One of the biggest challenges you will probably face is trying to explain the virtues of building content over traditional advertising to a boss or prospective client. Let's face it, most businesses are experts in their respective industries, not search engine marketing.

Many people still think advertising first- be it online through pay-per-click ads or more traditional means like direct mail, radio/TV and more.

How can online marketers effectively communicate the value of content marketing over traditional advertising?

Considering many still cling (...perhaps stubbornly) to the notion that advertising is the only way, it can be difficult to convince them otherwise.

Here are a couple of lines you can throw:

1.       Discussing the value, content you create for your website has a much longer shelf life at a much lower cost. It can be re-purposed and used over and over again. More content leads to more traffic and engagement online.

2.       Speaking of tone - traditional advertising shouts at prospective clients while web content pulls up a chair and chats. Web content offers a more personable tone and leads to meaningful conversations and relationships.

Other reasons/benefits you can provide include:

  • ·         Instead of one-size fits all materials, draw customers in through relevant content
  • ·         Easier to update, change and more dynamic
  • ·         Easier to gauge success, see feedback
  • ·         Costs less
  • ·         Fewer risks
  • ·         Reach a wider audience
  • ·         Reach target audience easier

To further bolster your case, provide examples of websites who've implemented a good content building plan and show your boss/prospect data about traffic, conversions, bounce rate and more. Show them how over time, websites can get a steady stream of increased visitors that stay on the site longer and end up clicking buy, filling out an e-form or making a call.

Providing these reasons along with strong data to back it up will certainly go a long way toward convincing skeptics of the value of building content on their websites.

January 20, 2011

Stone Reuning is president and founder of SEO Advantage, Inc., an online marketing firm and website optimization company that helps businesses turn their websites into powerful lead and revenue generation tools.

Beginning with a focus on search engine optimization in 1999, SEO Advantage now brings a full multi-disciplinary approach to each client website. Clients enjoy dominance on Google, Yahoo and Bing through a suite of unique pay-for-performance search engine optimization and online marketing services. Experts in SEO, social media optimization, online reputation management, and website conversions work hand-in-hand with small business owners and client marketing departments providing complete copywriting and creative web design support.

You'll find SEO Advantage referenced in books such as Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale and the BusinessWeek bestseller The New Rules of Marketing & PR, as well as popular ebooks like The Small Business Blogging Blueprint.


"Let's face it, most businesses are experts in their respective industries, not search engine marketing."

I don't know if I'm just really unlucky but a lot of my clients talk to me like they're the "expert." There's some great tips in here I'm going to use next time a client is short with me about their SEO strategy.

Yes, this technique works, I can confirm that. I use content building since 2 years or even more as main SEO strategy and the results are very good. However, there is necessary pretty long time to see its effectiveness and probably this is the reason why many search optimizers hesitate in recommending it to their clients.

Publishing quality content also helps present the company as an "expert" in their given industry. They already know they are, but content marketing lets everyone else know it. This helps builds trust and strong reputation with their consumers.

Absolutely - publishing quality content is key to succeeding online. That's really the only way for a site visitor to determine the quality of the company they're looking at. Since it's impossible to speak with an online retailer/business face-to-face ( most cases), informative content is the only way to build a rapport and trust in your business

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