Yesterday I posted some thoughts on When, Why and How to Construct a Meta Description Tag. While its relevance in terms of rankings is rather limited, there is still some intrinsic value to implementing a good description that will appear in the search results.

Today I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the Meta Keywords tag. You ready?


And that, my friends, is all you really need to know about how to create successful Keyword Tags.

I'm glad we had this talk.

June 12, 2008

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i feel much better now

I thought so too..

The only true waste of time discussing the keyword meta tag would be to actually discuss it as if it has any value or relevance. Which, of course was the point. :)


Hehe...I can't wait to pass this bit of info on to my clients. I keep trying but I can never find the words.

Good post. It still surprises me that people spend time writing about something that has no value.

Now that's some funny stuff!

You finally put into words what I've been trying to tell clients for ages.

These kind of posts is how you lose readers. I'm sure you have heard of link bait...this isn't it my friend.

LOL. Awesome. :)

Does everything have to be link bait? Seriously, this was a good post pointed at the people who do this every day.

Look at me I am twittering about it right now... Guess it was link bait. Don't believe me check it out

LOL! That's a perfect tutorial for it.

Right as I was removing keyword tags for 140 pages of a site I just took over. Great post!

Originally when scanning articles I skipped right by it and deleted it. But it showed up again under Jenny's email via search engine guide and I noticed the author so I decided to take a closer look.

Oops, as I expected. Oh well.

I think your comments are a little unfair. Have you considered its relevance for internal search? I believe it definitely offers value there.

Cheryl, you make a fair point. My comments were directly in terms of the value of the keyword tag for the major search engines, but it can certainly be used for in-site search. Though you can also custom create a meta take for in-site search either, you don't have to use the meta keywords tag. We have often recommended creating a unique tag for in-site search to prevent the keyword meta tag from appearing spammy. Thanks for your comment!

The relevance is that there is no relevance to keywords. Or is it because google says it does not take not take meta keywords into consideration.

Maybe Google says one thing and does something else! to stop blackhatters.

If not for the comments the newbies would have no idea what this post is about.

So Stoney,

You would recommend deleting out the Meta Keyword tag or just not worrying about it?

I still add it, but don't do much more than throw in a few keywords and don't care abut commas or spacing or what have you. Others are content to leave it off altogether.

I'm sorry I can't read all your article about meta tag discritions. I'm ready now to read your article. I 'm now buiding my new site and I want to be sure how many key words in the metag discritions is long enough? If I put too many, would it affect my site ranking or not get indexed by google?

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