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What this is about: The list covers items that have to do with the process of logging into or accessing "my account" pages, and the information found on those pages.

Why this is important: Ensuring visitors can easily login and find the information they need is essential to providing a good customer experience. Since this is your engaged audience you want to make sure that you can keep them engaged without additional frustrations.


What to look for:

  • Easy to find login access: Logging in should be easy. Either a link or a login form should be readily available from any page.
  • Use security protocols: Keep necessary information secure at all times.
  • Provide security assurances: Make sure visitors know that their information is secure by providing necessary security assurances.
  • Link for new registrations: If visitor is new, be sure to provide a link that allows them to register for full access.
  • Outline account benefits: Outline the benefits of registering to all potential new registrants.
  • Reclaim lost password option: Provide an option for visitors to reclaim forgotten passwords.
  • "Remember me" option: Allow visitors to stay logged in for a certain period of time without having to re-input their information.
  • Link to privacy policy: Link to company's privacy policies.
  • Logged-in status is clear: Provide a clear indication of the visitors login status.
  • Account info change access: Provide options for users to change their account information, including passwords, addresses and other relevant information.
  • Confirmation of change info: When information is changed, be sure to follow that with a confirmation of the new information.
  • Links to financial info: E-commerce sites should provide links to shoppers financial and order information.
    • Transaction history: Show a complete record of all shopper's transactions.
    • Invoices: Link to all past invoices and orders with complete order information.
    • Balances: Show balances, if relevant, including amounts due and/or credits.
    • Payment methods: Allow shoppers to change their payment information and/or default payment information.
  • Choose method of delivery: Certain purchases can be delivered multiple ways, provide various delivery options.
    • Text email
    • HTML email
    • Snail mail
    • Overnight
    • Etc.

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