5 Financial Services Marketing Strategies That Are Proven to Work

Here's the deal. More than 60% of marketers say that generating leads and traffic is their number one challenge.

Are you struggling to get leads for your financial products and services?

If that's the case, you're really not alone. Keep on reading to learn the most effective financial services marketing strategies for your business!


1. Client Outreach

In terms of marketing financial services, it's all about client outreach. To begin, client outreach the oldest advertising trick in the book for financial institutions and banks. However, that doesn't mean that is lost its effectiveness over time.

In fact, reaching out to your customers is as simple as fulfilling their needs regarding:

  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Help

For instance, if you run a small business, there's nothing wrong with offering free webinars or consultations to customers. On the other hand, those that run larger institutions have a larger budget. So, they can invest in financial education and debt management programs for schools instead.

2. Digitization and Self-Service

In terms of digitization and self-service, offer more personalized assistance to customers regularly. Since Generation Z and millennials are big fans of contactless services, this is a great way to cater to a younger audience.

Clearly, promoting and setting up digital customer service and products is a wonderful idea. This can be done by creating:

  • Virtual places for customers to enroll in services
  • Change services and products online
  • View account information without stepping into the branch office

Incredibly enough, this can apply to any financial organization, even if you don't sell physical products.

3. Social Media Marketing

Searching for the most incredible marketing plan for financial services?

The answer is simple: social media marketing.

While many financial organizations already use social media to link with clients, there are always ways to improve.

To do so, you can:

  • Showcase customer success stories
  • Creating creative and cool content
  • Focus on storytelling in an engaging way

Problem solved!

4. Big Data and Automation

Fact: most banking organizations already rely on automation and big data. Nonetheless, it's still easier than ever to apply this information to your advertising campaign.

For instance, analyzing big data can tell you who is potentially saving money for a large purchase. It can tell you needs to be preapproved for loans too.

5. Virtual Storytelling

For financial organizations, virtual storytelling comes in many forms, which can include:

  • Social media
  • Video marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Cross-channel platforms

This allows you to move, excite, or interest a viewer with shareable and relatable content that entertains and educates them.

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