4 Top Brokerage Marketing Tips

Looking to bring in more clients for your brokerage company? Check out these brokerage marketing tips.


In 2018, digital marketing is in and advertising is out.

Does your brokerage firm have an effective digital marketing campaign in place? If not, you need to get in the game!

Brokerage marketing can be a lot to wrap your head around, though. Start with a few simple strategies to get the ball rolling.

The New Word-of-Mouth

To Millenials, Facebook is already an old hat. They're not the ones investing, though. To your target audience, it's used daily to connect friends and give referrals.

Facebook has a new function called "seeking recommendations." Users can post that they're looking for a referral for a business or service that they need. Word-of-mouth these days isn't so verbal.

Your name should be among the comments. Creating meaningful connections with your clients and following up via email marketing strategies can help you create a good reputation.

The next time someone asks their friend list, "what is futures trading?" hopefully your name will pop up in the comments somewhere as a preferred broker!

Besides the value of word-of-mouth growth, clients can also leave reviews on your business page. Your business page is a great resource for clients who casually browse Facebook to find their next needed service.

Digitize your Ads

Where is your allotted money for advertising going?

If it's not being spent on digital ads, you're wasting a portion of your money on ads that aren't even reaching your target audience.

$1 per day on Facebook ads can grant you access to the eyes of 4,000 individuals in your target audience. Billboards, bus stop benches, and newspaper and other print ads won't reach the exact people that you need your ads to reach.

The benefit of advertising through Facebook is that the site employs an algorithm to make sure that your ad reaches a specific set of people, every time. Instagram does this, too. Instagram will only release your promotional material to your exact target demographic.


Internet users spend over 69% of their screen time on their phones rather than in front of their computers. When it comes to your brokerage marketing tactics, that means you should primarily be gearing them toward mobile users.

Nowadays, it's more accurate to need to be desktop-optimized than mobile-optimized.

If your website isn't responsive, mobile users will not visit your site. If you don't have an active social media marketing plan, you're missing out on organic engagement with potential clients.

If your local SEO isn't set up, you're missing out on tons of local business that simply won't see your business high up in their local search results.

You need to be thinking about the internet as a whole, not device-specific. Don't focus on desktop brokerage marketing strategies. Look at the big picture.

Diversify Your Social Channels

Americans spend about 10 hours a day in front of a screen. Where are they spending all that time?

It's not just in one place. Social media users diversify their platforms, with most using at least two.

You should show up and try to stay active on all platforms. That includes Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

When new, buzzworthy platforms pop up, like Vine, try to get in on the ground floor along with everyone else. Staying on trend like this can show that you're a brokerage firm that's leading the industry in the 21st century.

Are You All Set with Your Brokerage Marketing Strategies?

Now that you've got the skinny on some basic marketing strategies, you can begin to devise your marketing plan of action.

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