

SEO Is A Lot of Work, Is It Worth It
High Rankings Forum - "Remember, SEO is a means of generating new visitors, if you can keep old visitors coming back, you won't be as reliant on new visitors and the comings and goings of SEO."

New Ask Jeeves Paid Listings Program Said To Come August 1
Search Engine Watch Forums - "I imagine that means a bigger ad spend for advertisers, and a continued livelihood for those of us who make a living managing those campaigns and deciphering how they work."

Preventing AdSense Clicks by Home Network Users
Webmaster World - "Some weeks ago, my wife nearly clicked on my ads, as she was searching for vacation destinations and found a page from me. My doughters become also older and will be soon also surfing around."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
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Home Business Advertising Is Not An Expense
"Yes! I used to get so frustrated with one company I worked for...they would get in 'short term fix' mode and the first place they'd start cutting budgets was marketing. Marketing is critical to the ongoing health of a business!"

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