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Hi Everyone,

If you are in driving distance of Cleveland, Ohio then you may be interested in knowing that Jennifer will be there on Monday, November 5 participating in the 14 Days to a Better Website seminar. The seminar is put on by our buddy Matt Bailey from SiteLogic and it will be a great opportunity to learn about improving your website marketing and better connecting with your customers.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing Articles

Beginner's Guide to Google Adwords Settings
by pschaber - Have you ever wondered what all those setting are in your Google AdWords campaign? Well, don't feel bad if you don't. I've come across more than a few people who have campaigns up and running that haven't gone through and...

Hitwise Expands Targeting Tool
by mjasra - Hitwise, recently announced the launch of a new version of Hitwise Lifestyle, an online targeting tool, which now features Experian MOSAIC™, a preferred household consumer segmentation system. Hitwise Lifestyle provides marketers with robust attitudinal and behavioral customer segmentation data on more than 30,000 websites.

Houston, We Have Some Social Sites
by pjahn - There's a really good article in the Houston Chronicle labeled Internet Startups Going Social. Normally, mainstream articles like this can be pretty vague, but I thought this one really hit the spot. Plus, I've always liked the format.

14 Days to a Better Website Seminar in Cleveland
by jlaycock - If you've been looking to attend an online marketing seminar and live within driving distance of Cleveland, Ohio, you might want to check out the 14 Days to a Better Website Seminar being put on by Site Logic Marketing's Matt Bailey next month. I'll be joining Matt for the seminar and we're looking forward to the chance to help some small businesses get their marketing plans off on the right foot.

Where Does the Responsibility of the SEO End and the Client's Begin?
by sgdegeyter - Last week, as I recounted my story of a troubled client, I got to thinking about this question. In the world of SEO, where do the lines of responsibility fall? When is the SEO responsible for failure and when is...

Does Your Search Engine Optimization Company Understand Your Marketing Strategy?
by sburesh - So you have decided to hire a search engine optimization company as a part of your overall marketing strategy. The firm that you choose will have a tremendous impact on the success of your campaign, but you knew that already. However, what are your evaluation criteria? For too many companies, the answer is plain, simple, and singular: rankings.

Google Updates Feed Subscriber Calculation
by mjasra - Today at the Google Blog, Mihai Parparita discussed the new way Google will be calculating feed subscribers.  This was in response to many people noticing huge fluctations in their RSS subscribers counts.  Mihai says there is a difference between how subscribers...

Part Five - NoFollow is for Blog Paid Text Links, wait...Paid Ads...Aww Heck, Just Stop Linking and Let Calacanis Decide the Rankings
by jlaycock - After four pretty lengthy articles covering the history of nofollow and the issues at play in Google's paid link crusade, I'll be wrapping the series up today. In part five, I'll take a look at what's likely to happen if Google continues on their current course and why I believe it could make the Internet a worse place for small business owners.

AdWords Expanded Broad Match Warning
by jlaycock - Google AdWords advertisers who closely track their campaigns may have noticed traffic coming in for a wide variety of phrases that might seem like an odd fit for their campaigns. While bloggers have been speculating about problems with the AdWords Broad Match system since late summer, Mike Churchill at SEOClubHouse explains the system is working just as Google wants it to.

9 (+1) Tips For Writing User-Friendly Content
by sgdegeyter - The content of your website is your #1 sales tool. Pictures, tools, and other fun stuff can be important in making your site visibly and functionally appealing, but it is the content that sells. Well written and user focused content allows your visitors to "find out" more about your products and services, as well as how your company will be able to meet their needs.

Part Four - NoFollow is for Blog Paid Text Links, wait...Paid Ads...Aww Heck, Just Stop Linking and Let Calacanis Decide the Rankings
by jlaycock - In the first article in this series I outlined the history of the nofollow tag. In the second article, I took a look at some of the complex issues in the "are paid links ok or are they evil?" argument. In part three I explored the options Google has in dealing with this problem and why I disagree with the route they've chosen. Today, I'm going to look at why I'm opposed to putting nofollow in place, why "opinions" are fair game for marketing and what I think Google may be after with this whole crusade.


Search Engine Guide Blog Posts
Jennifer_Laycock Stoney_G_deGeyter Diane_Aull Debra_Mastaler Paul_Jahn Manoj Jasra Liana Evans David_Wallace
Featuring: Jennifer Laycock, Stoney deGeyter, Diane Aull, Debra Mastaler, Paul Jahn, Manoj Jasra, Liana Evans and David Wallace
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Readers Respond...

In response to 4 Strategic Lessons to Avoid an Ill-Advised SEO Campaign, Theresa from Molten Marketing wrote:

"While lots of what can be done can be done for the customer/client, their own active participation can and does make a world of difference. And you are also correct in that people tend to read and agree, and then have "convenient?" memory loss. The idea is too fully ingrained (and falsely!) that Rome was built in a day...

"Up front most know it's going to take months. Then that little brain rat kicks in saying "now, now, now!

"Without the willingness to commit time and budget, with an emphasis on time, the web site owner is in for a real shock."

In response to AdWords Expanded Broad Match Warning, Dave Carberry from wrote:

"I just did a search for boat insurance and then for condo Insurance and the results were horrid not only in organic but with Paid. I think they should give this test the boot."

The backlash against Google's nofollow stance continues as can be seen in Lori's response to NoFollow is for Blog Paid Text Links, wait...Paid Ads...Aww Heck, Just Stop Linking and Let Calacanis Decide the Rankings - Part Four:

"I personally could care less what the almighty GOOG tells me I should do. They are ONE search engine, and slowly losing ground as the top dog due to their inablity to serve relevant search results.

"It's amazing to me that Google believes they can get people to do this just because they say to do it. Mom and pop, cottage sites won't know anything about no follow and to assume they will and just plain obey is a rediculous assumption on Googles part.

"I also don't believe a word of it based on how "they" announced it, via unofficial blogs etc. I believe it's like a dictatorship trying to instill FUD, and it's working.

"Still stand your "do no evil" mission statement Google?"

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