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Search Engine Marketing Articles

Google's Paid-link Smack in the Face
by Jill Whalen - The SEO world is abuzz today with Google's smack in the face to a number of websites that are selling obviously paid-for, keyword-rich text links. The gist of it is that the toolbar PageRank number has been reduced by a couple of points (or more) for many websites.

Top 500 Search Engine Keywords Of The Week
by Robert Clough - This week's list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords.

Anyone Have Some Boots I Could Borrow?
by Jennifer Laycock - I spent the morning gingerly picking my way through a minefield of guk. The mess was everywhere. It was unavoidable. It was gross. Then the family and I came home from the pumpkin patch and I logged on to find the exact same type of mess waiting for me online. I'll say one thing for Google...they sure manage to keep folks talking about them.

Sage Lewis' Search News Video
by Sage Lewis- Check out Sage's latest video to learn about new goodies in Google Analytics, Google Reader stats, YouTube, Gooruze and other hoobidiha.

An Amazingly Detailed Post on Why PageRank Should Be Ignored
by Stoney deGeyter - These figures can't (or can, depending on how you look at it) be ignored.

A Universal Search Success Story
by Patrick Schaber - I'll admit that as a marketing manager I'm typically slow to allocate budget and time towards a new marketing trend until I start seeing concrete examples of that new trend providing some ROI? Well, an example fell right into our...

14 Days to a Better Website Seminar
by Sage Lewis - Being based in Ohio, you know a seminar taking place in Cleveland is going to get Sage excited and the 14 Days to a Better Website Seminar does just that.  Matt Bailey from Site Logic Marketing and our very own...

Twitter CAN be Useful! Who Knew?
by Jennifer Laycock - I've never been a Twitter fan. I haven't blogged about it or even mentioned it much because quite honestly, I found it to be an incredibly silly concept. (As if blogging hasn't allowed us to share far more about ourselves than anyone ever cared to know already.) I knew there was probably some really great use for Twitter, but I'd yet to see an example of it. Until today.

Who Says it's Wrong to Monopolize Search Results?
by Jennifer Laycock - David Wallace writes up a great case study today that shows how he's used social media sites and blogs to monopolize the majority of the top 30 search results at Google for his business name.

My Facebook Group is Setup, Now What?
by Manoj Jasra - So you were all excited when you first discovered Facebook Groups and noticed that all the cool kids had their own and you quickly jumped on the bandwagon to create one for yourself. You went through the process of creating an enticing title/description, selected the perfect logo and then proceeded to invite all your friends to join...but now what???

One Wrong Way to Approach Bloggers
by Jennifer Laycock - It seems like the type of advice you really shouldn't have to offer, but apparently companies still don't get it. Each week I sort through link requests, PR pitches and requests from small companies to blog about or write about their product. Sometimes these pitches are exceptionally well thought out, sometimes they're simple, but engaging. Other times, they leave me shaking my head.

4 Ways to Beat Your Google AdWords Competition
by Jennifer Laycock - While some small business owners lament the ever growing complexity of the Google AdWords Quality Score, others are thanking their lucky stars for a system that no longer requires them to simply outspend the competition. In the new AdWords game, a good marketer can often pass up a big spender. John at The Adventures of PPC Hero wraps up their five part series on pay per click management with a great article offering four ways to out rank and under spend your Google Adwords competitors.

Unoptimized Site Ranks #1
by Jill Whalen - A reader writes in asking about competing with a number one listing that doesn't appear to be optimized at all. Jill points out that good rankings aren't always about the "obvious" forms of search engine optimization and offers some suggestions on how to compete.

Good or Bad, Words Spreads Fast on the Web
by Jennifer Laycock - It's no secret that blogs have given people an unprecedented voice in terms of sharing stories of corporate blunders. Anyone who has been online for any length of time has seen their fair share of posts about bad customer service experiences or arrogant CEO's. Thankfully, there are also plenty of examples of great service. Stories of the company employee that went the extra mile can actually spread pretty fast as well. Mack Collier covers both ends of the spectrum today in a post about how companies deal with their online reputations.

Viral Marketing is NOT the Same as Word of Mouth
by Jennifer Laycock - I can't tell you how many times I've heard an old school marketer say viral marketing is just the fancy new name for word of mouth marketing. In their mind, the two work exactly the same way. The only difference is that word of mouth marketing takes place offline and viral marketing takes place online. They're wrong.

Not Quite a Dozen Social Media Guidelines
by Jennifer Laycock - While more and more small businesses are experimenting with social media marketing, many remain hesitant about wading into what they see as a public relations minefield. Social media marketing isn't near as scary as it can sound. Like anything else in life where you interact with other people, it simply takes some common sense, decorum and respect for those around you.

Does Your Web Site Need a Workout?
by Kalena Jordan - I see it so often, regardless of company size. Web sites that could easily be bringing in loads of traffic and revenue simply wasting away because nobody can be bothered tracking visitor activity, analyzing trends or checking for search engine compatibility and usability.


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Featuring: Jennifer Laycock, Stoney deGeyter, Diane Aull, Debra Mastaler, Paul Jahn, Manoj Jasra, Liana Evans and David Wallace
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Readers Respond...

In response to An Amazingly Detailed Post on Why PageRank Should Be Ignored, Sam Freedom from Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog wrote:

"I love that people are catching on that pagerank has about the same value as toilet paper. If you know how to use it, it comes in "handy."

"The proper way to use pagerank is like an "elevator pass" - you sell it to the freshmen in high school.

"They learn a lesson about gullibility and you get paid for it. lol

"Otherwise, follow the advice given Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams" - Just build it and they will come. And you can let those with some kind of undiagnosed social disorder exchange blows over the pros and cons of pagerank.

Btw, thanks for all the work you do. ;-)

Sam Freedom
Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

In response to A Universal Search Success Story, Adam Snider from River City Writer wrote:

"That's a great example of the potential ROI that Universal Search can have.

"In this case, you could argue that it didn't even cost any time. He just needed the consent of a patient to record her adjustment for the video. That time would have been spent anyway, he just re-monetized it by recording the session (the initial monetization was the paying customer, the re-monetization is any paying customers that come as a result of the video).

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Sage Lewis

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