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Hi Everybody!

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized our seminar is in two weeks. Where has this month gone? Our early registration for the seminar is set to end Thursday, but due to the fact that many of you don't get the newsletter until Friday, early registration has been extended until Monday the 18th so you will still get the early-bird price. Stop reading and go register! :-) Seating is filling up fast.

Thanks to everyone that wrote regarding last week's opening remarks. Our newsletter readers really are an incredible group of people and I appreciate every one of you.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Our Upcoming Seminar

Search Engine Marketing Made Simple - Presented by Search Engine Guide and The Karcher Group.
September 27, 2005
$99 Early Registration - (Seating is limited)
9:00 AM 5:00 PM
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Columbus, OH 43212
Contact Collyn with Questions: 330.493.6141
Check Jennifer's blog post for further information on the benefits of attending.


Search Engine Marketing Articles

The Purpose of Pay-per-Click - Part Two: Long Term Campaigns
by Jennifer Laycock - While the reality is that most pay-per-click advertisers are already running long-term campaigns, many of them haven't really thought through what the purpose of their campaign is.

Caring for Site Visitors- When Mistakes Happen
by Scottie Claiborne - We expect our websites to respond consistently to every visitor, but the truth is that sometimes things are out of our control or we can't fix an issue as quickly as we'd like.

Alexa Rankings
by Jill Whalen - Why is it that one can have a higher traffic rank (according to than a competitor, yet the competitor has a higher ranking on Google?

The Purpose of Pay-per-Click - Part One: Short Term Campaigns
by Jennifer Laycock - Pay-per-click marketing isn't just about setting up a campaign and letting it go, it's about understanding the many ways that you can use PPC to your advantage and then launching the type of campaign that makes the most sense for your business.

Is DMOZ Dead?
by Phil Craven - Is there any value at all in the DMOZ directory? The idea of becoming "the definitive catalog of the Web" was a fine one, but it turned out to be an impossible dream.

If I Had $4 Billion
by Gord Hotchkiss - The problem with search is the ease of switching. Going from Google to Yahoo! or MSN is a quick click. There are no barriers to exit.

Online Community Aids in Katrina Relief Efforts
by Jim Hedger - The search engine community is starting to respond to the devastation Hurricane Katrina left along the northern Gulf coast. Several blogs, forums and search tools have been redesigned, rewritten or refocused to aid in relief efforts.


Search Engine Guide Blog Posts

Running a Long Term PPC Campaign...
While most pay-per-click advertisers are already running long term campaigns, many don't fully understand why they are running them. Contrary to popular opinion among many small business owners there really are more reasons to run a pay-per-click campaign than "just because." (Skip to "The Purpose of Pay-per-Click - Part Two: Long Term Campaigns" by Jennifer Laycock)

New Study Shows SEO More Lucrative Than PPC
Though it will come as no surprise to many within the search marketing world, many small business owners will be surprised to hear that in many instances, organic search engine marketing produces a far better return on investment than pay-per-click campaigns.

Customer Care Requires That You...*gasp*...Care!
One of the things that I repeatedly tell people is that while search marketing is a great way to get people to your site, what you do with them once they get there is what drives your sales. Unfortunately, many businesses just don't understand the importance of respecting their customers. (Skip to "Caring for Site Visitors- When Mistakes Happen" by Scottie Claiborne)

Katrina Drives Unexpected Search Spike
Yes I know, you've read the blog title and thought "why would she be surprised that Katrina caused a spike in search?" Well...I'm not surprised by the spike in hurricane related searches, but I am surprised at the data that came through in the latest consumer demand index (CDI).

Alexa Rankings Aren't About Search Rankings...
One of the common points of confusion among site owners new to search engine marketing is how Alexa rankings figure in to the whole scheme of Page Rank, search engine rankings and traffic levels. (Skip to "Alexa Rankings" by Jill Whalen)

AdSense Tips for Increasing Revenue
Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration has compiled a list of his favorite and most productive AdSense tips. A total of 26 tips are included. Besides warning that publishers should adhere strictly to AdSense policies, there are many others that you might have never considered but make a lot of sense.

Short Term Pay Per Click Campaigns
This past weekend, I gave a talk on pay-per-click at the 2005 MIVA Small Business Conference. One of the things that I wanted the audience to understand was that pay-per-click provides businesses with more than just another line item on their marketing budget. (Skip to "The Purpose of Pay-per-Click - Part One: Short Term Campaigns" by Jennifer Laycock)

It's all about the children...
It's a popular refrain with politicians these days. Focus on the children and how you can help them...prove that you love them more and voters will flock to you. Well, what if search engines started playing the same game in the battle for searchers?

Is DMOZ Dead?
Once thought to be one of the key links required for a good Google ranking, DMOZ (The Open Directory Project) has slowly started to fade away into an afterthought for many search engine marketers. (Skip to "DMOZ in 2005" by Phil Craven)

Changes to AdWords Could Haunt Holiday Advertisers
While many within the industry have applauded the recent changes to the AdWords ranking system, some are pointing out the potential havoc that the new system could wreak on holiday advertisers.

Building up the war chest...
The world of search is a competitive one and the major players can never overlook the value of building up a war chest to help finance their next power play. Even while enjoying the view from the top, the folks at Google are trying not to get too comfortable... (Skip to "If I Had $4 Billion" by Gord Hotchkiss)

MIVA Expands Pay Per Click Reach
MIVA (formerly FindWhat) announced plans last week to expand their pay-per-click reach to several new UK based partner sites, giving MIVA advertisers a chance to get their ads in front of even more Internet users.

Search Plays a Key Role in Auto Sales
A new study released by the folks at Yahoo! and Compete Inc. shows that search plays an important role in the automotive buying process.

Confused About Search Engine Updates?
A lot of times when I'm out and about at a conference or in a forum, I run into folks that are new to search engine marketing and that are having a hard time wrapping their brains around the idea of a search engine update. For those that are still a bit confused, here's a bit of insight.

Setting the Record Straight on AdSense Image Ads
When AdSense introduced the option of images ads to their advertisers and publishing partners, some companies immediately embraced the idea. Others weren't so sure that it was a good idea. Now the AdSense team looks to set some things straight...

Google Settles Geico Suit...
With legal battles coming at them from all sides, chances are that the folks over at Google are more than a little happy to be finished up with one of their more public legal scuffles. News is flying around the Web regarding the end of the Google/Geico lawsuit.

The Search World Unites to Help Katrina Victims
I've mentioned in past blog posts some great links worth checking out for information related to Hurricane Katrina. Robert also covered some of the volunteer efforts going on in his hometown of Houston in yesterday's newsletter...but the new just keeps growing. (Skip straight to "The Search World Unites to Help Katrina Victims" by Jim Hedger.)

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Discussion Threads of the Week
(Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

MSN AdCenter Review
Webmaster World - "Overall the ad management interface is clean and basic. Very easy to use and understand after a minute of bumping around. I am reminded of the AW system in that of the design, interface, and usability."

Yahoo Moves To Trademark
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Yahoo wants the letter Y. Or at least a trademark to protect the it looks likely to obtain. Check out this interesting find from member msgraph."

New legal threat to Google over GMail
Webmaster World - "Independent International Investment Research, a British company that specialises in research and has several leading City investment banks as clients, argues that it launched "G-MailTM web based email" in May 2002."

Just Want To Confirm Something About URLs
High Rankings Forum - "If I'm correct in understanding that it doesn't matter for seo/ranking purposes, does anyone have any opinions on whether it matters for usability/conversion?"

Google Offers Advice to Sites on Penalty
Virtual Promote Forums - "I have just received an email from Google about one of my test sites telling me that it is being blacklisted for 30 days."

Google Results Not True To Type
Virtual Promote Forums - "Do a search on "the web" as opposed to "pages from Australia" and get only/mostly AU websites! Hello Google, do you not give me enough credit of intelligence to know that when I search "the web" I don't want a play pen? Am I not big enough to get a larger selection than the country results I am dialed in under?"

Stop indexing of PART of a Web page?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "Is it possible to stop Google (and others) from indexing part of a Web page? In particular, due to privacy concerns, i want to hide a few names in a phone directory from Google without de-indexing the whole page with robots.txt-- can this be done somehow?"

What's your favorite Search Engine Marketing Book?
Search Engine Watch Forums - "If you could only recommend someone one book on 'search engine marketing,' which one would it be? Why?"

W3c Compliance And Alt Tags
High Rankings Forum - "I am in the middle of designing a new site layout and keep checking my W3C compliance which gives 40+ error messages. These are because I do not have any ALT tags for the .jpg bullets in my menus and titles and really don't want to add all that extra html just for ALT tags. ...Also, will 40+ W3C non-compliances affect my site in any way, especially the SERPS"

Top 20 SEO Contradictions
Search Engine Watch Forums - "We all deal with contradictory information each day with SEO. What are your favorite contradictory debates in the SEO industry?"

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From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Tired Worn Out Blogs
"If you are going to create a blog for your business, keep it updated or drop it from your website. Many of the free and fee blogs out there offer a draft save of your articles and also the ability to change the dates. I would say that if you are not willing to update the content then at least update the dates. This is not the preferred solution, but it is a possible solution."

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