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September 30, 2013

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Nick Stamoulis

Reeling In Your Content Marketing Ideas

by Nick Stamoulis

While most of us struggle to come up with enough ideas, having too many ideas that pull our content marketing efforts in a hundred and one directions can also hurt more than it helps. That's why it's so important that every content marketing campaign have a strategy (or at least a rough outline) to keep the train on the tracks!...

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Mike Moran

Can search marketing lower my conversion rate?

by Mike Moran

I got that question from someone once, and it made me realize what a lousy job we marketing "gurus" are doing in explaining what is important to people. I wonder if we have so emphasized the tools of the trade that we have forgotten what we are actually making with those tools. So, if you already know the answer to this question, then you can skip this post. For the rest of you, read on--I hope that you'll soon understand what we marketing "experts" have failed to get across so far....

Stoney deGeyter

Yeah, But... We Don't Want You Changing Anything on Our Site

by Stoney deGeyter

In all the years I've been doing SEO, this has been one of my favorite conversations from a "Yeah, Butter." A company came to us about our SEO services before they started designing their new site. We told them about the advantages of getting us on board right away to consult with the designers, but ultimately, they thought it would be better to bring us in after the site was completed. Several months later they came back and were ready for us to optimize......

Mike Fleming

Yeah, But...It's So Easy to Run PPC Campaigns

by Mike Fleming

We hear this going through business owners' and marketing executives' minds a lot when presenting the idea of managing their PPC campaigns for them. Many of them seem to have a fear of allowing someone outside of their organization (or maybe even someone on the inside) to take over control of something they may feel they already have control over. This is an understandable feeling, especially if their campaigns are making a profit.They most likely feel that since they've built something that's working, why risk having someone else mess it up? Combine this with the fact that PPC platforms have...

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