For almost 15 years I've been hearing about the "paper-less" office. I even read a book once about a super-advanced office building where paper was forbidden. My first thought was, "well, uh, how does the post office deliver their mail?"

My wife hates it when I interject reality into a good fantasy. That book wasn't even a good fantasy!

While I'm still waiting for a paperless office (I just keep seeing more and more of it, despite digital technological advancements) I have almost entirely eliminated the need for paper checks, envelopes and stamps. Apparently, fellow B of A-ers have too!

According to comScore, 65% of Bank of America account holders use their online bill pay service. In fact, B of A is dominating the online bill pay market. According to the study, Wells Fargo has the next highest usage at 18% and then Chase and Wachovia at 13% each.

No word on my former bank ScrewUS Bank! Last time I checked, and that was about four years ago when I switched to B of A, they were charging for their online bill pay service.

Strangely, the online bill pay service doesn't really eliminate the paper, at least not entirely. For many bills you have the option of eliminating the paper-bill altogether and receiving only a digital copy. Considering that almost everything has to be printed and taken to the accountant each year I'm more inclined to let my utility companies use their paper instead of me using mine. But even still, if all you want is the electronic bill, in most cases B of A must print you a check and put it in the mail.

While I eliminated some paper (and check writing) from my office, I just shifted the burden over to the bank. Not quite the paperless office we all envisioned but I'm happy that at least its not me paying for the paper!

February 27, 2007

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