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Jennifer_Laycock Stoney_G_deGeyter Diane_Aull Debra_Mastaler Paul_Jahn Manoj Jasra Liana Evans
Featuring: Jennifer Laycock, Stoney deGeyter, Diane Aull, Debra Mastaler, Paul Jahn, Manoj Jasra and Liana Evans

Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
by Robert - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.

Make One Blogger Happy and You'll Often Make a LOT of Bloggers Happy
by Jennifer Laycock - With so many companies trying to figure out how to leverage social media and blogs to their marketing advantage, one key point often gets missed. "Just talk to them!" If more companies would spend half the time reading blog posts and responding to them that they spend obsessing about how to get more people to blog about them, they'd be way ahead of the game. In fact, Mack Collier points to a great example of a big company doing exactly that and taking the time to engage their customer evangelists in conversation.

Did You Know You Could Optimize Your PDF Files for Search?
by Jennifer Laycock - A long time ago in an office far away, I spent weeks and weeks optimizing nearly 2000 PDF files for the company where I worked. That was more than five years ago and I'm surprised to hear how many small business owners have no idea that you can optimize a PDF file for search. If you're one of the many, you'd be well served by reading Galen DeYoung's "Eleven Tips for Optimizing PDFs For Search Engines" at Search Engine Land today.

Smarter Email Marketing
by Manoj Jasra - What if you had the ability to launch a smarter email campaign which allowed you to determine the level of your subscribers' engagement down to individual conversions? This is essentially what ClickTracks and Lyris have done by integrating Lyris' email...

How Search Integrates as a Brand Vehicle
by Jennifer Laycock - by Ross Dunn - I attended an interesting seminar at Search Engine Strategies San Jose that discussed how search can be used to aid in branding instead of just as a direct response sales vehicle. Each point, stat or anecdote is in itself intriguing but overall add up to a helpful overview of how to use search to brand.

How Hard Does This Have to Be? UnSubscribe Me!
by Stoney G deGeyter - Every week I receive weekly emails from Barnes and Noble telling me about books that are being released and other such stuff that I'm not interested in. The other day I decided to go ahead and click the "unsubscribe" button...

Five Reasons to Aim Low When You're Just Learning SEO
by Jennifer Laycock - One of the first bits of advice I give to those who are new to search engine optimization is to stop trying to rank for highly competitive phrases and to focus on the long tail of search. Hamlet Batista disagrees. In fact, he wrote a post yesterday explaining exactly why he feels the suggestion to aim for less competitive phrases is a bad one. I understand what he's trying to say, but he's missing the point.

Yahoo! Makes Using Site Explorer Even Easier
by Jennifer Laycock - The team at Yahoo! announced yesterday that they've taken steps to make it even easier for small businesses to authenticate their site and setup full access with Yahoo!'s Site Explorer.

Another Perspective on the Google Paid Link Controversy
by Jennifer Laycock - Yesterday, I wrote about my frustration with Google's crusade against paid links. While I pointed out some of the problems I see with Google's plans, I didn't go into near as much detail as I would have liked to. Thankfully, Dan Thies also put together an article on this topic yesterday and he does an excellent job of examining the FTC related issues at play in the paid link debate on his SEO Fast Start blog.

Losing Wait: 5 Simple Steps to Reducing Web Page Download Times
by Stoney G deGeyter - While high-speed access is far more common today than it was just a couple of years ago, web technology has also gotten more advanced. With each new whistle and bell added to your website, with every new feature, wait time...

Want to Experiment with Google Mobile Ads?
by Jennifer Laycock - Now's your chance. Google has announced plans to run search ads on Google Mobile Search pages. In fact, they also announced they'll be letting advertisers test drive the program for free over the next couple of months. Sounds like a good reason to get some solid analytics in place and take the new program for a test spin.

Thinking Beyond the Holidays for Campaign Optimization
by Jennifer Laycock - by Simon Heseltine - I recently read a post Matt McGee wrote about optimizing your campaigns for the holidays, and it got me thinking about other events you may want to be optimizing for in order to increase your reach. Of course, it depends on your business, and your target audience, but you should be able to find events to match your goals.

SEOs Hate Generalizations and Yet...We Genearalize
by Jennifer Laycock - How many times have you seen a search engine marketer cringe at a business talking about how our industry is nothing but smoke and mirrors run by slimey practioners? I know I've seen it (and done the cringing) more than a few times in my life. What many in the industry seem to forget is that we often do the same type of generalizations and mud-slinging at other industries. That's exactly the line of thinking Miriam Ellis at SEO Igloo Blog explored yesterday.

The Idiocy of Google's Paid Link Crusade
by Jennifer Laycock - While the talk about paid links has been going on for quite a while now, it started reaching a fevered pitch during Search Engine Strategies San Jose last month. The show featured a heated session titled "Are Paid Links Evil?" that has generated a ton of new discussion and speculation about how Google might crack down on paid links and how site owners should (or shouldn't) respond.

Usability and SEO - Red Light, Green Light
by Jennifer Laycock - by Kim Krause Berg - During the past ten years there's been a drastic improvement in the amount of companies who accept the need to work search engine marketing techniques into their web sites. User centered, persuasive design on the other hand, are still just whispers in the wind. Will it take another ten years for usability and accessibility to be as justified a expense as marketing is for a web site property?

WAA Webcast: Web Analyst Salaries and Skills
by Manoj Jasra - Web Analytics Associations's experts will provide insight into what is required for a job in Web analytics and why it's tough to find the right people. From marketing skills to technology know-how, find out what employers are looking for, what...

Debra Mastaler Serves up Some Appetizing Link Advice
by Jennifer Laycock - Link building is one of the least understood areas of search engine marketing for small businesses. Site owners know they need to build links, but they often don't know how. Many turn to reciprocal links or article writing because it seems like an easy (yet annoying) way to build links. In reality, building links doesn't need to be difficult. It's often simply another creative form of marketing. That's the message Debra Mastaler aims to get across in an excellent interview with Aaron Wall of SEO Book.

Leveraging Facebook Groups
by Manoj Jasra - Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking services currently available. Its interface and framework allow a person to spread news virally as quick as any social bookmarking service. Facebook Groups, communities of friends with similar interests, are also...

Beginners Guide to Launching a Blog
by Jennifer Laycock - Thinking about finally launching that blog, but still not quite sure how to go about it? Patrick Schaber over at The Lonely Marketer has put together a great post offering some tips on the best way to get things up and running. He even includes a nice list of plug-ins that can make your blog work even better.

Website Creation and the Eye of the Spider
by Jennifer Laycock - by Scott Buresh - There is quite a difference in what is seen by humans on a website and what is seen by a search engine "spider" (a program that routinely combs the Internet indexing websites). There are an untold numbers of expensive websites out there that are beautiful to behold from a human perspective, yet all but invisible to search engine spiders (and thus searchers).

5 Tips for Optimizing Images for Search Engines
by Liana Evans - Next to contextual search (i.e. just a plain 'regular' search on a search engine) Image Search is the fastest growing vertical search in the space. Compared to shopping, news, blogging, etc., image search has them beat by a mile. However, what's even more important about image search, is how Google's Universal Search, Ask's 3d Search and Yahoo's Blended Search are utilizing and incorporating images from each of their image search verticals into the 'regular' search results.

Increase The Visibility of Your Small Business Web Site on a Shoestring Budget
by David Wallace - Search marketing has become an expensive endeavor. This is especially true if you are in any kind of a competitive industry. Good search engine optimization can be pricey (we charge $200 an hour). As pay per click advertising continues to attract more and more advertisers, the cost of bidding on keywords will continue to rise as well. Most web directories and other web site listing services now charge for inclusion where it used to be free. The list goes on and on. So how does a company with practically no budget compete in an online world?

Tips for Optimizing Blogs and Feeds
by Jennifer Laycock - I caught an interesting seminar today called "SEO Through Blogs and Feeds" with Stephen Spencer, Rick Klau, Doug Hay and Greg Jarboe on the panel. The following are my point by point notes that stood out as noteworthy. Some of these tips are mirrored in my 3 part tutorial on blogging called Blogs 101 but as always some great new tips popped up.

How to Get Your Company Listed on Wikipedia, Part I
by Debra Mastaler - With Wikipedia results dominating the search engines, webmasters are interesting in know more about this resource site and the opportunities it may offer. The good people at Marketing Sherpa have put together the first of a two part series on how to get a company listed on Wikipedia, it's a good read for anyone serious about becoming part of this online phenomenon.

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Readers Respond...

In response to Make One Blogger Happy and You'll Often Make a LOT of Bloggers Happy, Chris Brogan from wrote:

"I feel so floored by where this all went. I'd spoken to a few people doing hushhush projects for really big brand companies, and they were saying, "Well, we're out there TRYING," but I had no idea that I'd establish first contact the way I did, draw Scoble into the conversation, and then make a strange connection.

"I am a firm believer that social media and social networks are where things like this will continue to happen. Did I influence anyone to buy a Saturn? Who knows? But I bet you this: plenty of people paused and thought, "Well, at least they're out there where I am."

In response to The Idiocy of Google's Paid Link Crusade, Jaan Kanellis from Jaan’s Search Marketing Blog wrote:

"Concur totally Jennifer! Really wish Google would let this go. I just dont understand why keep toolbar PR if they hate paid links so much"

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Recent Conversations In Our Small Business Forum
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Tips for Yellow Pages Ads
"When consulting clients interested in moving a portion of their advertising budgets into the online realm, we always survey their local markets before we determine the right Yellow Page to online mix. One of the benefits of the Internet is the ability to see if you are in a market where people are turning to the computer first and letting those Yellow Page directories collect dust in the kitchen drawer. If the search market is not there it's probably not the best idea to dump your Yellow Page advertising."

Making LinkedIn Friends... Splain This Lucy...
"The whole thing with LinkedIn is for the most part you're supposed to only link with people you know already. That said, there are ways to locate people on the network and to get acquainted."

Is It Possible To Keep Hyper-frugal Clients?
"I have a client whom I like, for whom I created a very good, well-received and effective web site. Now I have been asked to build a second one for her. She has asked for a significant discount as a returning client, citing referrals made to me (none of which came through) and implying subtly that my project fees are too high. I've explained that our bids are pure mathematics -- hours x rate = project -- thanked her for her business and referrals, and offered a service perk or two for being a returning client, but she still isn't happy. Also, there is the fact that she took nearly six weeks to pay us for the first site....."

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