On Monday, one of the most significant service outages in Web hosting history struck GoDaddy's servers and affected thousands (perhaps millions) of small business sites. While the hosting downtime was initially attributed to the worldwide hacking group, Anonymous, GoDaddy representatives claim "internal network events" are to blame for the nearly four hour long outage.  

While rumors proliferated throughout the Web about Anonymous' involvement in the incident, numerous news outlets were quick to report on the story. However, in the aftermath of the outage, it is GoDaddy's client base that is now working to re-gain any lost visibility that they've suffered since Monday. Many small businesses struggle with building their brand on the Web and even minor setbacks can equate to major delays in a company's overall growth. The extremely competitive atmosphere presented by the online marketplace causes downtime to be a significant obstacle. 

Since the outage, many of the affected businesses have sought alternative means of maintaining their online customer base. Social media proved to be a viable tool to keep consumers updated during the downtime and the businesses that used networks such as Facebook or Twitter were able to keep consumers aware of the situation in real-time. By utilizing social networks, these businesses were able to remain visible during the outage and minimize their losses. Following such an incident, businesses could use social profiles to update consumers on the status of their sites and return traffic to their pages. 

The GoDaddy outage may have been temporary, but it inevitably caused losses for a number of small businesses. In the days and weeks ahead, it will be absolutely necessary for lost revenues to be recovered and businesses to seek other marketing and advertising outlets. The usage of social media looks be the most effective way for companies to rebound from the GoDaddy outage and fully restore their brand on the Web.

September 13, 2012

Todd Bailey is Director of Search, Media and PR with Gen3 Marketing and US Brand Ambassador for Majestic SEO. Also, Founder/Editor of pushStar.com


A four hour outage definitely hit the business. The effect or loss is not just for 4 hour. Visitors or buyer may think the site is damage or company is not more. They might no longer log in to that site. But thanks to other social media sites those really helped the business owners to inform them about this temporary problem. Power of social media again came into play. What is the reason behind it is not a bother for the business owners, but they really bother the loss they faced in sell.

I am one of the victims of that outage, real thanks to social media, it let me update the situation to my customers, and they understand about what is happening exactly. Godaddy try to compensate a term charge, but the business I lost is more worth than that. But at least because of the huge reach of social media. at least I have saved my existing customers by not leaving me...

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