I’m the guy at the movie theater that you see walking the hallways reading every movie poster on the wall. I’m even the guy that doesn’t like to be late to see the movie trailers at the beginning of a film. Movie ads are about the only ads that I truly love.

A new company is about to change the face of off-line advertising as we know it. They are starting in the movie industry (and only for eight seconds at a time) but the implications of this will reach into every aspect of paper advertising and even into the digital photo market.

This new technology is so incredible that director James Cameron has called it the “holy grail of advertising”.

No, this isn’t just hype. A company called XYZ RGB has developed a technology that allows eight seconds of video to be manufactured as a paper thin three dimensional hologram movie poster.

Ok, so lets think about his. Eight seconds. Not much right? Well, that’s eight seconds today. Think how big and slow “personal” computers were when they were first invented, and how small and fast they have become since. Eight seconds is just the starting point. This technology will advance beyond eight seconds, I guarantee it.

Here is something else to consider. When movies were first developed they had no sound. Will it be long before the ability to add sound effects is far behind?

This technology will work it’s way into every form of advertising. Fliers left on your car can be interactive, billboards can be mini TV ads, etc. etc. “Holy grail of advertising?” I think Cameron was being modest!

February 13, 2007

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