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Masslogics Trucking Software

Trucking and logistics software has been overpriced and out of the reach of smaller trucking companies for all too long. MassLogics intends to change that. MassLogics has developed an affordable enterprise solution for companies ranging in size from the single truck owner operator to those having fleets of 100's of trucks. MassLogics is simple enough for anyone to learn, yet powerful enough to run multi-million dollar operations. Developed by a trucking company owner who didn't like what the software market was offering, MassLogics was built from the ground up with the trucking industry's needs at the forefront. However, being an enterprise solution, MassLogics can be used to run any service related business. Track your jobs through six stages in the dispatch mode plus Invoicing, AR, employee/contractor pay, and tons of reports to get you up to the minute profitability. All done online, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Truckers Helper Trucking Software

Trucking software for drivers, owner/operators, and truck fleets. Truck accounting, log book validation, and mapping software included in free demo download.

Prophesy Trucking Software

Providing trucking companies, private fleets, brokers, shippers, and 3PL's with dispatch software that works with quickbooks, mileage software, routing software, tracking, avl, tms, load posting services, dispatch and accounting software, trucking software, logistics software, loads, and truck stop info for transportation companies.

Today, outselling our nearest competitor 3 to 1, more trucking companies and private fleets than ever are realizing true success in this ever-changing industry, through the Prophesy Total Trucking Software Solution.

The strength of our software lies in our affordability, user-friendliness and complete integration. Prophesy products are designed to work together as a complete Transportation Management System, exchanging information in real-time, improving your ability to communicate with your fleet and strengthening relationships with your customers.

ProMiles Commercial Trucking Software

ProMiles offers accurate, commercial vehicle and trucking software which include routing, mileages, trucking maps, fuel optimization systems, fuel tax reporting software, GPS enabled routing software and much more.

Hammerlane Commercial Trucking Software

HammerLane produces trucking software that helps truckers maintain and keep track of all the information they need to do their daily business. Packages for entry-level, owner/operator and small fleet users are available. Each software package is based on the same Hammer3 engine, making upgrades and updates very easy.

Years of personal driving experience and plenty of trucker requests have gone into this software line, making it the most useful and practical management software on the market. We are confident you will agree.

Axon Trucking Software

Axon is the only Trucking Software with Dispatch and Accounting that is Totally Integrated in Real-Time, meaning that information only needs to be entered once to instantly update all of your system automatically. This slashes administration time by over 37%, increases cash flow and profitability, and produces happier customers and staff.

TMW Trucking Software

TMW software systems bring together all the elements Logistics Service Providers like brokers and 3PLs need into a comprehensive, integrated solution that supports quick and confident business actions. Streamline and speed your operation by integrating all your business systems and processes - from order entry to covering the load, carrier management and on-boarding through rating, dispatch, invoicing and settlements.

Dr Dispatch Transportation Software

DrDISPATCH Transportation Software offers the most affordable and easy to use Windows-based Trucking Dispatch and Brokerage Dispatch operations software for your trucking, brokerage or freight forwarding company. DrDISPATCH is loaded with features that help you compete in today's industry. Written by people from the trucking industry and backed by 15 years of proven reliability, DrDISPATCH software is continually improving to meet the needs of today's high demand Trucking and Brokerage professionals.

BMS Trucking Software

BMS trucking software includes freight broker software, trucking management software and fleet maintenance software solutions.

McLeod Trucking, Dispatch, Logistic Software

Since 1985, McLeod Software has provided powerful transportation management software tools to the trucking industry. These tools, developed entirely by our staff, are comprehensive, fully integrated and allow interfaces with select partners while providing optimum efficiency and profitability. We are one of North America's largest providers of dispatch and accounting fleet management software to the trucking industry.

With an established base of more than 500 active carrier and brokerage customers throughout North America, McLeod Software is dedicated solely to the trucking industry. With a deep understanding of the needs and intricate details involved in carrier businesses of all types, we hold a reputation in the trucking industry for excellence and experience.