In parts one and two of this series of articles I looked at a variety of issues that can impact your web site's ability to convert visitors to buyers. Today, I'll be covering the information content that you'll need for your about us, contact us, FAQ and product pages. If you haven't already read them, take a few moments to check out part one, which talks about why it's important to consider marketing when building your web site and part two, which talks about the content that you'll need to cover on your home page.

Contact Us Page

Every site needs to have a designated contact information page. Even if you have your phone number, email address, fax number and snail mail address on every page of your website, it's still important to have a full page dedicated to this exact same information. Why? Inevitably there will be people that will simply not notice your large and dominantly displayed phone number and start looking for the contact page.

On top of displaying all your contact information, you should consider putting a contact form on this page as well. Different people have different preferences and its best if you can cover as many of those as possible. You can use the request form to gather some information such as name, company, email and phone information, as well as subscribing them to your newsletter, auto responders, or coupon mailing list. Those who don't want to fill out the information can utilize the other ways of contacting you, but don't be too intrusive; otherwise you'll lose the contact altogether.

About Us Page

The "About Us" page is one that is used to provide information that instills additional confidence in your business in the hearts and minds of your visitors. The "About Us" page can be used to provide reassuring company information such as how long you've been in business, organizations you belongs to (chamber of commerce, BBB, etc) as well as provide bios of the executive staff. All of these things will help many visitors feel more comfortable when deciding to take the next step in purchasing your products or utilizing your services.

Product & Service Pages

If you sell anything, whether a product or a service, you need a page or sets of pages dedicated to providing details about what it is you offer. Do you have only one item that fits easily on the home page? That shouldn't matter. Keep the home page information paired down and use product or service pages to expound, giving additional details, testimonials, uses, expected results, frequently asked questions and so on. These pages will allow you to tell anything that anybody might possibly need to know to make an informed purchase decision.

As with the home page, don't overload a single page with too much information about the product or service. It's recommended that you break out information over multiple pages, each highlighting a different set of information. This ensures that each visitor can quickly and easily navigate to the information that helps them make their buying decision.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

If possible, assemble a FAQ page for each product or service you offer, or each grouping of your products or services. This allows a one-stop page where potential buyers can find out just about anything they want. FAQ pages can be as long as they need to be to cover all of the potential questions someone might ask. You can also break long pages up into multiple pages with the main page highlighting each question and linking to its answer.

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December 5, 2005

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