5 Key Benefits of Using Geofencing Marketing

In today's digital world, traditional method advertising isn't always the most effective use of your budget. Smartphones are changing the entire landscape.

Nearly 50 percent of the global population uses the Internet. Even still, how can you guarantee your target audience is consuming your message? Imagine being able to pick and choose the locations where your mobile ads are served.

The benefits of using geofencing marketing is taking digital advertising to a whole new level. Many companies are benefiting from a significant return on investment by reaching intended customers. And they have the results to prove it.

Geofencing marketing could be a powerful addition to your business. Keep reading to learn more about five key benefits it provides.


Locate Your Audience

You may be familiar with zip code targeting for serving digital ads. Geofencing advertising fine tunes this concept by letting you hone in on specific addresses to serve your ads. For example, a personal injury lawyer could geofence doctor offices and hospitals to serve ads to potential clients.

Continue To Follow Them

The ads don't stop serving when people leave. Once a person is targeted in your geofenced location, the ad can follow them for up to 30 days. This isn't just limited to smartphones as users with social media and similar apps will also be served the ads when logged into the same accounts on desktop computers.

Customize Your Creative

One of the advantages of using geofencing marketing is the ability to tailor your ads to each location. 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads as opposed to mass produced generic messages. Take advantage of the unique tactic geofencing marketing offers by serving ads with subliminal reminders about where they visited.

Keep Up On the Competition

Targeting prospective consumers is not limited to any specific locations. When compiling a list of locations to geofence, why not include rival businesses? This strategy allows a company to inform its target audience why its products or services are better than the competition.

Real Results

The idea of serving your ads at all of these locations is great, but how do you know it's actually working? Another one of the benefits of using geofencing marketing is setting your location as a conversion fence. This lets you know not only when your ad is served, but when a consumer also visits your business as a result.

Understanding the Benefits of Using Geofencing Marketing

These advantages provide reassurance for any business looking to get the most out of an advertising budget. Be mindful though there are certain limitations with geofencing marketing, as with any form of advertising.

A consumer successfully being served an advertisement at your geofenced location is dependent on two factors. The smartphone must be used in some capacity that requires Internet connection and its location services must be turned on.

Fortunately, most smartphone users meet both of these criteria, especially in a world where information is a few finger taps away.

The benefits of using geofencing marketing go a long way in retaining customers, including for your competitors, too. Get out there and geofence them before they geofence you!