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Keeping up to date with the constantly changing world of search engines has been a challenge. Staying current is now easy with our search engine news page. Articles from a variety of sources are posted each day to help you keep up with all aspects of the world of search engines. Archives are available dating back to 1999.


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Search Engine News

Daily Newsletter
11 December 2002


This page is usually updated by 3PM CST.

Search Engine Marketing News

Optimizing Pages with JavaScript and Style Sheets for Search Engines
Dale Goetsch at Search Engine Guide 2002-12-11
Optimizing pages with JavaScript and Style Sheets for search engines. Step by step tutorial on how to successfully offload Javascript and CSS (Style Sheets) to external text files for optimum indexing by the search engine spiders.

LookSmart Australia Launches Affiliate Program
High Search Engine Ranking 2002-12-11
LookSmart Australia has partnered with CyberAffiliates to provide an affiliate program for resellers of their new Smart Listings revamped directory inclusion product.

Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization
SearchDay 2002-12-11
Choosing a firm to do search engine optimization needn't be confusing or frustrating if you start by creating a request for proposal that focuses on your own specific needs.

Google WebQuotes
Search Engine Optimization Support Forums 2002-12-11
It's been known for ages that text around a link is taken into account when calculating a pages relevancy score (how related it is to the query), what hasn't been known is what format is most easily understandable. Now we have an indication.

Branding Metrics for Search Engine Marketing?
ClickZ 2002-12-11
We need easily measurable data that correlate with branding metrics to make necessary, ongoing adjustments in search engine campaigns. I propose a new metric, based on a behavior mapping strategy, called the Branding Effectiveness Index, or BEI.

How to write keyword-rich web pages 2002-12-11
As you probably know, link popularity is a very important factor if you want to have a high ranking on search engines. However, it's not the only factor that determines your ranking.


Search Engine Tools & Technology News

Google debuts reputation, slideshow experiments
The Register 2002-12-11
Two new toys from Google's "technology playground" make their debut today, the first new experiments since Google Labs opened their doors in May.

Feds Launch 2002-12-11
Free portal provides access to material from 14 scientific and technical information organizations.

Human or Computer? Take This Test
The New York Times 2002-12-11
As chief scientist of the Internet portal Yahoo, Dr. Udi Manber had a profound problem: how to differentiate human intelligence from that of a machine.

Internet to be more user-friendly
Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2002-12-11
The metadata standard encourages consistency in the way keywords and web pages are constructed to ensure information can be found without thousands of irrelevant listings.


Search Engine Industry News

U.S. Attorney Announces First On-Line Search for Fugitives with Terra Lycos
Yahoo! Finance 2002-12-11
Terra Lycos has created a series of virtual Wanted Posters that will be strategically positioned on its network sites providing fugitive investigators global reach in their search.

Search engine? Try a search person 2002-12-11
The search engine site AskJeeves has introduced a new concierge service that involves a team of real people doing all the searching for you. Called Jeeves Concierge, the new service, currently available in the U.K., has no cost per service booked; instead, an annual subscription is charged of 299 (US$470).

Time to pick off some sitting ducks 2002-12-11, thanks to increased click-throughs on Internet ads, will earn more than 50 cents a share on sales of $40-plus million this year.

Espotting launches in Scandinavia 2002-12-11
Espotting Scandinavia covers three territories: Sweden and Denmark, which hard launch today, and Norway, which will launch in Q1 2003.

Yahoo! Lays Off Broadcast Services Workers
Yahoo! News 2002-12-10
Yahoo! Inc. said Tuesday it has laid off an unspecified number of workers in its broadcasting services division as part of the company's financial makeover.


Search Engine Discussion Threads of the Day

IP based domain names VS. virtual hosting accounts
Cre8asite Forums
"Is there a difference to the SE's between a site that is hosted on a web server with its owned assigned IP address, and one that may be on a host running a virtual hosting situation (where there may be many domain names associated with a single IP address)?"


Worth A Look

Yahoo!: Difficult decisions regarding our business

Google Viewer

Google WebQuotes


Search Engine Industry Jobs

LookSmart: Sr. Software Engineer/Researcher 2002-12-11
The R&D team is looking for a highly motivated and experienced software engineer and researcher to join us. We are looking for talented people with innovative ideas, as well as excellent design and implementation skills.


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