Universal Search

Todd Bailey

The Science of Digital Marketing

"There is no law except the law that there is no law", could not be more true in the digital marketing industry.  Sure, there are guidelines, best practices and policies but that isn't to say that the industry as a whole is, and will always be, a science....

Dave Cosper

New SEO Practices for a Google Caffeine World

It's not going to be easy to fool Google anymore. To rank well in the new Google algo, you need to think about how you can encourage other people to want link back to you within a meaningful context across a broad number of sources....

Mike Moran

Deciding What to Ignore in Internet Marketing

I'm often asked by small business owners (and folks in larger businesses, too) how they can keep up with all the new things going on in social media, search, and everything else on the Internet. It's hard for them to hear sometimes, but I keep trying to tell them that is the wrong question. What they need to do instead is to simply decide what to ignore....

Stoney deGeyter

What I Want for Christmas from the Search Engines: The Sequel

Six years ago I wrote a post about what I wanted from Christmas from the search engines. I thought it would be a good time to revisit what I asked for back then, whether it happened or not, whether I really wanted it (20/20 hind site) and perhaps ask for a few new things.

Manoj Jasra

Interview: Yahoo's Larry Cornett on Universal Search

One of the most interesting sessions at this upcoming Search Engine Strategies in Chicago is going to be Universal & Blended Search. Dr. Larry Cornett, VP, Consumer Products, Yahoo! Search is one of the top experts in the world on this subject and is also a panelist at this session in SES Chicago. Last week I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Cornett to get his insight on blended search and to get a better understanding of Yahoo's future in this area....

Debra Mastaler

Guilty (in a good way) By Link Association

If you're looking for ways to increase the visibility of your small business and build links, submitting videos to your local government cable channel may be an option.  Local cable as well as network television affiliates look for content filler at certain times.  Here's a couple of ways you may be able to take advantage of those needs and expand the reach of your small business!...

David Wallace

Universal Search: Lessons From a Simple Board Game - SBM Unleashed

One year after the release of Universal Search, Google's search results pages been completely rearranged. Some listings have been pushed off the page, and new listings have generated unexpected traffic for site owners. This session taught by Michael Stebbins of Market Motive shows how this system works including how to get in early as well as how the strategy for getting into Google's universal search results differs from traditional SEO. Michael covers basic strategies for getting image listings, local listings, news, video and images indexed by Google and other search engines....

Debra Mastaler

I'll Take Links And 11 Gold Medals Please

Do you do any link building planning?  Planning as in mapping out locations you want to get links from and developing strategies around upcoming events? If you're not, you may want to take a look at what one company has done to capitalize on anticipation.  The goodwill, media attention and inbound links they generated from one small commercial is priceless and worth it's weight in gold....

Scott Buresh

Behavior-Based Internet Advertising: Who Is Watching You?

Have you ever been surfing the web and come upon Internet advertising that provides a direct solution for something that you've been researching lately? Did you think that it might be related to your computer cookies, or did you chalk it up to serendipity?

Sage Lewis

Video: Making It Personal, Ask if Google Cares

This week's "In the News" video talks about advancements that companies like Southwest airlines and Ask.com are making to enhance personal touches for their uses; Southwest is adding internet access on some of their planes, and Ask is now offering customized skins on their search tools. Also, Google expands its local search results, making more options available to users but SEO harder for other sites.

Debra Mastaler

Building Links By Making Videos

According to a recent survey, people are planning to turn to the Internet for content as a way to keep themselves entertained during the writers strike. If there was ever a time to create a library of videos and publicize the heck out of them as a way to attract more inbound links, it's now!

Jennifer Laycock

Are You Integrating Multimedia into Your Site Yet?

The great thing about the Internet in 2007 is the ability to integrate several different types of media into your site. Faster internet connections, cheap bandwidth and free third party multimedia hosting services have made it easy for even the smallest of small businesses to work multi-media into their sites. Since it's well known that different people absorb information in different ways, smart small businesses are looking at the best ways to leverage social media and Web 2.0 technologies to better serve their customers.

Patrick Schaber

How Tony Bennett Inspired a User Experience Experiment

With all the "advice" we've been receiving from search engines on how to manage our site and provide the right user experience, I was thrilled to happen upon a little experiment. I recently had the opportunity to do a little user experience testing on the various search engines. I was surprised by the result.

Patrick Schaber

A Universal Search Success Story

I'll admit that as a marketing manager I'm typically slow to allocate budget and time towards a new marketing trend until I start seeing concrete examples of that new trend providing some ROI? Well, an example fell right into our lap and I'm sold. We're now starting to see examples of how video and images in Universal Search can pay off....

Jennifer Laycock

A Great Primer on Using Images to Drive Traffic

While vertical search is still in its infancy, the integration of vertical results through Google Universal and Ask 3D are allowing sites to draw more and more visitors from specialty indexes. One of the vertical search indexed that is becoming more and more popular is image search. Unfortunately, many small businesses are overlooking traffic opportunities by not optimizing the images on their sites. Pat B. Doyle has a great post on using images to drive traffic at her blog.

Jennifer Laycock

Is Universal Search a Small Business's Ticket to Google Success?

There's been a lot of talk lately about what the shift toward blended and universal search means for small business owners. On the one hand, those increased opportunities to snag listings allow one company to snag even more real estate on the first page. On the other hand, those increased opportunities to snag listings allow one company to snag even more real estate on the first page. It's all good if you're the company scoring more listings, it's not so good if your competitor does it and pushes you off the front page.

Manoj Jasra

Influencing Universal Search

To recap, Universal Search is a term coined by Google in which results from different vertical search engines (images, video, news etc...) are integrated into Google's regular search results. The idea is that textual listings may not necessarily be the most relevant result for a user's query. But when will these different search results show up? For example, what causes a video of a scene from Star Wars to appear within the organic search results for the query: "Darth Vader."...