Search Engine Marketing News - 2005-10-26

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Hi Everyone,

Elgé Premeau at eMarketing Strategist suggested that I shorten the subject lines I use in the newsletter and I think her point is worth considering. Should I shorten the subject line? Perhaps I could change the first part of the subject line to something like this:

Search Marketing - 2005-10-26

...or even...

SEM News - 2005-10-26

Let me know if this would make a difference to you and thanks for the suggestion, Elgé! :-)

This is the last newsletter of October which means there are only a few weeks left to sign up for Search Engine Marketing Made Simple! Our Editor, Jennifer Laycock, and Matt Bailey, Web Marketing Director of The Karcher Group, will once again be your hosts. Register now to lock in the early bird registration rate.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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    Search Engine Marketing Articles

    Link Exchange - a Power Play
    by Henry Schlee - All the search engines use the extent of inbound links to a web page as a means of assessing the value of that page, the logic being that if someone has bothered to provide a link to the page, there must be something worthwhile on it, and the more links there are, the more worthwhile it must be.

    News on the Video Search From Google, AOL
    by Jennifer Laycock - With media search and video search in particular becoming a hot new property in the search wars, news has been launched this week about a couple new products that show the major search engines are taking video search seriously.

    Balancing Paid and Organic Search Listings
    by Bill Hartzer - According to recent research, websites that are listed at the top of the organic search results and the paid listings will triple their click-thru ratio. Three times more people will visit your website if it is listed in both places.

    Printer-friendly web pages can be search engine friendly
    by Barry Welford - Some visitors to web pages would like to have hard copies of web pages they visit for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately most web pages 'break' when you try to print them.

    Deep Linking: How to build quality links to deeper content
    By Rob Sullivan - Sometimes one of the hardest things to do for any website is build links to deep content. This is because while it may take hundreds or thousands of links to help a home page rank highly, it may only take a few to help a deep page rank.

    Google Bowling
    by Michael Pedone - A small loophole on Google has turned into a devastating black hole, sucking in and wiping out countless quality websites in the process. And it just may be their competitors sending them into the abyss.

    Should Engines Manipulate Results In Certain Circumstances?
    by Jennifer Laycock - At what point does it become ok for a search engine to taint the results with their own prevailing morals? Undoubtedly, some search engines are already playing this game.

    Creating a Marketing Focused Website that Sells - Part 1
    by Stoney deGeyter - With the exception of cloned web sites, every web site has its own unique characteristics. Your site should be built to fulfill your informational and sales needs, while being effective in getting your target audience to take the desired actions.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management
    by Bill Hartzer - Managing an effective PPC campaign isn’t easy. There are several important issues involved and failing to address all of these issues properly will result in poor sales performance, spending more than necessary, and overall decreased return on your investment.

    Yahoo! Buys Whereonearth to Boost Local Search Offering
    by Jennifer Laycock - Whereonearth's localized search products will benefit Yahoo! beyond simple business listings. Yahoo! hopes to use the Whereonearth technology to improve the performance of their mobile and local search services.

    Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): What it is, how it works and what it means
    by Michael Marshall - Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a highly beneficial technique for search engines to use for improving recall, precision, and ranking. It can gauge very accurately which documents in a corpus are really relevant to a search phrase even if that search phrase does not appear in a document.

    Question About 10 Tips to Top Article
    by Jill Whalen - Jill offers up answers to some of the many reader's who emailed to ask about some of the points in last week's new and improved "10 Tips to the Top" article.

    Splogs + Scraping + AdSense = Fraud
    by Jim Hedger - Splog fraud is a big problem for Google and a growing concern for the other major search advertising providers such as Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN. The way content is taken from one site and replicated to dozens of others can cause no end to technical and financial issues for honest webmasters.

    Starting Small with Pay-Per-Click will Pay Off
    by Jennifer Laycock - Smart business owners take the time to learn more about how pay-per-click advertising works before getting started, but even thorough research into pay-per-click techniques can leave a company without the knowledge they need to make good decisions.


    Search Engine Guide Blog Posts

    Does Your Blog have a Purpose?
    Blogs can be a wonderful addition to your personal or professional life. They make interacting with friends or customers fairly easy and as such, have been adopted at a staggering rate. The problem is that many blogs are built without purpose. This is a common mistake, but one that is easily remedied. (skip to "Blogs with a Purpose" by Robin Nobles)

    Strategy Required for Link Building
    While there are some great tips out there about ways to build links, there's still a need to add a little bit of strategy to the mix so that you aren't replicating all the work that your competitors are doing in their own link hunts. (skip to "Link Exchange - a Power Play" by Henry Schlee)

    Google and AOL add to Video Search
    As on-demand entertainment and the Internet start to merge, audio and video search engine offerings are becoming an important part of any search engine's long-term strategy. This week, two of the major players in video search announced updates to their content and services. (skip to "News on the Video Search From Google, AOL" by Jennifer Laycock)

    Memories...From the Corner of My Browser...
    Pop Quiz! What's the first search you ever conducted and what engine was it on? Can't remember...yeah, I had a tough time with it too. I knew it was on Yahoo!, but trying to remember what the specific search was took some time. So does your first search date you? Are you an Internet senior citizen that started on Webcrawler, or just a young pup that enjoyed Google's listings?

    Mix it Up for SEM Success
    When it comes to long term search engine marketing success, it's important for a company to build a long-term strategy that includes a healthy mix of both organic optimization, link building and paid search advertising. (skip to "Balancing Paid and Organic Search Listings" by Bill Hartzer)

    Search Engines are Great, but Don't Forget Printers
    Last week we ran an article by Barry Welford that looked at how print-friendly options can impact the way that your customer views your site and your company. Are you alienating new customers because you haven't taken the time to make sure they can create hard copies of your site's content? (skip to "Printer-friendly web pages can be search engine friendly" by Barry Welford)

    All Your Base Belong to Google?
    After speculation popped up yesterday about a new subdomain that had appeared on the Google site, it seems that a sight briefly appeared and then vanished again. It appears that the new Google Base program will be Google's attempt to open up a giant public database that allows folks to list everything from their high school term papers to their Elvis plate collection that's for sale.

    Froogle Gets an Update
    MarketingShift's Jason Dowdell gives us the skinny on the updates to Google's Froogle shopping search engine today. Google made some of the changes over the weekend without much fanfare, but the resulting change in usability makes Froogle into something that might actually be useful.

    Chitika eMiniMalls
    Not familiar with this new advertising option making the rounds in the contextual advertising blogs and forums? Jennifer Slegg has some information on the latest new Chitika eMiniMalls features in her blog from a post this weekend. New options like control over background colors and better advertiser interfaces will make the program even more attractive to some bloggers.

    Google Blogs
    Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped has put together a great list of official Google blogs, blogs by Google employees and even some blogs by ex-Google employees. Google fans and critics alike will find this collection of feeds a handy addition to their favorite reader.

    Can Competitors Sabatoge Your Google Listing?
    Contrary to what Google has said for years, a recent change in Google's algorithm has now made it possible for an unethical competitor to cause problems with your Google ranking. (skip to "Google Bowling" by Michael Pedone)

    Focus on Deep Linking for Long Term Success
    While building solid, incoming links is an essential part of any site's long term search marketing strategy it is important to put your focus on building links to all pages of your web site, not simply to your home page. (skip to "Deep Linking: How to build quality links to deeper content" by Rob Sullivan)

    Free Content for Your Small Business Site
    Did you know that you can get free content to run on your own small business or work at home related site? Even beyond article archive sites like and, you can use things like RSS feeds to pull content from other sites to populate your own. Search Engine Guide offers up several RSS feeds that can be picked up and used to populate your own web site.

    Is Your Web Site Working Against You?
    The success of your web site goes far beyond your ability to rank well in the search engines. The reality is that once a user gets to your site, they are already looking for something and they are hoping that you have it. That means they are ready to do business with you. Does your web site present a message that tells them to go away? (skip to "Creating a Marketing Focused Website that Sells - Part 1" by Stoney deGeyter)

    Understanding Pay Per Click Advertising
    Forbes Magazine estimates that by 2008, companies will be spending upwards of $8 billion a year on pay per click advertising. With that much competition, it's important to know that you are handling your campaign properly. (skip to "Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management" by Bill Hartzer)

    Search Engines as Moral Police?
    There has long been a question of whether search engines should hand-manipulate the search results for certain queries, but a recent story about two British Internet users that formed a suicide pact after meeting in an online chat room has sparked new debate about the ethics and responsibilities of search engines when it come to delivering results. (skip to "Should Engines Manipulate Results In Certain Circumstances?" by Jennifer Laycock)

    What Are Searchers Looking For?
    The latest Consumer Demand Index is in and it looks like I'm not the only one drowning in day after day of rain. According to the index, rain boots are sparking the interest of searchers with an increase over more than 250%. From high end Marc Jacobs rain boots to more affordable offerings from Isaac Mizrahi there are now more than 700 choices listed on

    What Do SEM Firms Do?
    Ever wonder what it's like out there in the world of corporate search engine marketing firms? What they do day in and day out? DMNews had an article this week on "A Day in the Life of a Search Engine Marketing Agency" that has Executive Editor Mickey Alan Khan following around employees of iCrossing, one of the larger search marketing firms, for a day.

    Google Adds New Keyword Research Tool
    Google has added a new type of keyword research tool to their AdWords account interface, making it easier for advertisers to select the best keyword phrases for their campaigns. The new tool includes valuable information about each phrases history as an AdWords phrase and allows users to search for keywords three different ways.

    Yahoo! Drops Minimum Monthly Spend
    Had an email last night from the Yahoo! Search Marketing Team that said they were eliminating their $20 minimum monthly spend for pay-per-click advertising campaigns. That's good news to small businesses that were trying to advertise in low-cost or niche markets.

    So is it an Update or isn't it?
    I've never been one to worry much about when the next update is at Google, mostly because I don't tend to see a ton of movement in my sites. I also don't get to spend as much time in forums as I used to, and forum regulars tend to get the most caught up in the latest tweaks and changes. For those that live and die by Google's latest PR shift or rankings shuffle, it can be tough to decide when something really is an update.

    Why Yahoo! Bought Whereonearth
    In the latest of dozens of acquisitions by the major players in the search industry is Yahoo!'s purchase of location-based Internet player Whereonearth. The move could have a major impact on Yahoo!'s local content offerings as well as its ability to go up against Google in the wifi access realm. (skip to "Yahoo! Buys Whereonearth to Boost Local Search Offering" by Jennifer Laycock)

    Why Latent Semantic Indexing Matters to You
    If you've heard the phrase "latent semantic indexing" (LSI) but have no idea what it means or why it matters to you, you're not alone. There's been quite a bit of buzz over this concept within the search community, but most web site owners and small businesses are still in the dark about why it matters to them. (skip to "Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): What it is, how it works and what it means" by Michael Marshall)

    Buying New Domain Names and Ignoring KEI
    She gets letters...lots of letter. She gets lots and lots of letters. She's not David Letterman, but Jill Whalen does take the time to answer some reader questions today in her guest column "Question About 10 Tips to Top Article."

    Splogs, Not a Hot New Trend in Foot Ware
    Splogs are in the news this week. Marketers out to make a quick buck have discovered that splogs can quickly and easily be created through the use of scrapers. Add AdSense or YPN accounts to the mix and you've got a recipe for quick cash, and bad search results. (skip to "Splogs + Scraping + AdSense = Fraud" by Jim Hedger)

    Two Sides to Every Story
    While a decent amount of attention has been given this week to Google's Gmail trademark issues in the U.K., most of the articles have been somewhat skewed in favor of the search giant. Reporters and bloggers have talked about the "exorbitant" amount of money that Independent International Investment Research CEO Shane Smith has requested to give up the trademark. Few articles have looked at things from Smith's side.

    Need Info on Flash and Search Engines?
    While one of the first things many web site owners learn about search marketing is that formats like Flash make things very difficult, movement is being made among the search engines to start reading and indexing some of the content from Flash files. A site called "Flash and search engines" offers up things like tips on optimizing a site that relies on Flash and a spider simulator that shows what a search engine sees when it tries to read the Flash files on your own site.

    Google Experiments with Search Results
    Regular Google users know that the engine does a fabulous job of suggesting the proper spelling for searchers like myself. Yahoo! users are also now familiar with the "also try" suggestions that they offer up on many generic search terms. Both of these features are the engines attempts to not only teach users how to search more effectively, but to lead them by the hand to what they were probably looking for in the first place. After all, a happy searcher will return for their next query.

    Put All Your Eggs in One Least for a While...
    While all the offers of free money from pay-per-click advertisers can make it tempting to start setting up accounts all over the Internet, small business owners need to take things slowly if they want to build a solid, profit-generating pay-per-click campaign. (skip to "Starting Small with Pay-Per-Click will Pay Off" by Jennifer Laycock)

    Why Search Engines Need to Partner with Internet Yellow Pages
    While search engines have long solidified their position as the place people go to look for information online, Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) offer up data that is simply essential for anyone looking to find a local business. That's why search engines have started teaming up with IYP's in a quest to index any type of information that an Internet user could want. (skip to "'Still Together' - Search Engines and Internet Yellow Pages" by Paul Jahn)

    Keyword Research is Essential
    Anyone that has been reading about search engine marketing for any length of time understands how important it is to target the right keywords. After all, a number one ranking for the wrong phrases isn't likely to send you the customers that you've been hoping for. (skip to "Keyword Research: Getting Started" by Myla Kay Marks)

    Another Affordable Search Marketing Event
    After the great success of our first seminar last month, I'll be teaming up with Matt Bailey and again next month for The Karcher Group's next search engine marketing seminar, which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. Priced at just $149, attendees will get a full day of sessions and information on everything from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising with a little usability and online marketing thrown into the mix. Register for the Full Day Search Engine Marketing Seminar before the early bird price runs out.

    MSN adCenter Goes Live in U.S.
    Jennifer Slegg is reporting that MSN's new adCenter interface has gone live for a small group of beta testers in the U.S. market. The plan is to slowly roll out the center to new beta testers over the next several weeks. (MSN is still taking applications from advertisers that want to beta test.)

    Google Updates its Index
    If you've noticed some changes in your ranking on Google this week, you've probably seen some of the effects of update Jagger. Google's Matt Cutts shares some of the ways to offer up feedback on the results in his blog today.

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    Discussion Threads of the Week
    (Links to search engine forum discussion threads that deal with search engine marketing topics. Each listing provides the topic, the source, and a brief snippet from the discussion.)

    What's next for the Google Advertising Professionals program?
    Webmaster World - "So, what do you have to say about the Google Advertising Professional program, present and future? How could it be made easier and more effective to use? How could it be made more valuable to you and your clients - both current and prospective? What should be added? What should be done away with?"

    Tracking Your AdSense Statistics
    Webmaster World - "Given how little we get to know from Adsense, what are the statistics you are looking at?"

    Who will be the 1st Classifieds Search Engine?
    Search Engine Watch Forums - "From real estate to just about anything that sells on eBay, this category is HOT and I'm sure the search engines could grow their revenues big time if they take a chunk at this segment. Wouldn't it be relatively easy (with their current infrastructures) for the search engines to develop a Classifieds Search Engine so that the many hidden listings currently nonSEOed surfaces from the invisible web?"

    New Keyword Popularity Tool Debuts in Adwords Accounts
    Search Engine Watch Forums - "Is it finally here? The keyword frequency tool everyone's been waiting for from Google is out - sort of. Check out the new features of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool in your account and discuss it here."

    Newspapers pre-Internet: Blogs post-Internet.
    Cre8asite Forums - "The crucial factor is that however good a newspaper article may be, when you've reached the end of the article, you've reached the end of the article. There's no forward path to take to get more information. On rare occasions a website may be mentioned where more information can be found. Yes, but who wants to type in a web address."

    Google AdWords Advertisers must have Google Accounts to log in?
    Search Engine Watch Forums - "...advertisers shouldn't be treated the same as "users." Some advertisers spend millions of dollars. There's no explicit security risk or inconvenience if you handle it right as an advertiser, but I would think that a basic degree of respect for such an important business relationship would mean a separate identity for the advertiser account."

    Bloggers: So What Part Of "Your Fly Is Open" Didn't You Understand?
    Search Engine Watch Forums - "Problems with blog spam? Shouldn't those who created blogging software and systems have realized the problems inherent in leaving doors open?"

    Notes On October 2005 Google Update
    High Rankings Forum - "Having read much of the wild speculation posted in various forums, chiefly by the same people who have wildly speculated in the wrong directions many times through the years, I am inclined to dismiss all the usual hypotheses as being unrealistic and out-of-touch with Google's principles."

    Does Your Blog Pass the Jakob Nielsen Test?
    Cre8asite Forums - "Checklists are a nice way to gauge how you're doing and are good reminders for those things you forgot or never knew to try."

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    From the Small Business Ideas Forum...
    (If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

    News Search Engines for Website
    "I'm currently researching a way to generate news content on my site automatically and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this."

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