Jennifer Laycock

Jennifer Laycock


It's not just Monty Python fans that find it amusing to hear threats and conditions being levied by those who have no power to levy them. A few years back when some big name web sites tried to limit who (and how) could link to them, I laughed at their foolishness. Today, yet another group stands by the side of the Internet playing the part of the Black Knight.

What am I talking about? Well, apparently the Irish Cancer Society has decided that this whole silly notion of linking to site that interest you should fall by the way side and should be replaced with a form so long and complicated that no one will ever want to link to your site.

After all, Internet success comes from operating in a void, right?

Tell me...would you link to a site that had this on their web page?

Yeah, didn't think so.

And did you note that little gem at the end asking you to PRINT out the form and FAX it? Apparently the tubes that make up the intrawebs over in Ireland don't work so well...

So, being the rebel that I am, I'll tell you that I haven't filled out their form...and yet...

What Are You Gonna Do...Bleed on Me? (Oh no! A deep link...the HORROR!)

Hat Tip to Richard at Red Cardinal.

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