For many sites, visitors that find their way to your About Us page tend to have a somewhat higher conversion rate than those that don't. Potential customers that do visit this page are showing a bit more than a casual interest in what your site has to offer and are looking for additional signals of trust.

The About Us page can play an important functional role in the process of providing visitors comfort and assurances in your company and your ability to meet their needs. Here you can provide specific information that visitors both expect to find and that will help them feel "safe" with the offerings you provide.

Company description

Information on your company such as when it was founded, primary owners/managers, and product/service offerings should be provided. A complete company history is not necessary, but an overview of the important aspects should be included.

Team Biographies

Brief biographies of appropriate personnel should be provided along with a quality photograph of each. If the biographies are too long for this page you can easily provide links to more details on each individual. This information helps visitors feel as if they are getting to know you and allows them to achieve a level of comfort with who you are.

Mission statement

Your About Us page should include additional company information such as mission statement, company philosophies, beliefs, and vision for the future. These are reassurances that let visitors know what you stand for and your long-term goals.

Content timeliness

Content on the About Us page must be kept current and up-to-date. Be sure that outdated or irrelevant information be removed immediately to avoid the appearance of a "stale" website.

Additional links

Your About Us page should provide additional links to other relevant portions of the site such as contact page, investor relations, company news, registration information, job opportunities, etc.

Getting all the right pieces of your About Us page in place can improve its effectiveness dramatically. Not only will you provide your visitors a positive impression of your company and team, but you will have provided them subtle reassurances that may just help them choose you over a competitor.

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One tactic I like is making my Home page the About Us, or at least the About Us Overview. I find this tactic to be useful depending on the business industry to get their keywords / phrases on the home page, which is always the page that is easiest to rank. Nice post!


Interesting article. Some good stuff to chew on.

However, I'd suggest you get rid of the hype on your page ("the most sought after . . ."). Everyone who doesn't mind being trite says that in their press releases and it makes the reader's eyes glaze over. "If he's so great, why haven't I heard of him?" or "If he's so sought after, why does he need to advertise?" or "Oh, ya? Prove it!"

Your premise is to make it about the customer. Well, do that. Focus on his needs and stroke them as your article basically suggests.

Additional suggestions to webmasters:

I like the pic and bio idea as long as a staff has the goods. And for Heaven's sake, don't anyone lie about their experience. Someone might check up on the claims (not accusing Stoney of anything, by the way.).

If someone is trying to look big and only has two people (including herself) in the office, then s/he might want to avoid dropping her/his pants here. Same thing if the staff members have faces "made for radio" (like mine).

My late uncle was a multi-millionaire. He never allowed his picture to be published for fear of kidnapping. Another reason to avoid pictures and bios is if someone is dodging the law or an abusive ex-spouse. Or if you have a staff of illegal aliens (from Mars?).

Al, Yeah, you're right... a lot of our site pages are in need of an update! Thanks for pointing out our shame! :)

Good points all the way around.

Really great article. You are so right that the About Us really has to be about the Customer. Thanks for reminding us of that.

I believe this is the first article I have read that focuses on the About page. Very well done - Shpunn & Dugg!

What do you think of making an About My Clients page to pre-qualify leads? You can see my site for an example, it's a subpage of the About Us page.

I think that's great. No reason not to talk about what kind of clients you need. Just know that most people won't find that page... just like most ultimately don't look at the about us page, but still, it's good for those that do.

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