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24 September 2003
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Search Engine Marketing News

Seeking a Search Engine Optimization Company? You Better Shop Around!
Source: Search Engine Guide 2003-09-24
Many online businesses arrive at this point sooner or later - the point where they decide it's time to bring in a search engine optimization company. Here are the questions you should ask to save you from hiring the wrong search engine optimization firm.
(Submitted by: Robert Clough)

How Can Google's Gold Be Inktomi's Spam?
Source: SearchDay 2003-09-24
While there are some universal guidelines about search engine spam, each major engine has policies that can occasionally appear out of sync with others.
(Submitted by: Robert Clough)

Ever wonder what people search for?
Source: About Web Search 2003-09-20
Sure, there are some interesting features out there like the Google Zeitgeist and the Lycos Top 50 that have been created to track user queries on popular search engines...but those sites really only tell you about the most popular phrases. For those who are interested in getting some real time insight into what people are searching for, I've stumbled across a nifty new tool.
(Submitted by: Robert Clough)

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Search Engine Tools & Technology News

Wotbox Reviewed
Source: chriSEO 2003-09-24
I see Wotbox as one of the best up and comers. The only slight reservation I have is what will happen after they've got to 100 million pages. As it's a general and not a topical search engine we're looking at needing about 2 billion pages to be competitive with the current leaders and that means a significant investment of resources.
(Submitted by: Robert Clough)

An Open-Source Search Engine Takes Shape
Source: TechNewsWorld 2003-09-24
Brian Piccolo, senior technologist at Boston-based Internet consultancy Pixel Bridge, predicts Nutch will be successful, but only on a small scale. "Even if Nutch achieves a small percentage of the total Web searches, it will require a huge investment in hardware and bandwidth to seriously compete on a grand scale," Piccolo told TechNewsWorld.
(Submitted by: Robert Clough)

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Search Engine Industry News

Google in need of a Friendster indeed?
Source: 2003-09-24
Rumors are resurfacing that Google wants to buy a neighboring start-up with wildfire growth: Friendster.
(Submitted by: Andy Beal)

VeriSign's Controverisal Redirect
Source: ClickZ 2003-09-24
VeriSign's Site Finder: does it 'steal' traffic?
(Submitted by: Robert Clough)

Lycos slams MSN for chat closure
Source: 2003-09-24
MSN's decision to close all chat rooms on its UK website is "irresponsible", according to rival portal Lycos.
(Submitted by: Robert Clough)

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From Today's Small Business Info Center...

Living Large Through Big Vision

Planning Your Exit

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Discussion Threads of the Day

ODP Spam Handling Suggestion
Best Practices Forum
"Someone reading this thread might come away with the notion that the directory doesn't have tools for dealing with spam. That is not the case. There are some good and effective tools for dealing with spam available to editors. But suggestions of better ways, and examples of other ways, to combat spam are always welcome."

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Search Engine Books & Services (Classifieds)

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From The Archives...
(Take a look back at the history of search engines with past articles.)

Snap! Offers Netscape Communicator 1998-09-24
Netscape Communications Corp. and the Snap! portal service today announced an agreement to distribute a customized version of Netscape's Communicator software.

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Worth A Look

Ohio business directory.

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