(The first in a multi-part series that covers finding and using lucrative keywords.)

In your search for traffic, by now youíve probably learned that all site traffic is not created equal. You can send the best quality traffic to a sales page, or your online store, and still expect only the online average for conversions from visitors to sales - about a 1.5% conversion rate (meaning that 1.5% of those visitors would translate to an immediate sale).

You might send that same traffic to your newsletter sign-up page and get a 50% conversion rate from prospect to subscriber.

So you know that you donít just want any traffic to your blog. You want visitors who are looking for what you offer, who at the very least are interested in the subject matter of your site and will one day make a purchase.

Most people realize this and make the mistake of jumping through hoops to increase their traffic ten-fold, hoping that this will result in a tenfold increase in sales. Iím not here to tell you that this is impossible - or even improbable.

If youíre getting 100 untargeted visitors a day, and get seven sales a week, and you can find a way to get 1000 untargeted visitors a day, you may increase your sales to 70 sales a week - itís entirely possible, though in most cases, not probable.

What I can tell you, from personal experience, is that

1. You canít count on the conversion rate of more traffic to go up at the same ratio - how do you know that the quality of the first visitor and the quality of the last visitor is the same? You donít. Even with Overture or Google Ads traffic, you have no way of telling if the person who clicked on your ad is ready to buy or still browsing when youíre bidding on a group of keywords.

2. To even have a prayer of getting a consistent traffic conversion from a sudden traffic increase, unless you have a system in place to capture and funnel it properly, youíll need to pay for at least a tenfold increase in traffic. And even then, youíre looking at targeted visitors, which costs more.

3. If youíre going for targeted visitors, and youíre going to pay for them, you can reduce your costs by getting targeted visitors in other ways. You can reduce your advertising budget by up to 80% by getting more of your traffic from alternative means.

What you need, whether you pay for it, or itís free, is traffic that makes you money - lucrative traffic.

This is my favorite type of free traffic to write about - the kind most likely to buy from you - eventually or immediately. And while you may not always be able to create a tenfold increase in targeted traffic overnight without paying hundreds of dollars, you can get there a little more gradually.

So how do you get this kind of traffic? Where are all these people with the money to support their hobbies and interests with online purchases? Who are the ones who see the solution you sell for what it is - a fast way for you to help them get what they were looking for?

If I was approaching this from a philosophical standpoint, Iíd say they were everywhere. 1.4 trillion dollars flies around the world every single day. Thatís $1,400,000,000,000 (expressed in terms of US currency) changing hands every single day, according to the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. How can anyone possibly believe in a world of scarcity with that much money floating around?

Iím pretty much positive that you arenít here to swim around in a bunch of hypothetical maybes. You want facts right? Where here they are.

According to a study done by Blog Ads last spring, this traffic comes from the blog readers. 43% have incomes over $90,000 per household. According to another study, over 40% of blog readers are ages 20 - 39.

A study by Pew Internet and American Life Project that you can download in PDF format, says that 27% of the 120 million adult internet population is deeply engrossed in blogs as of January of this year, up from just 11% at the middle of last year.

So how do you get those kinds of buyers to your blog?

Hereís the big secret:

Write about what they want to read, in a conversational voice, make yourself easier to find, then sell what they want to buy.

I know. Sounds simple. And it is.

The principles for increasing your blog traffic arenít confusing - they are pretty straightforward, as youíve just read. Itís not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish - itís work, consistent work that builds on itself and sometimes takes a few weeks to fully appreciate.

These are not overnight solutions - while they may bring you visitors as soon as tomorrow, it may take a few weeks or months to get to the point where your traffic is twice, five times, or ten times what it is now.

But getting from ten or a hundred visitors a day to several hundred or a thousand visitors a day is an attainable goal with blogging.

In fact, you may find that by focusing on more lucrative traffic that you can make more money with even less of a traffic increase.

You can find some hard data about the types of phrases that convert to sales in the next installment in the Lucrative Keyword Series: Targeting the Best Keyword Phrases

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June 14, 2005

Tinu Abayomi-Paul is a website promotion specialist and author of five books and ebooks for the online entrepreneur.

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