I have started seeing listings from Froogle in the Google search results. I personally use Froogle before I buy something and I think integrating Froogle in Google's results pages is a very clever idea. How can I get my website listed in those Froogle listings? If I can do that, then I am sure I will get lots of sales. Can you discuss such methods?

Patrick Merton


Froogle is Google's shopping search engine and has become more and more popular of late, especially after Google integrated results from Froogle in its primary search results. This will no doubt increase Froogle's popularity and it is likely that Froogle will become a good sales generator if you are ranked well in Froogle.

More information about getting listed in Froogle can be found at: http://froogle.google.com/froogle/merchants.html

How friendly is your website design for Froogle?

In order to make your website friendlier to Froogle, it is important to follow basic HTML fundamentals. The product name, description, picture and price should be close to each other. If you are using tables, try to put these into one cell. If you are listing many products on a single page, make sure that you use a separator. This can simply be a horizontal line with the <hr> tag. If you cannot put a horizontal line, try putting every product into its own table.

Keywords in Title and Headings

Froogle, like Google, pays great attention to the Title tag of the page, the Heading tags, and the sentences that describe your products. Make sure to include your keywords in them. Do not use the same keyword more than twice in your title and headings.

Do you have a picture for every product?

While it is not that crucial to include pictures with your products in order to get top rankings in Froogle, having a picture of your product near your listing will definitely increase the likelihood of a Froogle searcher going to your product listing.

Linking structure and PageRank

Take a look at the pages which link to your most important products. Do you have enough links to call that a popular page in your website? You should also try to get other websites to link to your product pages.

If you do all this, you should be able to get top rankings in Froogle.
April 5, 2004

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