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Lisa Stewart


Browsing through one of my favorite forums, High Rankings , I came across the thread Does PayPal Scare Off Customers?. I had been wondering the same thing. A business woman starting her own bath and body product site was worried that she has been using PayPal and not a "real" credit card service. I had been thinking about it and lo and behold there was a whole thread on the High Ranking Forums about it.

I have no problems with PayPal- in fact I prefer to use PayPal for some of my online purchases- I like not having to give my credit card number to a faceless website I have never dealt with before. Even with all the assurances of encryption and security I have seen enough credible looking online scams and phony emails to know my 10 year old can put together a convincing site. Credibility can be a big issue for an online business.

PayPal is pretty much the method of payment made by most of my clients. I deal with quite a few US based businesses and I am in Canada- cashing an American check involves weeks and weeks of waiting and since 9/11 it has become next to impossible to set up a US bank account while living outside the States. Royal Bank does offer this service, called RBC Centura U.S. Checking Account . It is pricey and has stringent guidelines for setting up but may be worth it if you want to use use US checks.

The hassle just isn't worth it to me and for now PayPal suits my needs. I am a service based business and by the time I get paid I have established a rapport for my client- I have weeks to do this but an online merchant has minutes if not seconds to establish credibility and making their potential customers feel "safe" buying from them.

Do buyers have less confidence purchasing something online with PayPal? I particularly liked OldWelshGuy's answer: "I think that maybe if you are making a big deal of PayPal, then THAT might be putting people off. We have made great use of PayPal, in fact we have a message that says 'for your protection and peace of mind, we use PayPal as our payment processor. PayPal are owned by Ebay, and are authorized by the government body the Financial Services Industry , and all transactions are protected under their terms.'

I have found this to be ideal as it makes the use of PayPal a closing benefit rather than an objectionable element of the sale."

A great example of turning a potential negative into a positive!

PayPal can be a great alternative for businesses who for whatever reason do not want to set up a merchant account and its a safe , credible way for your customers to make online purchases.

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