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What this is about: This list covers aspects of how content appears on the website, focusing on the visual aspects of the content rather than the words.

Why this is important: Great content can get lost if it's not easy to read thrown into an otherwise cluttered page. Ensuring that your content fits visually into the site is just as important as having good content to begin with. If you want the sales message to get across, your visitors will need to read it.

What to look for:

  • Short paragraphs: Keep paragraphs relatively short. No more than seven lines each.
  • Uses sub-headings: Break content up using headings and sub-headings as warranted.
  • Uses bulleted lists: Use bulleted lists wherever possible to break up monotony of the text.
  • Calls to action on all pages: Make sure each page has a distinct call to action, both visually and textually. These can be littered throughout the content.
  • Good contrast: Make sure content can easily be read, contrasting well with the background color or image used. Keep images in content unobtrusive.
  • No overly small text for body: Font size should not be too small. No less than 10pt but bigger is better.
  • No overly small text for headings: Headings and sub-heads should be visually bigger than the rest of the body content.
  • Skimmable and scannable: Text should be very easy to skim read and scan for important/interesting bits of information.
  • Keep link options in close proximity: If you link to something referenced in the copy, keep the link in very close proximity to the reference.


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The only thing I'd add is some general rules about image placement and tagging.

Forget Reversed Backgrounds - white type on a black background, (or any dark backgound) is hard to read and should be used sparingly, only with large-fonted type.

Another solid list. It is amazing to me how many website (big and small) simple ignore this.

Google 'judge's' how good a page is by the number and more importantly the quality of links that point to it. You can have the worst content in the world, but if the page is fairly well optimised and you have some great links then you'll also be ranking highly. Google doesn't value 'content' it values links.

Having a great site is going to increase your chances of long term success as it'll generally increase in popularity and natural link generation over time, but developing and implementing a good long term link development strategy is also just as important and ignored by far too many people.

Adam, your comment assumes that Google is the only audience for a website. This series of articles isn't about SEO so much as it's about good website marketing. But to refute your point, good content is essential to achieving and maintaining good rankings. If the visitors leave because the content sucks, you can believe that Google will start taking note.

I just want to say that I have gained allot of solid knowledge from your article. Thank you much.

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