Within the last week or so Google updated their Google Alerts service to incorporate it with some of Google's other services. Somewhere in the process of the change they screwed up as over half of my Alerts are missing!

The change consists of a slightly altered layout and a difference in how you create a new alert (clicking the "New Alert" button at the bottom, rather than the ready to submit new alert form previously at the top.) A new link at the top for "settings" has been added which takes you to your Google account screen with a list "my services," personal information and some other stuff. None of that was available before. And frankly, none of that does me any good when I'm trying to find my Alerts.

I was able to determine a few of my missing alerts and tried to add them back in but was told, " You've already created this Google Alert. Please enter a different search." Comforting. Sort of.

So my alerts are there, I just cannot see or edit them. What gives?

I added a few new alerts and removed some older ones I don't need anymore, hoping that something would cause my hidden alerts to show up, but none of that worked. So I'm at a loss. How do I recover my missing alerts? Anybody else have this problem?

March 27, 2007

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