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Small Business HR Software

Small Business HR Software:

Optimum Human Resources

Optimum Human Resources is an advanced client/server application that is designed to help companies in any industry easily manage the difficult and cumbersome task of HR record-keeping and government reporting. Extensive employee information is readily available which aids in protecting a company's most valuable asset - its people. The process of adhering to government requirements is streamlined with Optimum Human Resources. The system offers numerous reporting options such as EEO, COBRA, OSHA, Workers Compensation, and much more.


HROffice is a software specifically designed to streamline HR administration in small and mid-sized companies. HROffice centralizes and helps manage all employee and benefits information. This comprehensive HRMS is very easy to learn and to use. HROffice streamlines internal processes for personnel administration, benefits management, billing reconciliation, attendance, compensation, COBRA administration, open enrollment and FMLA tracking, employee correspondence management, and employee self-service

HR Quik Human Resource Database

Data Ingenuity has developed a simple solution to the Human Resource needs of any company. HR Quik is a Simple Human Resource Employee Database System. It will reduce your human resource costs by saving time and using data more effectively. It's affordable for small businesses with all the functionality of any large system.

Ultimate Employer Human Resource Software

Whether you are a human resources (HR) professional or a small business owner without a HR system in place, Ultimate Employer has everything you need to help you quickly and easily manage your workforce. Ultimate Employer streamlines all HR-related tasks and responsibilities. It gives you the knowledge and solid advice you need to confidently handle employee-related situations. And best of all, Ultimate Employer is flexible enough to meet your company's specific needs.

VIP Task Manager

Small business human resource software lets small companies manage their human resources more flexible. VIP Task Manager is a small business human resource software for planning and tracking employees' time and tasks. It is the best human resource software that uses to do list solution for increasing small business productivity.

HR Data Manager

Affordable and easy to use HRIS allows your organization to hit the ground running and start reaping the benefits right away. The HR Data Manager is easy to setup and streamlines administrative procedures, manages employee records and reduces the need for paperwork and manual records. The HR Data Manager is the result of our clients need to have an HRIS designed for Small and Medium sized organizations. These clients were not looking for an expensive and complicated enterprise system, but rather a powerful yet simple and effective way to manage their HR Data at a reasonable cost.