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Jennifer Laycock


Hitwise's LeeAnn Prescott has an interesting blog post today that looks at traffic patterns to Google base since it's launch last fall. The post also has some insight into where users head after they visit Google Base. Among the takeaway...Google Base's traffic levels experienced a big spike at the beginning of the year, but are currently not much higher than they were when the site first launched.

The data also shows that search engines and food and beverage sites were the most popular stopping points after a Google Base visit while real estate listings and automotive listings were the least popular next steps.

From the post:

An additional 15% of Google Base users went back to Google or another search engine in March, and another 13% went to recipe sites (Food & Beverage). Automotive sites accounted for 8.2% of downstream traffic, and auto classifieds sites accounted for the majority of the automotive downstream traffic. Job listings also appear to be a popular use of Google Base, with employment sites accounting for nearly 8% of its downstream traffic. Average session time was fairly brief, at just under 6 minutes for the month of March. So what is Google Base? Part shopping directory, part recipe search service, part classified service. It remains to be seen which of these services will take hold with Google Base users.

Hitwise market share data shows that Google Base, after a fairly strong start, received approximately the same market share of visits for the week ending April 1, 2006 that it did a month after launch. The January increase shown in the chart below can be attributed to the yearly increase in visits to Employment sites after the start of the New Year. The week ending January 14 was the peak for visits to the Employment & Training category, and 16.7% of Google Base's downstream visits went to Employment & Training websites during that week, more than double the number sent to the category in March 2006.

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