The blogosphere is a great place to get information, learn new things and even to spread your own knowledge. It's also a way for myths and rumors to spread, many times unchecked. These myths get passed on from blog to blog and soon they are simply believed because they've been repeated so many times.

The Google Operating System blog has posted 10 Google myths they heard in 2006.

  1. Google Desktop indexes your files and uploads the index to Google servers.
  2. Gmail indexes your emails and makes them available for everyone.
  3. Google doesn't delete my Gmail messages.
  4. Google doesn't improve search anymore to increase its earnings from ads.
  5. Search results should be ranked by people, not by algorithms.
  6. Google is spyware.
  7. Google Earth shows real-time images.
  8. Google is the best search engine that will ever be built.
  9. Google favors Wikipedia, Technorati, blogs.
  10. Google will take over the world.

If you've heard any of these rumors in the past 12 months and perhaps even believed one or two of them, hop on over to the blog to read the debunking info on each of these.

December 28, 2006

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