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Hi Everyone,

We're having fun rolling out our video blogging with Mr. Energy himself, Sage Lewis, in front of the camera. We'll polish things as we go along but we are off to a great start providing yet another way for you to get the information you need in the format best suited to you. Drop by our home page to see the latest.

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Search Engine Marketing Articles

Search Engine Marketing and Garage Sales
by David Wallace - I just survived another garage sale that my wife, Irma, has put on. That's three in the last six years. While I absolutely hate them, I do enjoy the end result which is some cash in her pocket (or purse)...

Don't Just Manage Your Reputation, Respond to Your Competitor's
by Jennifer Laycock - I've done a fair amount of speaking and teaching about online reputation management in the last two years. After all, you can't effectively play in the social media and search engine optimization fields without an understanding of how to respond to negative mentions. Most of the time, businesses seem to want to learn about the best way to address (or avoid) negative press. Often, I find myself reminding them they should also be focusing on how to address or respond to their competitor's negative press.

Keyword Research for PPC
by Ross Dunn - Although researching keywords for SEO is similar to that for PPC there still are many core differences. In many cases using the generic targets with high searches can be very costly in the world of PPC. While they can offer a good return, often long tailed, very specific phrases can offer more qualified traffic at a lower price

The Best On-Page Optimization Process Checklist, Period
by Stoney G deGeyter - I like to create systems for everything that I do and SEO is no exception. While not every aspect of search engine marketing can be programmed, categorized or easily referenced, (I have a mighty team to handle that stuff!) the bulk of the work can at least be outlined into a handy check list.

Picking the Size of Your Pond
by Jennifer Laycock - Whether you're talking about search marketing, blog marketing or any other form of online marketing, small businesses often find themselves competing as a little fish in a big pond. That can be frustrating when your time and your finances are limited. Sometimes those limitations mean you need to start looking for a pond that better fits the size of your marketing budget. I ran across a small business marketing column in the Roseville and Rocklin Today asking "How Big is Your Pond?"

Brand New Websites: A Search Engine Optimization Company Perspective
by Scott Buresh - It's an unfortunate fact - no matter how good your search engine optimization company or in-house talent is, brand new websites have a more difficult time achieving search engine success for competitive phrases than their older counterparts, particularly on Google. However, the worst thing that a new site owner can possibly do is presume that they are "too late to the game" and decide not to pursue this marketing channel at all.

How to Optimize for MSN
by Ross Dunn - Last week I discussed the best tactics for achieving rankings in Yahoo, the web's number 2 most popular search engine. Now it is time to pick on the third most used search property - MSN, which has 6.6% of the search market and is currently found at

Designers versus Clients?
by Diane Aull - The question has been asked: should customers expect web designers to know about SEO as a matter of course, or should designers presume customers know and will ask about SEO if they're interested? Here's what I think......


Search Engine Guide Blog Posts
Jennifer_Laycock Stoney_G_deGeyter Diane_Aull Debra_Mastaler Paul_Jahn Manoj Jasra Liana Evans David_Wallace
Featuring: Jennifer Laycock, Stoney deGeyter, Diane Aull, Debra Mastaler, Paul Jahn, Manoj Jasra, Liana Evans and David Wallace

The Small Business Guide to a Google Free Ride
by Jennifer Laycock - Earlier this week I made a blog post about the potential pitfalls of Small Businesses relying on Google Analytics. Of course Google Analytics is far from the only free (or potentially valuable) resource being offered up by Google these days. Which ones are worth using? Which ones aren't worth your time? Matt McGee walks small business owners through several of their options and offers up his own opinion on what's worth your time in a column called "Which Google Products Should a Small Business Use?" at Search Engine Land.

How To Pitch Bloggers and Journalists
by Debra Mastaler - Do you want to get your link embedded press release published on influential blogs? Then read on...

Finding the Right Social News and Bookmarking Sites
by Jennifer Laycock - More and more small business owners are beginning to realize sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are not the only (or even best) game in town when it comes to social bookmarking and social news sites. In fact, I've written post after post after post about how overrated Digg is when it comes to marketing options for the average small business owner. That's why I was pleased to see Chris Winfield's social media column at Search Engine Land today.

A Link Building Checklist
by Jennifer Laycock - While it can be a great idea to hire your link building out to someone who understands this type of marketing, the fact remains that most small businesses can do quite a bit of good quality link building on their own. In fact, link guru Debra Mastaler has put together a fantastic blog post that includes a monster list of link building tactics you can do on your own.

You Get What You Pay for With Analytics
by Jennifer Laycock - Pretty much everyone loves to get something for nothing, especially when it's something you're used to paying for. That's probably why Google Analytics has gotten so popular with both SEOs and small business owners. After all, why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for analytics programs when Google Analytic seems to give you everything you need. There are a few reasons, actually. Eric Lander explains why he thinks you should avoid Google Analytics over at Search Engine Journal.

MarketingSherpa Guide Reveals 38% Growth in SEM
by Manoj Jasra - MarketingSherpa today released the fourth annual edition of its Search Marketing Benchmark Guide. The search marketing industry is still expanding rapidly - as much as 31% in the United States and 39% globally for 2007....

A Great Primer on Using Images to Drive Traffic
by Jennifer Laycock - While vertical search is still in its infancy, the integration of vertical results through Google Universal and Ask 3D are allowing sites to draw more and more visitors from specialty indexes. One of the vertical search indexed that is becoming more and more popular is imagine search. Unfortunately, many small businesses are overlooking traffic opportunities by not optimizing the images on their sites. Pat B. Doyle has a great post on using images to drive traffic at her blog.

Will Site Drop Out of Engines if Not Paying for SEO?
by Jill Whalen - Should a small business in a non-competitive market pay a monthly SEO maintenance fee to their search marketing company? Jill Whalen answers a reader question about the need for a monthly SEO budget.

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Readers Respond...

In response to You Get What You Pay for With Analytics, Karen B. from Carol Bond Health Foods wrote:

"We discovered the biggest reason to NOT use Google analytics recently. We had the secure analytic code on our payment page to track how many folks made it from the front page to the cart and then to checkout.

"Our sales were slipping over the past three months and we had a 54% difference between those hitting the payment page and our actual orders.

"We took out the Analytics code and sales soared. Apparently the code was not always allowing the page to load completely.

"I spoke to two other site owners who had falling sales, they took out the secure Analytics code and sales went back up. I believe this is also mentioned on the Google forums.

"Free is never, ever really free and we paid thousands in lost sales for that free code."

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I Want My Business To Go BIG
"You're right in that it is often the owner who holds the business growth back. Most of us don't have the skills in accounting, planning, human resources, marketing etc that are needed to go from a one man show to a real business or the time to do all of those things properly."

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