5 Social Media Strategies for Musicians

Social Media Strategies for Musicians


The Internet serves as a great opportunity for musicians to market music, but you need to have solid social media strategies.

Think you got the chops to make it as a musician? Looking to market your sound on social media?

The music industry is worth $51.5 billion worldwide. Its growth is steady and it's becoming faster as more musicians rise to fame. It's no surprise many want to dip their feet in and aim to find success in a successful field they are passionate about.

In order to become famous in this fast-paced and competitive industry, you'll need good social media strategies to promote your music to your audience.

You need to be smart about how you manage your finances since you're paying for recording, touring, and posting it on the right platforms. With that, here are some social media strategies you can use to grow your online presence.

Invite the Likers of Your Facebook Posts to Like Your Page

This is one of the less-known methods of growing your followers. The people that you invite already showed interest in you, making it easier for you to convince them to give your page some likes. It's much better than a "cold-calling" approach.

Using your artist page, go to your posts and find some of the well-performing ones. Click on the likes and you'll see the list of all the people that made a reaction to the post. If you see people that haven't liked your page yet, you can click the invite button to let them know about your page.

Before you pay for more Facebook ads, you might want to try this method first. Spending the time with your old posts is worth the money you save if the people you invite become your followers. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform so it's important to get more fame on this platform.

Use the Twitter Lists

Twitter lists help manage the chaos of your life as a musician in the most sensible way. It helps your manager and PR team have an orderly way to show the things you're up to. It gives people an easy means of locating you and helps you nurture your relationships with them.

The initial process of the Twitter list takes a few hours to complete if you haven't explored lists before. The time is worth the followers and fans you gain without paying anything. Look at all the people you follow on Twitter and add them to custom lists.

The Twitter accounts you follow can include the following people:

  • Producers
  • Labels
  • Music Blogs
  • PR Companies

It makes you feel empowered to tailor your Twitter feeds depending on the things you're looking for. Adding someone to the list gives these people a notification. It gives you a chance to make them aware of you while giving them recognition, especially if you can get sponsorship deals from music-related products like headphonesaddict.

When you're fixing your lists, name them something positive like "Great Bands" or "Producers I'd Work With." This helps these people look at your page and maybe work with you sometime.

Never Waste Space on Your Social Media Profiles

When it comes to social media strategies, it's important to make your header images count. It's one of the first things people see when they discover your profile so don't waste the opportunity. While it's best to put it in your artist pages, using meaningful header images in your personal profile can give you better exposure.

For example, if you have an upcoming tour, design a high-quality header image that has the dates. If you're releasing a new album, advertise it in the header. Don't forget to include your website address or a "Call to Action" within the image.

Changing your header image regularly helps you appear in a lot of people's news feed. It helps you give your followers a more authentic experience with your page. They're more likely to like it and get it trending, giving you more exposure.

Use Pinned Posts in Your Artist Page

When you post things on your social media, some perform well while some don't. It's natural for posts to have varying degrees of success. However, putting a pin on your posts can help make great impressions to your new fans.

When you're trying to get fans to stay, you need to consider the things you want them to see first. Choose your best post, one that represents your soul as an artist pin that at the top of your page. The best post pin is your best music video that has a link to your website and your other social media accounts.

Write Blog Posts on Your Website

It's not as difficult as it was before to write blog posts as part of your social media strategies. You can use a collection of photos with some text that describe your time at the studio or at a music gig. Posting these blog posts in your social media profiles make it look good and give you more means to extend your network through the inclusion of other people.

Do you have a successful tour lately? Write about how it went and get pictures from it. Include the sound guy, your photographer, the venue, and some pictures from the fans. Link their pages to give them a shout out and send your blog post link to them.

Doing this might lead these people to share your blog post too. It's a great way for you to get more visitors from outside sources. They will most likely link your website and social media accounts when they share your post on their social media pages.

Get Good Social Media Strategies Today!

The music industry changed a lot in the last decade and it continues to lean towards a more digital platform. If you want to succeed as a musician, it's time for you to start embracing the digital world and learn to promote yourself through social media. It's the best way for you to grow your fan base and your income.

Do you have any questions? Do you need more tips? Read up more on our guides about social media strategies that help you get started towards your path to online success.