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Hi Everyone,

My article about waving the white flag with Google didn't get included in the newsletter last week. In case you didn't get to read it at our site, it's called Composing the Perfect Letter of Surrender. Now that I think about it, calling it an article may not exactly be correct because it's a series of instant message exchanges between Jennifer and I regarding our decision on whether we should nofollow ads.

So, if you've ever wondered what it's like working with Jennifer, or you want to see a decision making process in its raw form, this is your chance to peek in on some of our communications.

Have a great week!

Robert Clough

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Search Engine Marketing Articles

Video: Nobody Wants Your Stinking Content... So Give Them a Community!
by Sage Lewis - I love this article written by Stoney deGeyter on multiple levels. There is much to be learned with this article starting with how it grabbed my attention.

Video: In the News - Thursday, November 8
by Sage Lewis - Planning downtime? Better 503. Matt Cutts... get ready to get dinged! What does constant innovation get you? $700 a share.

Video: Twitter... When Technology You Snub Finds a Purpose
by Sage Lewis - Jennifer Laycock's blog post, "Twitter CAN be Useful! Who Knew?", reminds us that in today's business world you need to be open to new ideas and new iterations of ideas. What may seem a waste of time at first glance may hold promising potential as a business application.

Bonding With Your PPC Prospect?
by Patrick Schaber - It took me awhile to realize that paid search was not a game! Really. Paid search is big business and potentially a large amount of a small business marketing budget. But like many people, I jumped in headfirst and was enamored with tweaking ads, trying new keywords and spending my company's money. My early ways were more PPC Gunslinger than responsible Marketing Manager. Then, slowly over time, you realize that PPC is actually very similar to a sales process and you need to treat it as such.

Five Common Paid Search Mistakes That Can Sink Your Campaign
by Jennifer Laycock - While learning how to effectively manage a paid search advertising campaign can take quite a bit of time, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to increase your chances at success. This article aims to outline five common mistakes that end up keeping small businesses and in-house marketers from maximizing the potential of their pay per click campaigns.

The Great SEO Lie Exposed
by Stoney deGeyter - I had an alternate title for this post: "Ask not what Google can do for you, but what you can do for Google". We're moving into a new age where we have to pay closer attention what Google does -- despite what Google says.

Google Does it Right with Open Platforms
by Manoj Jasra - Google's vision of creating open platforms for both OpenSocial and Android (Open Handset Alliance) is absolutely genius. Not only does it help Google competitively but it also helps create a stronger user experience and a strong support community. Here are some of the major benefits to open platforms such as OpenSocial and Android

Floundering in Blog Obscurity? Join the Conversation!
by Jennifer Laycock - One of the most common complaints I hear from small businesses who have launched blogs is how difficult it can be to get on the radar. After all, it doesn't matter how great your content is if no one can find it. One of the best ways to build up your reputation in this situation is to leave quality comments on other blogs. Caroline Middlebrook offers up another fantastic post this week discussing this very topic.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your About Us Page More About Your Customers
by Stoney deGeyter - For many sites, visitors that find their way to your About Us page tend to have a somewhat higher conversion rate than those that don’t. Potential customers that do visit this page are showing a bit more than a casual interest in what your site has to offer and are looking for additional signals of trust.


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Readers Respond...

In response to Sage's Video Twitter... When Technology You Snub Finds a Purpose, Sheila Scarborough from Family Travel wrote:

"Hi Sage, I'm on Twitter and I just found you and signed up to follow! Couldn't find Jennifer to do the same, though.

"I was a naysayer too, but now I truly enjoy the networking that I do every day on Twitter (even though it does have a dumb name.)

"Social media thought leader Chris Brogan suggests that you answer the question, 'What are you thinking about now?' on Twitter, which makes for some pretty interesting stuff if you're following interesting people.

"Come join us!"

In response to Floundering in Blog Obscurity? Join the Conversation!, John Matenkosky wrote:

"Thanks for pointing me to Caroline, Jennifer. She's a newbie who's taking a controlled approach to success and letting us all watch over her shoulder. How many of our IM gurus can match that?"

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Video Recap of Weekly News

Sage Lewis

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Recent Conversations In Our Small Business Forum
(If you like our search engine news, you'll love our small business news.)

Weekly Wrap of the Hottest Small Business Threads
Chris Logan shares the buzz from our small business forum.

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