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Simon Heseltine

Simon Heseltine is the Director of Search at Serengeti Communications a McLean, Virginia based digital marketing agency specializing in search engines, social media, word of mouth, Blogs and RSS, digital PR, and online media & advertising for a wide range of clients in both the nonprofit and commercial sectors.

Is it time for Social Media yet?

In early 2007 the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research ran a study on the adoption and usage of various types of social media by the 2006 Inc. 500 list of companies (the 500 fastest growing private US companies for that year). The numbers were interesting, but not necessarily astounding. However, this year the University went back to do a follow up study with the same questions asked to the same companies

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors

When deciding where to build your bricks and mortar store, one of the main determinants is the neighborhood. If you're a toy shop, or other type of store catering to kids, you don't want to go in next to the 'adult novelty' store, or the strip club. After all, your neighborhood sets the tone for the type of clientèle that you can expect to enter your establishment.

Google AdWords: Geotargeting Options

So you're running an AdWords campaign for your business, but you only want to target specific locations. How can you do that? Simon Heseltine offers up a walk through Google's geotargeting features to help you get a feel for the best way to narrow down your campaigns.

SMX London Coverage: Search Marketing for Financial Services

Last Friday I attended the Search Marketing for Financial Services session at SMX-London. This session was moderated by Danny Sullivan. The session was aimed at addressing the specific challenges facing businesses in the financial services sector, a niche not exactly known for attracting tons of incoming links.

Search Marketing for Retail - SMX-London

Last week I attended and presented at SMX-London. It was a great chance to meet with British search Marketers that don't get to make it out to the US conferences, and to hear a different perspective on familiar topics from mostly British presenters. Friday saw the "Search Marketing for Retail" seminar, which was moderated by Rob Kerry of

Why You Need Custom 404 Pages

One time, when working with an in-house IT manager I was told that his site didn't need 404 error pages because no-one should reach them. I politely explained to him that 404 error pages are needed precisely because people and search engine spiders will reach them, regardless of how well he'd developed the site.

Thinking Beyond the Holidays for Campaign Optimization

by Simon Heseltine - I recently read a post Matt McGee wrote about optimizing your campaigns for the holidays, and it got me thinking about other events you may want to be optimizing for in order to increase your reach. Of course, it depends on your business, and your target audience, but you should be able to find events to match your goals.