5 Creative Ways to Use Adobe Spark Pages

If you're like 81% of marketers, you know that interactive content is much better at grabbing your audience's attention than is static content. 

But that's not just true for digital marketing. It also holds for creative designs you use in your personal life, at work, and in the classroom. 

You want to capture your target audience's attention and hold it. That's why we created this list of 5 ways to use Adobe Spark pages.

If you're curious about Adobe Spark and how it can improve your online storytelling strategy, this is for you. 


1. Event Invitations

What's better than an invite to your upcoming event? An invitation that your prospective guests can interact with, that's what. 

Spark Page offers a foolproof, easy-breezy way to create e-invites with the click of your mouse. In fact, you can create a free baby shower invitation right now with Adobe Spark's free templates that are almost as cute as your new baby.

2. Social Media Posts

These days, you can't just post any photo, video, or graphic to social media. If you want to get attention, you need to be putting your best foot forward. 

But you aren't a photographer. And you don't have endless hours to create cool social media graphics and animated videos from scratch. Should you hire a pricey expert or try your best to slog through it DIY?

DIYing your social media posts is a slog no longer with Spark Post. Upload photos and add text, filters, and animations to make your post stand out from the crowd. And with pre-made templates and an excellent UX, you'll cut back on costs and save time. 

3. Wedding Websites

If you're like most newlyweds, you want to relive the magic of your wedding over and over again. And there's no better way to do it than with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark Video allows you to share your wedding footage with your family, friends, or maybe just yourself. You can upload it to a webpage and add your wedding photos. However you want to relive that special moment, Adobe Spark has the tools to help.

4. Classroom Presentations

So you're taking your class of high schoolers on a field trip. If they're like the high school students we know, they're probably already yawning. 

Gone are the days of excited squeals of joy from younger students when you tell them a field trip is coming up. How can you get your students excited about this upcoming educational classroom-vacay?

By creating a presentation all about your field trip destination. Adobe Spark's "Tell What Happened" functionality allows you to share videos, photos, and stories about last year's field trip. And if you get your students involved in the action, you're twice as likely to please.

5. Online Magazines

Print is definitely dead, but online magazines are all the rage these days. If you have opinions and photos you want to share with the world, Adobe Spark has an app for that.

Adobe's Spark Page app isn't just good for event invites. In fact, it was built with e-zines in mind.  With drag-and-drop templates, a world of layouts to choose from, and visual capabilities, your Spark Page will be primed to compete with the Vogues and GQs of the world. 

More Hacks for Your Business

Adobe Spark pages can help your business craft more creative, interactive stories for your audience. But first, you need to be attracting the right audience. 

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