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Hi Everyone,

We have a few photos that Jennifer (our Editor) has taken at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference in our photo gallery. I've been bugging Jennifer to send more so be sure and check back in a day or so.

Speaking of Jennifer... she's probably in the middle of her presentation at SES about now. She'll next be giving the keynote presentation at the MIVA Small Business Conference in San Diego, CA in September. Check the MIVA site for further info about registration, sessions, and speakers.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing News

Are Corporate Web Sites Optimized for SEO?
by Paul Bruemmer - Search Engine Guide - Nearly every business has a Web site these days. But are most of the corporate Web sites being found in the first three pages of major search engines? Not yet, according to recent research.

Is there a Free Lunch in Search?
by Gord Hotchkiss - Search Engine Guide - In an article entitled Search:2006, written almost 2 years ago I made some predictions about what the search game would look like in 3 years.

SuperPages Rolls Out Pay-Per-Call
by Zachary Rodgers - ClickZ - Verizon has unveiled a new pay-per-call offering, and is calling the product a "huge" component of its local and national sales strategy for online marketing products.

Mastering Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising - Part 2
by Richard Ball - Search Engine Guide - For existing, combined ad campaigns, it's worth taking the time to replicate a campaign and set one for the content network and the other for the search network.

Search Engine Strategies San Jose Coverage
by Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - This year's show is one of the largest Search Engine Strategies events ever and for those attending, or looking to keep up with the show from home, there are several great resources worth bookmarking.

Q&A with Efficient Frontier's Ellen Siminoff
by Roger Park - iMedia Connection - Efficient Frontier's CEO answers questions about local search.

Inceptor Launches Self-Serve Bid Management Tool
by Kevin Newcomb - ClickZ - A user could ask BidCenter to optimize traffic, revenue, conversions, ROI, CPA or CPC, while ensuring another variable doesn't exceed a certain limit. The marketer can thus optimize the campaign to fit different goals, such as driving sales, attracting new customers, building awareness or increasing ROI.

An (Almost) Fruitless Mobile Search
by Mike Grehan - ClickZ - ...six or seven e-tailors missed a sale yesterday because I couldn't do business with them. Not only that, the top results from some Google searches I did were sponsored listings. They still weren't ready for someone trying to make that impulse purchase.

Yahoo ushers in new ad tracking system
by Anne Broache - - By counting and reporting only those ads that load in the browser, the technique is more accurate, proponents say.

Online advertising to skyrocket, study says - Leading the surge will be search engine marketing, which is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 12 percent...

Google Local
by Paul Jahn - Search Engine Guide - Google really dug deep to think about the user and how they use the Internet to find local businesses. Business listings can now include contact information, hours of operations, payments accepted, specific business categories, a link to their website and even user reviews.

Interview with the AdSense million dollar man, Jason Calacanis
by Jenstar - Jensense - When Jason Calacanis wrote in his blog that he was on schedule to make a million dollars with Google AdSense over the next twelve months, he created a phenomenal buzz about the financial possibilities of running AdSense on blogs, as he does on his Weblogs Inc. network.

Look inside my YPN beta account with control panel screenshots
by Jenstar - Jensense - Yahoo has given me permission to show off some of the control panel features, so live vicariously through me and you can get a peek of what exactly is behind the login, even if you don't have a YPN account.

PPC Bid Inflation: Rational and Irrational Competition
by Kevin Lee - ClickZ - A truly brilliant marketer with a direct ROI and profit-maximizing campaign strategy may look like a lunatic, based on his bidding behaviors. If he has great conversion, profit, and lifetime customer value and built a media model that understands the buying cycle, he may be willing to dramatically escalate bids.

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

A Study of Website Navigation Methods
Cre8asite Forums - "I wonder whether there should be a design principle of not having more than say a dozen clearly visible choices on any screen. You'd look at the likely traffic to figure out what those choices should be. Then clicking on your choice would give you another screen with some subchoices."

Anatomy of a Successful Reinclusion Request
Search Engine Watch Forums - "...suggestions of what would be the most effective for improving the likelihood of reinclusion for those who have been busted or become collateral damage."

String URLs
High Rankings Forum - "I know that string URLs are a bad idea from an SEO perspective but wondered if anyone could tell me why they are, and why people use them? In other words do certain types of websites have no choice but to use strings?"

Google Launch Phase 2 of Longer Ad Text Beta Programme
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Over the past several months, Google have given a small number of advertisers the ability to run longer ad text up to 200 characters long on the Google Network. They have recently started inviting others to participate in phase two of this programme. They hope to begin the beta test in mid-August and may continue it into October."

MIVA Small Business Conference 2005
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Looks like it's geared more towards doing business online than strictly search engine stuff, but there seems to be some good online marketing info being presented. Could be interesting."

Search Engine Watch Forums - "I know everybody talk about getting good positions, but what is interesting me now is how to get ugly ones. I did a great job for a client of mine, the first place for the requested keyword, but now he doesn't want to pay me for the job. What can I do now to undo the results?"

Live SES San Jose 05 Session Coverage
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Live coverage from Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2005 happeng this week in California. Join this thread to learn what is hot from the session's outstanding panelists."

Google Toolbar AutoUpdate Pushes AutoLink Feature
Webmaster World - "Google forced an update to their toolbar that activated an autolink button feature by default. What this means is that this button, when activated, will allow Google to place links on your web page to Amazon, among other places."

Use iFrames and Get Results?
High Rankings Forum - "We are rewriting our websites to be in ASP.NET and our programmers are using iFrames instead of regular frames. I was a little leary about them so am trying to do research! If anyone else has any hints, tips, experiences... please chime in."

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Build Your Newsletter Subscriber List
"I like the last suggestion best...using double opt in. If you have single opt-in, think of what could happen if some spammer (or some virus) spoofs your subscribe address in the 'to' field and someone's legitimate email in the 'from' field."

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