5 Millennial Business Hacks for Social Media Marketing

Born in the years between 1981 and 1996, millennials are estimated at 73 million members strong.

Since millennials are also the heaviest users of social media, it makes sense to market to them there. Easier said than done, right?

We have your back. Keep reading for five social media business hacks to get you started in the right direction.


1. Join the Party: Reach Millennials Where They're At

One of the fundamental rules of marketing is to figure out where your ideal customer hangs out and put your product or service in front of them. Use this same principle in social media marketing. Social media for business isn't complicated once you know how to approach it.

Facebook is well-known and tons of people from all age groups use it, including millennials. But, there's a much broader world to social media than Facebook alone. Millennials aren't afraid to venture out into new and lesser-known social media platforms.

Besides Facebook, some of the places you will find them exercising their social skills are:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • WhatsApp

Don't be afraid to test and see which ones fit your brand best.

2. Speak Their Language

When it comes to marketing to millennials, you'll get better results by speaking their language. They are tired of brands talking at them instead of relating to them.

One of the best ways to get your message across is with storytelling. Storytelling creates an emotional connection with your audience and is more personable than outright promotion. The story draws them in.

This doesn't mean you must create an elaborate story either. Tell your start-up story or weave interesting bits about your people into your social media messages.

Another thing that younger consumers appreciate is images, and lots of them. Images are an effective way of getting attention and sharing a concept fast. Mix it up and have fun.

3. The Leader of the Pack: The Influencer

An influencer is a person on social media with a massive following. Their followers value the content they put out and often connect emotionally with them. The influencer is word of mouth marketing on steroids.

When you find one that you feel represents your company style and beliefs, build a relationship with them. Get them to authentically review and share your products or services.

Use caution here; avoid forced and "salesy" reviews at all costs. Millennials see this kind of thing as trickery since they value authenticity and honesty.

4. Content Is Still King

Publishing valuable content on a consistent basis is still as important as ever. Make sure and segment your content for each social media platform.

Once your content is out there, engage with your audience; comment, like their posts, and follow them. Social media isn't a one-direction marketing channel. Its purpose is to build relationships and an audience that cares about what you have to say.

5. A Mobile Generation

Millennials lead the mobile market as the most engaged and savvy device users. In fact, 92% of millennials own a smartphone. If you want to reach them effectively, make sure everything you put out is mobile friendly.

Social Business Hacks: What's the Bottom Line?

These social media marketing business hacks will help to grow your brand and, at the same time, meet the needs of the modern-day millennial. The result of growing up with the Internet is a wise, efficient consumer. They have a complete database of information and research capabilities at their fingertips.

Yet, they still value relationships, authenticity, and connection. Give it to them and you'll have a customer for life.

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