6 Super SEO Tips for Professional Cleaning Services

Do you manage professional cleaning services? Learn how to boost your website traffic and reputation with these killer SEO tips today!


When it comes to business today, competition is stiff, no matter what industry you're in! The Internet only adds to the competition, allowing anyone to be found with a few keystrokes and a click. How do you make your professional cleaning services stand out? You have to get smart. Smart SEO that is. Having a website for your business increases its online visibility. Essentially, it offers your customers instant access to all the information they need about your business.

Smart SEO can help you establish a strong online presence and attract more traffic. An increase in traffic will lead to increased sales - it's that simple. To boost your professional cleaning services website, let's look at these simple SEO tactics:

1. List Your Professional Cleaning Services Business On Google

Have you listed your business in any online directories?

If not, you should. Online directories are one of the best places to start when establishing your SEO.

Google My Business is the most important listing to get in since most people search for local businesses via Google.

Registering with Google My Business is the first step toward establishing your local SEO and establishing your reputation in the area.

2. Establish Clear Website Navigation

When a new customer visits your website, you only have a small window to capture their attention. If your website is over complicated and difficult to navigate, you'll lose that customer to a competitor.

Ensure your website is user-friendly, streamlined, and simple to navigate. Use clearly marked menu items; don't overwhelm each page with content and make sure your contact information is clearly visible.

3. Create Smart Content

Google ranks your website popularity according to the quantity of content on each page and the content's quality.

To establish good SEO, you need good content. Make sure it's simple, concise, and optimized with targeted keywords, specific to your business.

Keywords are the backbone of smart content for SEO. Make sure to choose keywords that will help your business stand out from your competitors.

A targeted keyword such as: Green Maids & Co. professional cleaning services is great for establishing your local SEO.

4. Create Clear & Concise Page Titles

While your website pages need to be easily navigable for your customers, they also need to be easy for Google search bots.

Name each page on your website, indicating exactly what can be found on it.

You should also use your company name or a specific location within each title tag if the character count allows. Ideally, you should aim for 50-60 characters for each title tag.

5. Create Simple Meta Tags

You should be as descriptive as possible about each page on your website. But you don't want to overdo it. This is where meta tags come in.

Meta tags are handy snippets of information, a little longer than a title tag. They allow Google search bots further insight into what each page contains.

Ideally, try not to exceed 160 characters for each meta tag.

6. Use Readable Image Description Tags

While content is incredibly important for your website, so are images.

But keep in mind that Google search bots can't ''see'' your website images like your customers can. You need to name them.

These descriptions are known as ALT image description tags and will also help to boost your SEO ranking!

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