• I don't need another t-shirt, pen, or breath mint.
  • I don't want to "win" more telemarketing calls upon my return.
  • I don't want another key chain, sticky pad, or knick knack.
  • It's the same companies, same booths and same people that I talked to last year.
  • I really don't need another squishy doll, lanyard or bouncy ball.
  • I don't have room for extra luggage to carry it all home.
  • I don't need another beer cozy, toy, or note pad.
  • Last year's video still rocks. No need for a new one!

August 20, 2008

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Stoney has five wonderful children and spends his free time reviewing restaurants and other things to do in Canton, Ohio.


Have you ever thought about taking the pencil you didn't want and give it to a kid who needs one? What about the cup to a random homeless person or shelter? I'm almost 100% positive a little child, or a puppy shelter would love the squishy doll. Just a thought , ya know since everyone is trying to be green.

Everyone needs a bouncy ball...and we were going to talk to you about using breath mints :)

Stoney, you disappoint me :)

@Tamar, well that's because you're a schwag fiend! I have to admit, I did grab two remote control cars from Omniture for my boys. But that's it, I swear!!! :)

Stoney, ya only snag what ya need or can use. For me, it's notepads but only those that can satisfy my inner writer's outbursts of poetry, and, decent canvas tote bags for grocery shopping. Do the snagging on the last day - everyone wants their stuff *gone* so they don't have to tote it home.

@ Keyword - you don't need a watch, that's what your iPod phone is for!!

Would have enjoyed attending .We tried no rooms in area to short of notice.To bad you got the perks I wanted.

I dunno Stoney, you aren't counting what people brought to you. I know I gave you at least one shirt and Diana and Rachel brought you some Google glow in the dark stuff. :-P

This was the first time in a long time I actually grabbed some schwag. Remote control cars from Omniture and those adorable Dalmatian on a leash toys from Enquisite for my kids. Also ended up with a few "lava lamp" keychains from SuperPages, a mini LED flash light from We Build Pages and those glowing Google rings for the kids as well.

I'm with Bonnie though, I only ever go in search of awesome purse size notebooks and a really, really good pen. (Didn't find Reprise Media this year but they almost always win my award for best pen. I still have pens of theirs from four and five years ago.)

@ Jennifer, I count those as "gifts". Yeah, ok, so I actually got some schawg... but I didn't mean to, I promise.

This year was all about going light. Maybe next year I'll go for one of everything again. I might be out of pens by then!

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