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What this is about: This list covers a handful of browser functionality and compatibility issues, as well as user interface with the site via the browser.

Why this is important: The browser is (obviously) what we use to view websites. The goal is to give the visitor the best browsing experience possible, but we have to keep in mind that not all browsers are the same. We must make sure to accommodate different users, ensuring that they get the most value out of the site possible.

What to look for:

  • Visible address bar: Make sure the browser's address bar is always visible to allow the visitor to know what site and page they are on.
  • Fully functional navigation tools: Don't take away the users ability to maneuver the site using the browser's navigational buttons (back, forward, view source, etc.)
  • Visible status bar: Don't take away the status bar at the bottom of the browser. Information here can be valuable to the user.
  • Site works in multiple browsers: Make sure the site functions properly across multiple browsers and various platforms.
  • No browser hi-jacking: When visitors click a link, don't hijack their browser by opening new windows that automatically resize. Let the visitor control how they want links to open.


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These checklists are great, but I'd love to see them expanded to include how-to info on the points raised.

I feel that Google Chrome is a superb browser indeed! I finally agree that not all browsers are the same.

@britneyvaughan, if you have felt that all browsers were the same I have to wonder how many browsers you've experiences. FireFox is light years apart from Internet explorer. I have not experienced Chrome but I'm in no hurry to either.

@ Spam you can use the target attribute in a link to open "_self"

@ msbananapeel That would be a lot of work. :)

@ Stoney: Lazy bugger! Okay, so the excuse that you're busy is only because you arent smart enough to be lazy? hehehehe...

Great points. Nothing worse than having a browser hijacked... I absolutely hate it. Never, ever change how my browser works or appears, I have it like that for a reason. I bet most others do.

"The browser is (obviously) what we use to view websites." - really isn't that obvious. I've asked people what browser they use only to be given the answer, "What's that? I just use the internet" The assumption is that they are using IE.

@britneyvaughan: I'm currently running IE7, FF2, Flock, Opera, Safari and Chrome and I'm not a fan of Chrome.

@ Robert I purposely left my "a lot of work" comment vague to be interpreted how one likes. Am I busy? Am I lazy? Meh, figure it out yourself! ;-) You make a good point on the obviousness of the browser thing.

thanks a lot for the information, these steps should be taking in consideration because it will be very bad experience for the user
when he visited a website that did not functioning correctly in that case he wouldn't come back to it, and that will cause a lost in the traffic..

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